February 20, 2018

What to Consider When Moving Cross-country

10.10.13 - movingFor those moving across the country, there are many important considerations, like whether to take the picturesque route or hire an auto shipping company to get their vehicle to the desired location. Below are factors that should be considered before making a decision on either.

1. Miles, time and stress

While a road trip may appear like a fun idea, stop and think about the added burden of traveling hundreds (or thousands) of miles with your children or pets. Not only will you be under stress trying to get to your new home, you are likely to have to deal with fussing children or restless pets. Also, consider hotel, fuel and food costs, as the well as potential wear and tear on your car.

2. Moving the car

There are several ways to move your car from location A to location B. You could drive yourself, rent a moving truck and tow the car, or fly and use a car transportation company to move the vehicle for you. It is crucial that you assess the moving distance, insurance requirements, and the time it will take to get the vehicle to the desired destination.

3. Hazards and insurance

Hauling a vehicle from state to state can be risky. When renting a moving truck or other towing equipment, you will be asked to sign a release form that won’t allow you to sue the company for any damages your car may sustain during transportation. Be sure you have adequate insurance to reimburse you for any damages.

4. Research and Compare

Many people realize that having their car shipped by a vehicle transportation company is convenient and beneficial for several reasons. Auto transportation companies can save you stress, money and longs hours of driving. However, make sure the company is fully licensed and meets all federal and state regulations for vehicle transporting. Learn about the cost, insurance coverage, and the time it will take to transport your vehicle. Make sure to get everything in writing. Only after thorough research will you be able to make the right decision for your cross-country move.

Kyle Thomas Glasser on Traveling to Australia

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Australia is a beautiful place to visit with great scenery and beautiful locations to view. You will not get bore by visiting Australia and all the nice location it has. One of the people who will tell you that Australia is a great place is Kyle Thomas Glasser. Kyle has plans to visit Australia and view specific locations he believes holds a lot of beauty.

The Great Barrier Reef- is an exciting place where you can see the Coral Sea together with Queensland. This has a large coral reel with more than 900 islands and this is the place Kyle believes holds a lot of beauty. This place is over 2,600 kilometers and it is now known as World Heritage Site. Kyle intends to see the turtles, sea snakes, porpoises, dolphins and fish among other water animals.

Sydney harbor-is a great place to see visit and Kyle has plans to view its location. It has its own natural harbor and not forgetting the amazing Fireworks at the eve of the New Year. Kyle being a fan of music intents to visit Sydney Opera House with the great concert hall, two amazing theaters, playhouse, very good studio and even a Forecourt. It is amazing how the place has great location and you enjoy seeing the city at night.

Tasmania-Kyle knows the beauty of the world and thus the amazing Tasmania Island is the place to be. There is natural scenery and within the364 km by 306 km area of land that holds a population of 500,000. Beautiful rocks and all the mountainous views that is available. There is Mount Ossa and not forgetting to view the Great Oyster Bay. This is a place with beautiful wildlife including tigers and birds.

Brisbane-Kyle knows about Brisbane the huge Australian city which is found in Queensland. There are many great night spots for people to visit and the amazing cuisine that is offered. The weather here is quite accommodative therefore there are no extremes that will deter Klye from travelling in this place. Museums, historical structures and South Bank Parklands are great place Kyle intends to see.

The Great Ocean Road-is an amazing location to visit and Kyle Thomas Glasser knows this too well. This place has very nice scenery which covers an area of around 200 miles through the coastline of Victoria. There is no harm in visiting any time of the year and you will find great food. Kyle has great plans to see these places and still pursue his medical career successfully.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: The Five Best Places to Ski

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

When rating a skiing destination, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays says that it’s not just about which place gets the most snow or has the steepest runs – it’s the overall skiing experience that counts.  And Pierre Bennett Global Holidays believes that it’s important for members to have the inside scoop on which mountains are the best to point their skis down.

Although Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is famous for its snow and the people who ski there – it’s as far from pretentious as a skier can find, reports Pierre Bennett Global Holidays. World-class skiers still visit Jackson for practice runs before competing, rewarding themselves with waffles and domestic beer from Corbet’s Cabin after a good run. Jackson also has some of the best backcountry skiing in the world and its snowfall is legendary. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays notes that even though it seems incongruous for Jackson to be as challenging as it is and family-friendly at the same time – somehow this ski destination manages to be all things to all people.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays also recommends Alta and Snowbird for skiers who are looking for a challenge. With over 600 inches of snow per year, these side-by-side resorts near Salt Lake City, Utah are a skier’s dream.  Pierre Bennett Global Holidays acknowledges that the nightlife on the slopes is on the quiet side. However, if  ski enthusiasts just want the pure experience of skiing in this amazing place, they won’t be disappointed.

Famous for both its skiing and movie festival, Telluride is hardly off the pop-culture beaten path. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s simple to get to. It’s worth the ride to get to this little town, though, with the stunning 14,000-foot mountain backdrop, notes Pierre Bennett Global Holidays. And the best news for skiers is that in 2008 new terrain, “Revelation Bowl,” was opened. Better access was also provided to Palmyra Peak, which is perfect for skiers who want expert chutes, says Pierre Bennett Global Holidays.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays reports that Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, located on the north side of Lake Tahoe are the most hit and miss on the list of skiing destinations. Some weeks they can go with barely any snowfall at all, or there can be avalanche warnings for weeks at a time. But, when the conditions are right, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows have some of the best skiing that members can hope to find. Also, because Pierre Bennett Global Holidays members aren’t restricted to a timeshare, they aren’t tied down to one skiing location, and they don’t have to work around another vacationer’s schedule. Squaw Valley has overhauled the base village, so skiers will find it easier than ever to navigate.

Although the Vail and Beaver Creek resorts are further apart than the other mountain pairs on the list, they are still relatively close together, states Pierre Bennett Global Holidays. And when a skier takes advantage of both mountains, they are one of the most formidable destinations in the west. Also, states Pierre Bennett Global Holidays, the terrain at Vail is the largest in the U.S., with over 5,289 acres.

Timeshare owners and skiers across the nation are making the switch to Pierre Bennett Global Holidays. Unlike traditional travel membership plans, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays doesn’t limit the number of trips a member may book or make them settle for the same destination year after year.

Interviewing Experts Presents Humorous (But True) Airline Travel Tips

When traveling by air, whether it’s other people’s angry children or an over-served fellow passenger, it’s best to be prepared for any eventuality.

Q: What’s the best way to handle children who won’t stop kicking the seat?

A: Before flying make sure to cash a twenty-dollar bill for twenty singles because children are amenable to bribery. Start the bidding off at one dollar and work up as needed.

Q: What’s the best way to remember where my car is parked?

A: That’s an excellent question because it’s rare for a passenger to remember where he or she has parked after a long flight. (And the numbers fall exponentially if there are tired children or an international flight involved.) Try writing your parking information down at least twice and store it in your wallet and carry on.

Q: What’s the best way to deal with an inebriated seatmate who you don’t know?

A: There isn’t a polite way to tell someone that they’ve had enough to drink. However, an informational approach might be the best one. “Did you know that for every drink a person consumes, they should have two glasses of water?” The math alone should keep them silent for a few minutes.

Q: What if the airline food is bland?

A: Pack a small bottle of hot sauce. Hot sauce can cure all but the very worst airline food.

Q: What’s the best way to deal with lost luggage?

A: If traveling with a companion, cross pack clothing and other essentials so that if the airline does make a mistake, you can still have part of your wardrobe.  Traveling solo it’s a little more difficult to be proactive. But, keeping a change of clothing in your carry on will help to minimize the frustration in case something does go wrong.

Interviewing Experts hopes that these travel tips will help your trip go a bit smoother next time. Bon voyage!

Pierre Bennett Global Vacations: Don’t-Miss Destinations in Rio de Janero

 Pierre Bennett Global Vacations

Pierre Bennett Global Vacations

According to Pierre Bennett Global Vacations, Rio de Janeiro is a city where time stands still and the party never stops. With manic energy and excitement in the air equally during the day and night, visitors might be overwhelmed by options. The team at Pierre Bennett Global Vacations stands ready to help members find the hottest spots in this fantastic city. Because Pierre Bennett Global Vacations travel club offers members discounts – getting to Rio has never been easier.

Rio has a remarkable variety of beaches so it’s completely impossible to name one of them as the best, asserts the team at Pierre Bennett Global Vacations. Pierre Bennett Global Vacations notes that the Copacabana is a very large stretch of sand popular for a combination sport of volleyball and soccer. The travel professionals at Pierre Bennett Global Vacations also suggest that members visit another nearby beach which was made famous by Stan Getz, Astrud Gilberto and João Gilbert in the 1962 hit “The Girl from Ipanema” and is located in the next cove. Pierre Bennett Global Vacation urges members to visit São Conrado to watch hang gliders land and, if visitors want privacy, they should consider visiting Prainha beach, which is environmentally protected. Pierre Bennett Global Vacations members can plan ahead, with access to condo inventory up to a year in advance.

Pierre Bennett Global Vacations believes that visitors to Rio should definitely visit the Palácio do Catete – especially if they have an interest in art, culture and history. The castle, Pierre Bennett Global Vacations notes, has been home to a German baron, eighteen Brazilian presidents, a cultural history museum and an art gallery. Pierre Bennett Global Vacations says that today it is the perfect spot to learn about Brazil’s political history, culture and art.

Music has played an integral part in Rio’s history and Pierre Bennett Global Vacations knows that no visit to Brazil would be complete without going nightclub hopping. The samba and bossa nova styles of music are played every night in clubs around Rio. Pierre Bennett Global Vacations also recommends a visit to the Lupa district to check out some of the famed classic clubs. If visitors want to hear something more sedate, Pierre Bennett Global Vacations suggests visiting Theatro Municipal for symphonies or operas. But if visitors really are bitten by the samba bug, they should come to the Carnival in February when samba takes over the streets. And because Pierre Bennett Global Vacations members don’t have to deal with timeshares and aren’t tied down to one location, they don’t have to work around another vacationer’s schedule.

To contact Pierre Bennett Global Vacations, call (703) 395-1430.

Traveling to Costa Rica

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser simplifies his mission in life to serving others. This is the number one reason why he was motivated to study medicine. He always had a passion for helping anyone in need and saw how doctors had an impact on the lives of patients. In his career, he spares some time to visit many communities. He visited Costa Rica on a medical mission in 2010 and that set him on his course to become a medical doctor. Kyle believes in the fact that wherever he goes he must make some changes. He is a senior student in the University of Georgia. Even though medical students are busy, that does not hinder him from participating in any other association in the community and in America.

Kyle traveled to South America in the month of May 2010, to give medical assistance to impoverished areas in Costa Rica. As a young adult of 21 years, you must admit that it is an exciting chance to travel the world. That is exactly what is happening to a man of integrity called Kyle. He is a member of International Service Learning Program. This program offers opportunities to students to travel to different parts of the country just to help them attain experience while they offer a hand to the needy communities.

The communities Kyle visited do not receive any medical attention. Thanks to the medical mission team, the people of Costa Rica were able to get health care to improve their morale in life. During that trip, he tutored students who needed help in math. He says that his trip to Costa Rica opened his eyes to the opportunities that he could get to help others in a medical career.  He had a chance to experience hardships people go through, first hand. The trip was advantageous because he was able to practice what he learnt in class while at the same time lending a hand to the needy people he found in the places he visited.

For the two weeks he stayed in Costa Rica, Kyle interacted with people who had never used modern medicine in their entire life. Such a thing might be unimaginable, but the truth is that there are people living in such conditions. If you get such a chance to assist people, it will be a great privilege to do all you can. This trip improved and influenced other people’s lives. In addition, Kyle Thomas Glasser was able to give people information concerning basic health care and the importance of taking medicines to the residents.

BrandStar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act with Chris Russo

BrandStar Entertainment

BrandStar Entertainment

The following segment originally aired on the August 12th, 2011 show on BrandStar Entertainment’s morning TV show, The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television.  The featured guest was the President and Chairman of The American Society of Travel Agents, Chris Russo. 

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  You might want to dust off your travel agent’s number or dig up their email address after watching BrandStar Entertainment’s popular “Smart Shopper” series.  You’ll not only learn just how much your travel agent can help in planning your next trip—you’ll also spare yourself a headache as well as money by not booking that trip yourself!

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  It doesn’t matter if you take to the skies, hit the road, or hop aboard a train– most of us would like to get the most bang for our buck when taking a vacation and doing it without cutting corners on comfort!

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  BrandStar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act on Lifetime brought in a true pro, President and Chairman of The American Society of Travel Agents, Chris Russo.  Chris is going to show how to stretch your dollar AND your legs– when you head out of town.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  Gas prices are so high right now and airlines are charging arm and a leg for baggage—it’s crazy.  Traveling is expensive!  Is it possible to travel WELL and not spend a ton of money?

Chris:  Absolutely!  You just have to be a savvy traveler.  You have to be able to use a travel professional that’s looking for all those deals for you and especially one with The American Society of Travel Agents.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  Most people think that the Internet would be the place to go and browse to find the best deals out there.  Is the web the best site for booking travel?

Chris:  The web is a great tool for both our customers and for us as travel professionals because there’s a lot of information for both of us to get.  But, it’s not the end-all… be-all… like we ALL want it to be.  You still want to use a travel professional.  A lot of people think that if you book your air, hotel and your car all together on a website that that’s the best way to do it.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  That’s what I’d do.

Chris:  But, it’s not always the best.   

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  Ok, if I wanted to use a travel agent, what can they do for me that the internet couldn’t in terms of fees and savings?

Chris:  There are a lot of things.  Travel professionals are there with you before, during and after your trip so they’re always looking out for you—they’re your advocate.  For saving you money, we have connections already with the hotels you don’t have, meaning you don’t have to look up on the Internet at one o’clock in the morning!

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  What kind of insight can you give to our audience as a travel agent?

Chris:  If you’re going on a family cruise you want to make sure that a travel agent professional will make sure that you’re not sitting right above the disco, so that the kids can go to sleep at night and aren’t next to the engine room.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  I think having a travel agent could be an important thing, but I don’t feel it’s something that a lot of people do think about.

Chris:  I think that there’s a misconception that prices are more expensive… when you use a travel professional—which is NOT true.  Travel agents are always going to be there and they’re going to help you throughout the process—so you really need to use one.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  You have that “Human Experience.”  You have a physical person you know and can talk to instead of getting upset and banging on your computer keyboard when you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Chris:  When you’re standing in line at the airport because you booked a ticket online and there’s a line a mile long, it’s great to have a travel professional where you can pick up the phone, call them and have THEM help you out.  That’s what we’re there for!

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  How do the people wanting to travel, find the right agent for them?

Chris:  Finding a travel professional is like trying to find a good lawyer, CPA or a doctor.  Get recommendations from your friends.  Ask them.  They might have just come back from a great vacation.  Ask them who they used.  See if they can give some insight or can answer your questions the way YOU want them to be answered.  The other thing is, if you’re looking for something special… go to The American Society of Travel Agents at travelsense.org.  It’s a great resource to find a good local travel agent that’s a member of The American Society of Travel Agents.

The award-winning television production team at BrandStar Entertainment is one of the industry’s leaders.  BrandStar Entertainment features a full array of creative services that include distribution, sound stages and production/post production facilities. BrandStar Entertainment is known for producing content driven shows like The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television, the only morning show in America produced by women specifically for women. BrandStar proudly carries a WomenCertified® Seal, demonstrating leadership in women friendly programming. BrandStar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act airs daily on Lifetime at 7 a.m. ET/PT. For more information, visit BrandStar Entertainment’s website for The Balancing Act at www.thebalancingact.com.