April 11, 2021

Q & A with Dentist Professionals: Your Mouth’s First Line of Defense

Dental sealants are a hybrid plastic material used to protect the back teeth from the effects of decay. Here, a panel of dentist professionals answer questions regarding dental sealants and offers information on how to avoid decay in the first place.

Q: Can you explain why dental sealants are important? Isn’t brushing and flossing enough to protect my teeth?

A: While proper dental hygiene – including brushing twice a day and flossing regularly – are absolutely vital in the battle against tooth decay, these actions alone may not quite do the trick. Toothbrushes are not designed in a way that allow them to efficiently reach into the grooves of our back molars to remove food particles and plaque buildup.

Q: How difficult is it to apply dental sealants?

A: When you find a dentist who is experienced in routine and preventative care, it is an extremely easy procedure. Sealants are applied with a small paint brush-like tool and allowed to harden on the surface. The plastic resin seeps into each tooth’s unique topography where it works to prevent food from entering these crevices when you eat or drink.

Q: How often are sealants applied?

A: Sealants are typically applied every few years. They hold up well against everyday use. Once you find a dentist to apply your initial sealant, he or she will follow up at each visit to ensure that the surface is intact.

Q: Who is typically a good candidate for dental sealants?

A: While adults can benefit from the protection that sealants offer, children and teenagers are more likely to need this line of defense.

Q: How can I avoid tooth decay?

A: You will first want to find a dentist approved fluoride toothpaste. These products carry the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal Of Approval. Visit your dentist regularly and make sure to eat a well-balanced diet that includes limited access to sugary (and especially sticky) snacks. Keep in mind that your overall health and well-being depends largely on your daily oral hygiene.

Instant Tax Solutions Welcomes Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition

Instant Tax Solutions

Instant Tax Solutions

Instant Tax Solutions’ co-founder Byron Pedersen helped to originate this consumer advocacy group aimed at eliminating misleading tax agencies.

In 2011, Instant Tax Solutions’ co-founder, Bryon Pedersen, made headlines when he helped charter the Tax Problems Resolution Services Coalition (TPRSC). Instant Tax Solutions, along with Tax Resolution Services, Tax Tiger, and the American Society of Tax Problem Resolvers are all anchor members of this group. Pedersen points out that having the backing of such industry powerhouses proves that the problem of fraudulent tax agencies is not unnoticed.

Scores of taxpayers were recently duped with blind promises of fast resolutions to their tax problem – resolutions that were paid for but never materialized, says one professional at Instant Tax Solutions. Instant Tax Solutions and other legitimate agencies desired a way to gain consumer trust once again. The TPRSC is hopeful that their presence will do just that. In addition, cites Instant Tax Solutions’ Byron Pedersen, having the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers involved may help to ensure that more and more tax professionals are trained in accordance with industry standards.

The members of the TPRSC represent the industry’s finest professionals – all doing their part to combat tax relief fraud. Agencies like Instant Tax Solutions are making themselves more transparent so that consumers can be assured they are dealing with a reputable firm. Byron Pedersen of Instant Tax Solutions is proud to be a founding member, as one of his goals as a tax professional is to restore consumer confidence in his chosen field. Instant Tax Solutions was created out of the idea that the customer comes first, and the TPRSC will help ensure that other firms follow suit.

The TPRSC hopes to help taxpayers by educating consumers about tax related issues – something Instant Tax Solutions has been doing since they were formed. Instant Tax Solutions’ Byron Pedersen also states that the Coalition will act as a watchdog to identify misleading claims throughout the tax service industry. The TPRSC also acts as a media respondent for questions and concerns about industry related news.

In addition to his responsibilities at Instant Tax Solutions, Pedersen plans to remain active with the TPRSC. “Instant Tax Solutions exists,” says Pedersen, “to bring tax relief to the everyday taxpayer,” and with his involvement in this group, he says he can guide up and coming agencies in this philosophy.

Instant Tax Solutions and the 30-plus other organizations already registered with the TPRSC welcome new members. The Coalition’s website is www.taxproblemresolutionservicescoaltion.com. Instant Tax Solutions may be contacted via the web at www.Instanttaxsolutions.com or by calling 888.946.2999.

Instant Tax Solutions is a nationally respected tax debt relief firm based in Post Falls, Idaho. Their 40 plus tax professionals are knowledgeable in all areas of IRS delinquency and procedure. They aim to aid and educate their clients and ensure an open line of communication throughout the term of their service. Founded in the mid 2000s by Byron Pedersen and Ian Woodman, Instant Tax Solutions was built on the belief that good people find themselves in bad situations and that they deserve the same respect they enjoyed prior to their hardship.

Naperville Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson Can Help Prevent Migraines

Naperville Cosmetic Dentist

Naperville Cosmetic Dentist

In Naperville, cosmetic dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson helps migraine sufferers at her dental practice, Smiles by Dr. Gibson and Associates. Migraines can have a disruptive and devastating effect on the people who are afflicted with them. “According to the leading migraine association, people who suffer from migraines have a 10%-20% higher rate of unemployment than people without them,” Dr. Chiann Gibson, a Naperville cosmetic dentist, reports. “Migraines can make even the simplest tasks seem insurmountable,” Dr. Gibson states. [Read more…]

Dr. Naveed Fazlani Discusses the Dangers of High Blood Pressure

Dr. Naveed Fazlani

Dr. Naveed Fazlani

Dr. Naveed Fazlani was named 2004 Physician of the Year by Mercy Hospital Mt. Airy for a reason. Loyal patients say that Dr. Naveed Fazlani’s concern for his patients is superior to others in his field. At his private practice in Mt. Healthy, Ohio, Dr. Naveed Fazlani demonstrates a special interest in high blood pressure, a growing concern with the baby boomer generation.

Also called hypertension, Dr. Naveed Fazlani says high blood pressure affects about one-third of Americans. One-fourth of adults in the U.S. have pre-hypertension, adds Dr. Naveed Fazlani, which is a dangerous precursor to high blood pressure where a patient’s numbers are close to the range for hypertension. [Read more…]

Timothy Powers Provides Alamo Baby Boomers Advice on Housing Options

Timothy Powers

Timothy Powers

Over two decades of real estate experience, Timothy Powers of Alamo, California has advised homeowners and homebuyers on a variety of issues. With the economy in such turmoil, Alamo-based Timothy Powers is seeing an increase in concerns about home sales. Nowhere is that concern more prevalent, Alamo’s Timothy Powers observes, than among the baby boomer generation.

Timothy Powers is an Alamo-based foreclosure specialist and real estate agent. With more than twenty years of experience in the field, Alamo’s Timothy Powers has dedicated himself to helping those dealing with foreclosures through his company, East Bay Foreclosure Support. [Read more…]

Charlotte, NC Angel Investor Rick Siskey Believes in Helping Small Businesses Succeed

Rick Siskey Charlotte NC

Rick Siskey Charlotte NC

In a world dominated by large megastores and national chain restaurants, Charlotte, NC businessman Rick Siskey is quick to point out that small business provides the foundation for our future. Every large business you see, points out Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC, started out as a small idea. Nurturing and growing these small business ideas is what builds the foundation of our nation’s future, according to Charlotte, NC’s Rick Siskey.

With three decades of experience in business, Charlotte, NC resident Rick Siskey has seen his share of great ideas start small and build to great success. The key, Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC says, is to foster great leaders. [Read more…]

Inga Freise Stahle | How Many Ways to Say…Anything

Inga Freise Stahle

Inga Freise Stahle

Profiling Lingual Prodigy Inga Freise Stahle

Most people speak one, perhaps two languages if their home is bicultural. There are those who top out at three lingual proficiencies, and then there is Inga Freise Stahle. Inga Freise Stahle is proficient in five different languages.

Inga Freise Stahle’s native tongues are French and German, however a Swiss upbringing adds yet another dialect to her collection. Inga Freise Stahle’s status as a business professional adds to her reasoning for mastering the English language.   [Read more…]

Gregory Leb Discusses Price Points vs. Service

Gregory Leb

Gregory Leb

In a world where the Internet has made comparison shopping easy, how important are price points? Gregory Leb has more than twenty years of sales experience and he has a few tips for companies looking for ways to attract and keep customers.

Good service is still important, Gregory Leb advises. The most active shoppers tend to stick with a few trusted places, often choosing those places for low prices as well as ease of experience. [Read more…]

Smiles By Dr. Gibson Ranked as One of the Best Naperville Dentists by Patients

Best Naperville Dentist

Best Naperville Dentist

Dr. Chiann Gibson and staff now welcoming new patients!

Warm bread, cold drinks, heated towels, and cool, crisp décor – no, it isn’t a day spa, it’s the best Naperville dentist office around, Smiles By Dr. Gibson. Dr. Chiann Gibson knows that going to see the dentist is traditionally something people postpone as long as possible. Her office, Smiles by Dr. Gibson, aims to change that.

Dr. Gibson has worked very hard to establish herself as the best Naperville dentist. After graduating from Tufts School of Dental Medicine, she went on to graduate with honors from The Hornbrook Center for Advanced Clinical Education – only 1% of other dentists nationwide can say that! She is Invisalign certified, and completed advanced aesthetic dental training at the Center for Esthetic Excellence. Sure, she has the education to be called the best Naperville dentist, but to her patients, that’s not even the reason why she has earned this distinction. [Read more…]

Joe Zanotti Discusses the Wines of Israel

Joe Zanotti

Joe Zanotti

Joe Zanotti likes a nice glass of wine. With typically 40-50 bottles of wine in his Pittsburgh-area basement at all times, Joe Zanotti believes he is a decent judge of wine, even though he wouldn’t consider himself a connoisseur.

During a work trip to Israel in 2010, Joe Zanotti had his first taste of a great Israeli wine. Until this time, his experience with Israeli wines was limited to the sweet Mogen David wines. But he was seeing Cabernets, Merlots, and even some other white wines, all produced in Israel. [Read more…]