August 4, 2021

Naperville Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson Can Help Prevent Migraines

Naperville Cosmetic Dentist

Naperville Cosmetic Dentist

In Naperville, cosmetic dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson helps migraine sufferers at her dental practice, Smiles by Dr. Gibson and Associates. Migraines can have a disruptive and devastating effect on the people who are afflicted with them. “According to the leading migraine association, people who suffer from migraines have a 10%-20% higher rate of unemployment than people without them,” Dr. Chiann Gibson, a Naperville cosmetic dentist, reports. “Migraines can make even the simplest tasks seem insurmountable,” Dr. Gibson states.

But help may be on the way for people who suffer from chronic headaches including migraines. Doctors believe that the problem may be inside the temporomandibular joints (TMJ). “Those two bones are right in front of your ears and help establish smooth jaw functions,” Naperville cosmetic dentistDr. Chiann Gibson explains. “Physical or mental stress, incorrect bite alignment or injury can hinder the function of those joints which result in headaches and other types of debilitating pain,” says the Naperville cosmetic dentist.

Dr. Chiann Gibson, a Naperville cosmetic dentist, can prescribe afederally approved medication that helps to stop migraines. The NTI is an oral appliance that has been proven to eliminate migraines. “Studies show that 82% of patients who have been diagnosed with migraines have a 77% reduction in headaches during the first two months of NTI use,” Naperville cosmetic dentist, Dr. Chiann Gibson says.

NTI-tss stands for Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition. “The device de-stresses the jaw muscles and represses the negative impulses sent to the nerves,” reports Dr. Gibson, a cosmetic dentist in Naperville. “When the muscles relax into their ideal resting position, the clenching and the grinding stop. Then the headache abates,” Naperville cosmetic dentistDr. Chiann Gibson adds.

Smiles by Dr. Gibson offers migraine prevention services, but Dr. Gibson also offers many other dental procedures. The Naperville cosmetic dentist helps patients with high-tech dentistry techniques, teeth-whitening, full-mouth reconstruction and laser gum contouring. The Naperville cosmetic dentist is also an Invisalign specialist.

The Naperville cosmetic dentist offers more to patients than just exceptional care at affordable prices. Dr. Gibson’s staff also maintains a spa-like atmosphere for clients. In Naperville, cosmetic dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson treats her patients toaromatherapy, DVD’s, freshly baked bread, a coffee bar and cold beverages along with massage pads in the dental chairs. Patients don’t just have their smiles brightened or their migraines alleviated; they are pampered when they visit the Naperville cosmetic dentist.

Not only does the clinic treat, soothe and indulge their clients, they also embrace cutting edge technology. The Naperville cosmetic dentist treats patients with laser technology, digital X-rays and electronic education – because she believes that informed clients help to make the best decisions. Whether a patient needs migraine prevention therapy, or teeth whitening, the Naperville cosmetic dentist works with her patients to keep them happy and healthy.

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About Naperville Cosmetic Dentist

Naperville cosmetic dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson is widely known for her skills throughout the state of Illinois and beyond. Her dental practice, Smiles by Dr. Gibson and Associates, has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best in the area with its spa like atmosphere, dedicated staff, and pampering amenities uncommon to the field of dentistry. Dr. Gibson is often called the best Naperville cosmetic dentist by her clients and has been endorsed by Donald Trump. Though well known these days, Dr. Gibson did not earn her reputation as a leading Naperville cosmetic dentist overnight.

Chiann Fan Gibson was born to Taiwanese parents who, in 1971, brought their three daughters from Tokyo to America with barely $200 in their pockets. The Naperville cosmetic dentist recalls that language was a major obstacle at first but she and her sisters excelled academically – all three graduated high school with honors. On her path the become the respected Naperville cosmetic dentist she is today, Dr. Gibson enrolled in the University of Washington where her outgoing personality earned her a spot on the Huskies’ cheerleading squad.

After completing her Childhood Psychology degree from the University of Washington, the future Naperville cosmetic dentist earned a doctorate in Dental Medicine from Boston’s prestigious Tufts University of Dental Medicine. At Tufts, the future Dr. Gibson worked as a clinical instructor and was recognized as a Merit Scholar. To fund her continuing education on the road to becoming a Naperville cosmetic dentist, Gibson entered the world of pageantry. Her successes culminated with her being named Mrs. United States in 2005.

Dr. Chiann Gibson’s educational background also includes graduating with honors from the Hornbook Center for Advanced Clinical Education – an achievement only boasted by 1% of dentists in the United States. The Naperville cosmetic dentist has also studied extensively at Chicago’s own Center for Esthetic Excellence. In her quest to offer her patients the best in service, this Naperville cosmetic dentist has also undergone special training for Invisalign certification.

A long-time Illinois resident, Naperville cosmetic dentist Dr. Gibson is active in many aspects of her community. She has authored a column for the Naperville Sun Times called “Open Wide” in which she offered advice and insight regarding all aspects of dentistry. She is a member of the Illinois State Dental Society, the Fox Valley Dental Society, and the Chicago Dental Society. Though she is located in Naperville, cosmetic dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson is also nationally connected via associations with such groups as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists and the California Dental Society.

With only 14 percent of dentists being women, this Naperville cosmetic dentist is surely a role model for young women interested in the profession. In 2006, the American Association of Women Dentists featured Dr. Gibson on the cover of their September issue. In the same year, she was also honored as a Tri-Delta Sorority “Distinguished Delta Alumni” – and in fact, Naperville cosmetic dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson is one of only 66 women bestowed with this honor.

Currently, Dr. Gibson is a highly sought after Naperville cosmetic dentist with an office in the upscale Promenade building in downtown Naperville. She, along with partner Dr. James Arnold, offers services in both preventative and restorative dentistry.

Dr. Chiann is married to Jim Gibson. She and her Emmy award winning husband have one son, James III, and reside in Sugar Grove, Illinois.


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