April 11, 2021

Car Enthusiast Bobby Price on the 1970 Chevelle SS

Bobby PriceBobby Price is an avid classic car collector and owner of Price’s Collision Centers, a chain of high-quality auto body and frame repair shops throughout Tennessee and Kentucky. In the following Q&A we caught up with him to learn more about one of his favorite models, the 1970 classic Chevelle Super Sport.

Interviewing Experts: Thank you, Mr. Price, for talking with us today. 

Bobby Price: My pleasure.

Interviewing Experts: We’ve brought you here to talk about famous movie cars. Specifically, we’ve been hearing a lot about the car Tom Cruise drives in Jack Preacher.

Bobby Price: That would be a 1970 Chevelle SS – red with black stripes down the hood.

Interviewing Experts: Yes, that one!

Bobby PriceBobby Price: That’s not the first movie that car’s ever been in, although it is one of the most recent.

Interviewing Experts: What can you tell us about it?

Bobby Price: The Chevelle SS is a real symbol of American muscle. The SS 396 came stock with a 350 hp engine and “power dome” hood.

Interviewing Experts: As cool as they look, are they comfortable?

Bobby Price: Well, the 70 SS was offered with power windows and door locks…and air conditioning!

Interviewing Experts: How do you know so much about this particular model?

Bobby Price: I actually have two of these cars, a 1970 and a 1971. The 70 model was purchased in Florida at a private auction. It’s one of my favorites.

Interviewing Experts: Do you drive it or is it just for show?

Bobby Price: Both!

Interviewing Experts: Really? Interesting.

Bobby Price: This is the car I use when I want to talk about preserving American history. Kids these days are intrigued by the powerful look of the cars we drove when I was a teenager.

Interviewing Experts: Where do you show? 

Bobby Price: All over, but the biggest event is the Chevy/Vettefest in Chicago.

Interviewing Experts: Tell us more… 

Bobby Price: The event takes place twice a year and draws a crowd of around 40,000. People bring in Chevys from all over the country to vie for one of the coveted Gold Spinner Awards.

Interviewing Experts: What’s the Gold Spinner?

Bobby Price: Judges rate the cars on how true their restoration is to original factory condition. A composite score of 95% or above gets major recognition.

Interviewing Experts: Is that difficult to achieve?

Bobby Price: You bet! There is a lot that goes on in these vehicles… paint and body, engine work, interior… the list goes on and on.

Interviewing Experts: Well, I have to know if you’ve ever won an award…

Bobby PriceBobby Price: I’m very proud to say that my 70 SS has won a Gold Spinner Certificate twice.

Interviewing Experts: What’s the most important purpose of these events, in your opinion?

Bobby Price: To promote restoration and enjoyment of these classic cars.

Interviewing Experts: Can you tell us a little about the history of the Chevelle SS? 

Bobby Price: The SS, or Super Sport, was first unveiled by Chevy in 1964. It was one of the company’s most popular brands.

Interviewing Experts: Was the Chevelle the first muscle car from Chevy?

Bobby Price: It was the first “battle ready” set of wheels. It was released to compete with the popular Ford Fairlane. Chevy had previously had the Malibu SS but a bolder consumer population wanted more…more speed and more muscle.

Interviewing Experts: It sounds like the Chevelles are still a popular car among collectors?

Bobby Price: I think they always will be.

Q: I’m sure. Thank you for answering our questions today. It was great to visit and we look forward to reading more about your collection in the future.

Bobby Price: Anytime!

David Slone Offers Maintenance Tips For Your Car’s Health

David Slone

David Slone

David Slone is the General Sales Manager and Used Car Manager at Weld County Garage. Along with his service manager, David Slone has seen plenty of cars come in with problems that could have been avoided. In this Q&A discussion, David Slone offers up advice for keeping a car running longer and stronger.

Q: If you had to give one piece of advice for longevity for my car, what would it be?

David Slone: Change your oil at regular intervals. Keeping clean motor oil in your engine means that you won’t be building up deposits and gunk that can clog internal passages and wear down moving parts.

Q: What intervals do you recommend for servicing?

David Slone: For older cars, 3000-5000 miles is usually good; newer cars can go longer, up to 6000 or so, just be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

Q: What about synthetic oils?

David Slone: Synthetic motor oils can go much longer, but you’ll need to check the manufacturer’s recommendations on that.

Q: What about servicing my tires?

David Slone: This is another really simple one. Check your tire pressure when you gas up; underinflated tires affect your car’s drivability, ride and handling, and cost you money in lost fuel efficiency.

Q: I’ve heard that drivers should avoid short trips. Why is that?

David Slone: When a car’s engine cannot warm up to operating temperature, the water that’s produced in combustion can’t make its way through the crankcase ventilation and tailpipe, leading to diluted motor oil and other problems. If your trip is less than ten minutes, maybe you should consider walking…!

Q: I suppose that listening to your car for strange noises is sort of a given…

David Slone: Yes, definitely, any knocks, ticks, thumps or squeaks that are out of the ordinary. Don’t just let them slide – they could be trouble.

Q: What about driving habits?

David Slone: This one’s just common sense. Try to keep a light right foot on the accelerator, take it easy over rough roads or railroad tracks, brake gently, and don’t punish your car.

Q: And what about my car’s front end and tires?

David Slone: Get an alignment once a year, it’ll save your tires and improve a car’s handling. And make sure to schedule a tire rotation with every oil change.

Q: Driving habits affect fuel economy, too…what else can you suggest as far as gas mileage?

David Slone: Check your air filter regularly. It’s cheap and easy to change, and a clogged air filter will kill your car’s mileage and performance.

Q: Any parting ideas?

David Slone: Yes, stay on top of your regular maintenance and fix problems early if they develop. Think of it the same way you would your own body!

Q: David Slone, thanks for answering our questions!

David Slone: Absolutely, I hope these tips are useful.

In addition to his time at Weld County Garage, David Slone has put in over two decades as an entrepreneur. David Slone also served as Vice President and President of a firm that manufactures video editing equipment, Macrosystem US. There, David Slone led a management team that brought in millions of dollars in profits. David Slone loves a good challenge, making him a great fit for Weld County Garage.

Carmack Moving and Storage Q&A – Moving Is not for the Faint of Heart

Carmack Moving and Storage

Carmack Moving and Storage

Centreville, Virginia’s Carmack Moving and Storage answers questions about how to handle different aspects of this daunting task.

What is the most important part of the moving process?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Choosing the right moving company, of course. Beyond that, packing well and ensuring that you have quality materials and plenty of tape and markers for labeling.

How should I begin packing? It looks like such a big job.

Carmack Moving and Storage: Start with the items you don’t need and work your way to the essentials.  Pack a little each day to keep stress at bay.

How far in advance should I schedule moving or packing services?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Approximately one month before the date you need to be out of your current home.

How do I find out what moving expenses are tax deductible?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Contact the Internal Revenue Service at 800.343.3676

Can Carmack Moving and Storage move my pets?

Carmack Moving and Storage: No, we do not haul live animals. If you cannot transport your animal in your family vehicle, we may be able to suggest a carrier.

What is the best room to unpack first?

Carmack Moving and Storage: The bathroom, followed by the bedrooms and kitchen; start with the necessities only.

What type of packaging should I use for my breakables, such as crystal vases?

Carmack Moving and Storage: A Dish Pack is best. They should be wrapped individually and packed tightly, with heavy items on the bottom working your way up to lighter items.

How are mattresses stored during the move?

Carmack Moving and Storage: For cross country moves – mattress specific bags or boxes. On local projects, we advise plastic bags – we provide these at no charge.

How can I make my boxes less jarring?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Pad the bottoms and tops with crumpled newspaper.

Why should each box be labeled? It has to get unpacked anyhow.

Carmack Moving and Storage: Since you will likely not finish the unpacking in one day, we suggest labeling so you will know where the important things are.

What items should be unpacked first in the kitchen?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Any perishable food, followed by dishes and utensils.

What is the best way to organize my new bedroom, to make unpacking clothes easier?

Carmack Moving and Storage: First, get your large pieces into place. If possible, organize the closet with shelving and storage.

When is the best time to move?

Carmack Moving and Storage: It is best to move in the Spring, Fall, or Winter as Summer is peak moving season. Rates may be higher since there is more demand for each vehicle type.

I am moving with children. Is there anything I can do to make it easier on them?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Talk to them about the move from the beginning. Make it an adventure and help them understand that they are not being punished (by being taken away from friends/family, etc).

How long will it take to move?

Carmack Moving and Storage: That is different for every situation. Factors including the weather, the amount of items that must be packed and hauled, the distance – all of these affect move time.

How do large appliances get packed?

Carmack Moving and Storage: If Carmack Moving and Storage readies these items, we will give them special attention to ensure their safe arrival.

How do I schedule for my free, in home estimate?

Carmack Moving and Storage: Give Carmack a call at 703.378.1616 or toll free 866.627.4420.


About Carmack Moving and Storage

Carmack Moving and Storage has been a leading presence in the relocation transport industry since 1985. The company was started with the singular goal of providing Northern Virginia with reliable and reputable moving services that were affordable for even the tightest budget. Carmack Moving and Storage quotes by the hour or based on the weight of the items being moved and offers specials on their website, carmackmoving.com.

Rob Carmack is the owner and founder of Carmack Moving and Storage. His belief is that by treating clients like family, his company will continue to grow as it has done over the last 28 years. His team is committed to quality and professionalism: that’s the Carmack Moving and Storage difference.

County Line Nissan Quality and Options: The Pathfinder

County Line Nissan

County Line Nissan

The Nissan Pathfinder is a quality, built to last SUV at County Line Nissan. This is a seven passenger SUV with a third row of seats that can also fold down for extra storage. Roomy and perfect for a larger family and great for road trips, the Pathfinder gets 20 highway miles per gallon and is four-wheel drive. At County Line Nissan, customers can choose from the 4.0-liter, V6 models S, SV and LE. The LE from County Line Nissan is available in a V6 and also a 5.6-liter V8. Many features and options are available on the Pathfinder and County Line Nissan will work with customers to choose what’s best. [Read more…]

Tire Works Offers Industry Leading Services

Tire Works is a company that prides itself on being unique. The experienced professionals at Tire Works offer an impressive variety of automobile care services for your vehicle. The Tire Works team is committed to do whatever it takes to resolve nearly any automotive situation. Oil changes and regular maintenance at Tire Works may even help prevent more serious car troubles from happening.

The sound of brakes squeaking, explains Tire Works, can be the sign of several different problems, some of them benign and some of them more expensive to fix. The team at Tire Works points out that certain cars may be prone to break squeaking. The professionals at Tire Works can silence even these instances. [Read more…]

Bikes Direct Outfits Ironman Participant Courtney Spratt with Motobecane Nemesis Team

Bikes Direct congratulates Courtney Spratt for her recent participation in the Ironman World Championships in Kona. Looking for a grand way to celebrate her upcoming 40th birthday, Courtney entered the lottery on a whim and then promptly forgot she had done so. When she received the email—the one so few lottery entrants receive—saying that she had won a spot in the race, Courtney celebrated and then immediately began training. With the Bikes Direct staff eagerly tracking her progress, Courtney completed Ironman Kona on October 9, 2010, and then a few short weeks later, completed Ironman Florida on November 6, 2010.

Needless to say, a huge component of the race is the bike ride, and as a bike geek, Courtney turned to Bikes Direct to outfit her for the race. Fortunately, as one of Motobecane’s largest dealers, Bikes Direct had the opportunity to test a new Motobecane model, and Courtney was the first to ride it at Kona—talk about a debut! Given the popularity of Motobecane’s tri bikes, the Nemesis and Nemesis Pro, and feedback from Bikes Direct customers wanting an even higher level of componentry, Motobecane created the Motobecane Nemesis Team.

When Courtney first saw the Motobecane Nemesis Team in the Bikes Direct office, she says she immediately loved the bike. She says, “It’s not a shy color. It’s very outspoken in terms of component level and design style. But I received lost of compliments on the bike, especially in Ironman Florida, where everyone asked if I was a Gator fan.” Bikes Direct asked Courtney for post-race feedback on the bike, and she was happy to report that the Nemesis Team was very fast and extremely comfortable. It was comfortable enough to ride in aero position the entire time, and she says she could ride it all day, which she in fact has done several times, her longest ride clocking in at seven hours. Courtney reports that the Motobecane Nemesis Team is a vast improvement over other bikes she has ridden in previous races.

Bikes Direct will stock the Motobecane Nemesis Team in Team Orange. Featuring NACA and Kam-tail aero profiles and with an advanced lay-up, High Modulus Carbon Fiber Monocoque frame, the Motobecane Nemesis Team offered by Bikes Direct will turn the heads of both casual cyclists and hard-core bike aficionados alike. It will have an aero-section carbon fiber fork with a carbon steerer. Bikes Direct also reports that the Nemesis Team will feature a SRAM Red drivetrain, 53/39T, 11-23 OG1090 Powerdome. It will have a Zipp 404/808 wheelset, which both Courtney and Bikes Direct staffers say is “sick,” Zipp Vuka R2C shifters, Zipp Vuka aero bars, and an aero carbon seatpost.

Bikes Direct is excited to begin offering these ultra high-end bikes at prices lower than comparable models. Bikes Direct has become a fixture in the fixie, road bike, mountain bike and hybrid/comfort bike scenes, and is now ready to enter the elite competition field. Bikes Direct is excited to debut this amazing bicycle and eager to offer it to their customers. With an anticipated list price of $6500, Bikes Direct again offers an amazing bike at an unmatched price.

Bikes Direct hopes its customers will have as much fun on this bike as Courtney reports, and with equally as amazing results. With the spring triathlon season quickly sneaking up on us, Bikes Direct anticipates that its latest offering, the Motobecane Nemesis Team, will be a strong presence in races around the country. Bikes Direct offers all types on Tri bikes from beginner to Pro, as Bikes Direct feels each cyclist must start their own journey at a place that is comfortable. Sign up for the Bikes Direct newsletter to be the first to learn when the bike will be available for purchase, round the look off with a Motobecane jersey—available only through Bikes Direct—and start training!

About Bikes Direct

Bikes Direct continues to provide the same excellent cycling experience that riders around the world have come to expect from Motobecane. As a beginning, Bikes Direct can offer this brief history; Motobecane has been making bikes since 1923 and was named after the French word Moto for motorcycle and Becane for bike. Things went well for the company until 1981 when they were bankrupt and bought by Yamaha and became MBK. Now Motobecane USA is not related to the French company as they import bikes from Taiwan and China, these are the bikes you are interested in. Bikes Direct offers these Bikes Direct to the public at competitive price points and excellent quality.

According to Bikes Direct, Motobécane was a major manufacturer in the French bicycle industry. The frames on Motobécane’s mid-to-upper bikes were typically double-butted lugged steel made from Vitus or Reynolds 531 molybdenum/manganese steel tubing with Nervex lugs. Motobécane finished their frames in beautiful and high-quality paint, a practice not often followed in the French industry. Considered the second most prestigious French bicycle (after Peugeot, whose more durable design they emulated, but ahead of Gitane), Bikes Direct remembers Motobécane’s mid-range bikes as a good value; the company kept prices reasonable by matching high-quality frames with lower-priced, but higher-quality components from Japan, at a time when competitors were putting higher-priced, lower quality French components on mid-range bikes. Bikes Direct says that Motobécane bicycles included the Nomade, Mirage, Super Mirage, Super Touring, Grand Touring, Sprint, Jubilee, Grand Record, Le Champion, and Team Champion.

Bikes Direct now offers Motobecane models that use carbon on two of their ranges of bikes, the Race Carbon/AL and the Full Carbon ranges. From the Race Carbon they produce the Century Comp, Elite, Pro and Team and from the Full Carbon they have the Immortal Pro, Force and Spirit.

Race Carbon/AL from Bikes Direct

Bikes Direct says the Race Carbon /AL frames are a mixture of Alloy main frame tubes and carbon rear seat stays. The frames use different Alloy for the tubes on each of the frames and different equipment to assemble the bikes.
The Century Comp has Columbus Airplane tubes and Shimano 105 Triple group set.

The Century Elite has Shimano Ultegra Triple kit and the frame is made from 7005 double butted and carbon stays. Shimano Ultegra 30 speed and Kinesium SL and Carbon are used for the Century Pro.

Bikes Direct offers the top class Shimano Dura-Ace, and carbon FSA Cranks are used for the Century Team with Kineses 7005 AL main tubes and carbon stays. All have carbon forks.

The Full Carbon

Shimano Utegra mixed with 105 and FSA is fitted to the Immortal Pro high modulus carbon fiber monocoque frameset along with carbon forks American Classic wheels.

Bikes Direct knows the Immortal Force is very similar to the Pro except it is all Shimano Ultegra; all the other equipment and the frame is the same.

The Immortal Spirit Dura-Ace, FSA, American Classic wheels and Ritchey are all fitted to a monocoque carbon frame keeping the weight down to 16 pounds.

Bikes Direct makes sure that all the equipment is top class and you can’t fault any choice there. Looking at the Geometries of the frames there is beauty and they handle well.

In addition to the standard diamond frame bicycles, Motobécane produced mixte frame versions; the mixte frame Grand Touring had twin lateral stays in place of a top tube, extending from the head tube to the seat tube, while the Super Touring and Grand Jubilé had a single top tube sloping down towards the seat tube, but diverging into twin lateral stays just before the seat tube. Later mixte Grand Touring models also used this design. Motobécane also produced a tandem bicycle.

Bikes Direct says vintage French bicycles, including Motobécane, are often sought today for their value as a fixed gear conversion.

For more information about Motobecane contact Bikes Direct at BikesDirect.com.

Would You Buy a Bike from an Internet Site Like Bikes Direct?

Sure, maybe the prices of bikes at Bikes Direct are incredibly low compared to those at your local bike shop and, yes, maybe Bikes Direct can offer single-speeds and limited edition bikes hard to find anywhere else, but would you buy a bike from an internet site like Bikes Direct?

Usually the only reason why people hesitate in making any purchase over the Internet is the trust factor: will you really get what you paid for? At Bikes Direct, their best response is to let other customers do their talking.

Time and again, Bikes Direct shoppers will see testimonials that include phrases like: “thank you for the excellent service” and “thanks for the fast delivery” from Bikes Direct and “thank you for the wonderful bike.” It’s reassuring for people new to Bikes Direct to read that a customer has “passed the Bikes Direct name on to several friends because it’s not often these days that you get great service and good quality.”

Sometimes the comments received by Bikes Direct deal with excellent (and one-on-one) customer service, like one who simply stated that the Bikes Direct service is wonderful. Another satisfied Bikes Direct buyer went into more detail, saying: “Thanks so much for your patience. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help. Thanks for your patience with my constant, nagging questions. I will definitely be recommending Bikes Direct to my friends.”

Once you start to examine the comments made by people who have purchased bikes through Bikes Direct, you can then look at the Frequently Asked Questions on the Bikes Direct website. For example, how can Bikes Direct sell top quality bikes at such low prices? According to Bikes Direct, the answer is right there in their name: they sell bikes factory direct. There’s no middleman in a retail store with rent, dozens of employees and associated overhead. The Bikes Direct bikes come straight from a distribution warehouse that is loaded with inventory, purchased in bulk for more savings.

For more information, or to speak with someone at Bikes Direct, please go online to www.bikesdirect.com or send Bikes Direct a fax at 877-245-3329.

What Bikes Direct Customers Are Saying About Bikes Direct:

Dear Bikes Direct,

I must admit that I was somewhat hesitant about buying such an expensive bike on-line [from Bikes Direct] but I gave it a shot. I have now but about 500 miles on my Fuji Professional that I got from Bikes Direct and am LOVING IT! There isn’t a bike out there that compares. What a ride!

Thanx Again,

Bikes Direct,

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Bikes Direct help. Thanks for your patience with my constant, nagging questions. I will definitely be recommending Bikes Direct to my friends and associates out here in South Dakota; where triathlete bikes are only available through mail order or Internet.

Most Sincerely,
Eric Redinger
Exercise Specialist, CSCS
McKennan Center for Health & Fitness

Went on my first ride today, the bike rides very fast. I was surprised to find such a nice bike for the price Bikes Direct advertised, I’m glad I didn’t go with the $900.00 bike at the local shop. I was worried that it was going to be “heavy”, but it’s a well-built road bike and I’m mainly using it for exercise. Bikes Direct provides an online bike “heaven” for those of us who don’t need the fancy racing bikes and just want quality at an affordable price.

I have already recommended Bikes Direct to some of my friends and neighbors here in Stafford, VA.


Collex Collision Experts Serves the Local Community with Continuing Education

Collex Collision Experts are nationally recognized auto body repair specialists with a community based business ethic. At Collex Collision Experts, not only are timely repairs provided with attentive customer service, Collex Collision Experts serves the community as well. For example, Collex Collision Experts offers continuing education classes to interested and qualified participants. Collex Collision Experts originally designed these classes for insurance agents. Collex Collision Experts explains that insurance agents need 24 credits of continuing education classes every two years to keep their licenses current.

Over time, these classes sponsored by Collex Collision Experts expanded to serve the community at large. Collex Collision Experts reports that nearly 1000 agents have attended their classes, and the number keeps growing. Collex Collision Experts currently offers continuing education courses covering a wide range of relevant topics. Classes cover subjects from safety issues and ethics to policy retention and the collision repair process. Collex Collision Experts provides these classes free of charge at various Collex facilities.

Collex Collision Experts offers continuing education courses two to three times per month. Some Collex Collision Experts classes for May and June 2010 include “Ethics in Collision Repair,” “Auto Theft & Fraud,” and “Understanding Safety Issues.” These are all three-hour courses with free lunch included. In June 2010, Collex Collision Experts will host an extended seven-hour seminar dedicated to the best use of Sherwin Williams paints in auto body repair.

Collex Collision Experts believes in cultivating a fruitful and informative relationship with members of the insurance industry. Insurance adjusters so frequently handle collision repair that Collex Collision Experts believes it benefits all parties to dialogue regularly with these industry colleagues. Collex Collision Experts feel that the more an insurance agent knows about the collision repair process, the more helpful they can be to customers. Since the insurance industry and Collex Collision Experts have a lot of customer overlap, Collex Collision Experts feels that everyone stands to benefit from having better-educated agents involved in and expediting the repair process.

Collex Collision | Tips for Dealing With An Automobile Accident

Elsewhere, Collex Collision has written about the most critical first responses to a car accident. Collex Collision explains that drivers must make sure everyone is OK, call 911 if medical attention is needed, move out of the way of traffic and call the police to report an accident. In the meantime, Collex Collision adds that drivers must exchange insurance information with fellow motorists, and call the insurance company to file an accident claim. Most of these things, says Collex Collision, are common knowledge and can be done during the first hours after an accident.

Collex Collision continues that many car accident injuries are often not visible or obvious at the site of the accident. Usually the adrenaline released by a car crash, notes Collex Collision, crowds out any aches and pains a person may feel. This is a condition that doctors and insurance adjustors refer to as “soft tissue damage” and it may not manifest until days after a car accident. For this reason, Collex Collision says that it is important not so sign any documents at the crash site. Do not discuss any release of liability with other drivers. Many motorists have reported that they were not hurt at an accident, says Collex Collision, only to find days later that they were in severe pain, requiring physical therapy or long-term chiropractic care.

The good news is that insurance companies are acquainted with the phenomenon of “soft tissue damage.” Collex Collision advises anyone who has been in a car accident to visit a doctor for an examination as soon after the accident as possible. In the same way that a police report is of critical value in the automotive repair process, Collex Collision explains that a doctor’s report is essential information that any insurance adjuster will require before covering further medical care. Information from a doctor will help a motorist decide if they ought to file a personal injury claim in addition to an accident claim. Collex Collision points out that these are two different claims and that a standard accident claim will not cover any medical expenses. A separate personal injury claim must also be filed with the insurance company.

For more information about Collex Collision, call 888-426-5539 or visit them on the web at http://collex.com.