June 20, 2018

Financing a Homes by Vanderbuilt Modular Residence Purchase

When you’ve decided to buy your modular home from Homes by Vanderbuilt, a general contractor serving Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, you can likely use your existing mortgage company to finance the purchase. Modular homes such as those offered by Homes by Vanderbuilt are considered permanent structures, just like houses that are built on site using conventional methods, and Homes by Vanderbuilt houses are also recognized to increase in value over time.

That being said, however, if your mortgage company does not have experience with modular homes in general or with Homes by Vanderbuilt specifically, you may wish to speak to the sales team at Homes by Vanderbuilt and obtain a referral. As you would with any purchase, do shop around to get the best possible terms on your loan for your Homes by Vanderbuilt house purchase.

Your down payment will make a difference on the terms of financing, whether you’re buying a Homes by Vanderbuilt house or a site-built home. Traditional real estate mortgages and market interest rates are usually available when you buy a Homes by Vanderbuilt home and the land together as one purchase. If, however, you are buying your modular home from Homes by Vanderbuilt in a separate transaction from the land purchase, you should expect the financing to come in with a slightly higher rate of interest.

Modular homes can also be purchased from Homes by Vanderbuilt by way of FHA-insured financing as well as VA-guaranteed loans (the latter being through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs). If you qualify for either of these types of mortgages to buy your Homes by Vanderbuilt house, you may also find that they require a lower down payment or offer a better rate of interest. Because these loans take longer to process and get approval than conventional mortgages, allow yourself plenty of time before the purchase date of your Homes by Vanderbuilt modular home.

What Customers Are Saying About Homes by Vanderbuilt:

“Everyone who participated in the repair work of our home did an outstanding job. [Homes by Vanderbuilt] were all very courteous and professional and worked very hard at satisfying us. We are 100% satisfied and will continue to recommend Homes by Vanderbuilt to friends and family. Please reward both Homes by Vanderbuilt work teams for a job well done. They definitely deserve it!!”
Jeffery – Apex, NC

“The [Homes by Vanderbuilt] crew was very nice and courteous. They were very helpful and anxious to answer any questions we had. They did a super job! Homes by Vanderbuilt made us feel special and shared in our excitement of our new home. A+!”
Mark & Christina – Mayodan, NC

“All of [Homes by Vanderbuilt] crews have been exceptional. We are very satisfied with this Homes by Vanderbuilt experience.”
Robert – Clemmons, NC

“I could not be more pleased with the Homes by Vanderbuilt crews who have worked on my home to date. Every single person I have had the time to talk with has made it a point to answer my questions, explain what they were doing and complement me on my choice of home and the company I chose to purchase it from. The Homes by Vanderbuilt crews that have represented you think very highly of Homes by Vanderbuilt and take a great deal of pride in their work.”
Hunter – Supply, NC

“We love the Homes by Vanderbuilt trim crew they were so sweet. If all of your crews are like the trim crew it’s easy to see why you do so much business and come highly recommended. We will and have passed on the Homes by Vanderbuilt recommendation with high praise. Please give our best to your trim crew.”
Roy May and Charlotte – Jamestown, SC

Homes by Vanderbuilt did a great job. You couldn’t ask for a better crew. Homes by Vanderbuilt was very friendly and easy to work with.
Lindsey & Lorraine – Fairfield, NC



  1. Thompson says:

    Homes by Vanderbuilt offers the ability for individuals to build on a North Carolina customer-owned lot as well as some locations in South Carolina and Virginia. Homes By Vanderbuilt crane-sets each modular home and most Homes by Vanderbuilt homes are never moved or relocated once built. The homes exceed most building codes and are constructed out of high quality materials.

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