April 24, 2017

Tamara Mariea of Internal Balance Reports on the Negative Health Impacts from Electromagnetic Fields and Radiation

Internal Balance

Internal Balance

According to Internal Balance’s Tamara Mariea, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) radiate from every technological device we use and cause physiological disruption. For years, people have ignored the negative effects of electromagnetic fields. However, the rapid proliferation of cell phones and other portable wireless devices, says Internal Balance, has raised awareness of the potential dangers posed by increasing EMF exposure.

In her recent book Zapped, Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, collates some of the most prevalent and compelling findings relating to EMF pollution. Dr. Gittleman began her research in this area after noticing a higher incidence of common symptoms from otherwise healthy people who reported high internet and cell phone usage, says Internal Balance. Internal Balance explains that evaluating a client’s life environment can reveal overlooked health threats. In our modern world, says Internal Balance, we rely on wireless and other electronic devices more than ever. Telephones, personal computers, microwaves, laptops, and handheld devices are all sources of dangerous EMF exposure, says Internal Balance.

Internal Balance points out that mainstream medicine does not give notice to many toxic factors in everyday life. Internal Balance reports that Dr. Gittleman does a great job of discussing this in Zapped. For example, heavy cell phone usage by pregnant mothers, says Internal Balance, has been linked to hyperactivity and behavioral problems in their children. Tamara Mariea also points to her own research, concluding that this exposure may be involved in the etiology of autism. On a more physiological level, says Internal Balance, heavy cell phone usage is also linked to increased cases of birth defects and miscarriages. All of these findings reinforce a simple message: our environment is filled with ubiquitous and undetectable toxins, concludes Internal Balance, which has a direct bearing on the health and well-being of our offspring.

This article is for informational purposes only. Tamara Mariea is not a medical doctor and results reported by Internal Balance may not necessarily occur in all individuals. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for health problems, supplement use, or any changes in prescribed medications.

About Internal Balance

Internal Balance is located in Franklin Tennessee. A private clinic, Internal Balance was founded in 2000 by Tamara Mariea. For years, Internal Balance has provided a comprehensive, research based and individualized approach to detoxification. Internal Balance is a place where unique challenges are identified and unique strategies are designed to support a person’s body as it releases complex toxic burdens. Internal Balance has been working with families who have been struggling. Parents, children and even sports celebrities have come to Internal Balance after years of working with various practitioners and health professionals in the hopes of finding relief for physical issues that have been plaguing them — sometimes for their whole lives.

Internal Balance is proud of their success rate and grateful for the many people whose lives have dramatically improved as a result of working together. The philosophy at Internal Balance that current diseases and chronic illnesses relate directly to the issues of environmental toxicity ring true with patients from around the world.

Throughout the Internal Balance intake process, observation, laboratory evaluation and clinical detoxification steps, the team at Internal Balance is able to guide and work with many individuals and their families as they find relief from pain and/or neurological disorders. Internal Balance works with the “whole person” and the family unit so that everyone’s needs are addressed in these stressful situations that often stretch families to the breaking point.

Internal Balance has strategic partnerships around the world that allow Internal Balance to be on the cutting edge of science. Internal Balance also remains concerned about the research coming out of Europe alerting the public to the potential dangers of cell tower emissions on our DNA.

For more information on Internal Balance and these life changing therapies call 615-818-0074.

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