July 7, 2020

Naperville Dentists and Dr. Chiann Gibson Discuss Use of Prophylaxis Prior to Dental Appointments

Naperville Dentists

Naperville Dentists

There are many skilled Naperville dentists, but perhaps none are as popular as Dr. Chiann Gibson. Interviewing Experts recently had a chance to sit down at the office of Smiles by Dr. Gibson and Associates, with Dr. Gibson and a handful of her colleagues, for a quick chat about new ADA guidelines for the use of antibiotics prior to dental procedures. Here, the Naperville dentists shed some light on the subject.

Interviewing Experts: Good morning, doctors. Thank you for your time this morning.

Naperville Dentists: Always glad to get involved. Oral health is so important.

Interviewing Experts: Can you please tell us what the antibiotic prophylaxis is used for, specific to dental treatments?

Naperville Dentists: Prophylaxis is used to prevent bacterial infections caused by invasive surgical or dental procedures.

Interviewing Experts: Does this mean that anyone who has recently had surgery should tell his or her dentist?

Naperville Dentists: Yes, especially if they’ve undergone any sort of joint replacement or prosthesis.

Interviewing Experts: What kind of infection does the prophylaxis prevent?

Naperville Dentists: It is often used to prevent endocarditis, which can damage the valves of the heart. Patients with abnormal heart valves or already-damaged heart tissue are most at risk.

Interviewing Experts: Are there any signs or symptoms of endocarditis?

Naperville Dentists: Well, we first need to point out that, if a patient is concerned about any symptoms, they should immediately consult their physician. However, as dentists, there are certain symptoms that we are familiar with that can point to endocarditis.

Interviewing Experts: And those would be?

Naperville Dentists: Sudden weakness and fatigue, weight loss, chills, joint pain, an overall feeling of discomfort or recurrent fevers are all associated with endocarditis.

Interviewing Experts: Are there any other symptoms to watch out for?

Naperville Dentists: These are some of the symptoms we are familiar with, but they could also point to a number of other medical conditions that only a qualified medical doctor can diagnose.

Interviewing Experts: Can you tell us if there are any specific groups of people who are no longer prescribed this medication prior to dental procedures?

Naperville Dentists: There are those that have taken them in the past, including rheumatic heart disease patients, those with congenital heart conditions, and mitral valve prolapse patients. These people, among others, are not generally prescribed the antibiotic anymore.

Interviewing Experts: Are there specific dental procedures that are of concern?

Naperville Dentists: Each patient will be evaluated on a case-to-case basis, and whether or not take antibiotics will be determined by their previous medical history.

Interviewing Experts: Should patients with certain conditions avoid going to the dentist altogether?

Naperville Dentists: Absolutely not. Oral health and hygiene is important to your overall physical condition. Patients who are concerned for any reason should open up a conversation with their dentist and include their medical doctor, if possible.

Interviewing Experts: Well, doctors, we appreciate your time today will let you get back to work. But first, Dr. Gibson, thank you for letting us use your office today. Would you please tell our readers a bit about your practice?

Dr. Chiann Gibson: Sure! Smiles by Dr. Gibson is a full-service, family oriented dental office in The Main St. Promenade building in downtown Naperville. We offer everything from general cleanings and exams to Hollywood Smile Makeovers that includes exclusive use of our stretch limousine. I think I speak for all of the Naperville dentists here in saying thank you for spotlighting our profession.

To see what makes Dr. Chiann Gibson one of the most sought after Naperville dentists – please visit her website at www.smilesbydrgibson.com

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