October 20, 2020

Respond to America’s “Cry for Health” with DR Marketing Group

A pioneer in Branded Entertainment, O2 Media™ has a long history of success in Direct Response (DR) Marketing.  Working on DR campaigns for brands such as Black & Decker, Magic Juice Filter and the Infrawave Speed Oven on HSN has positioned O2 Media™ and DR Marketing Group as experts in the DR industry.

The DR Marketing Group at O2 Media™ is a turnkey marketing agency. DR Marketing Group is focused on developing and implementing brand integration and direct-to-consumer strategies.  With core competencies in direct response television production, branded entertainment, online & mobile marketing, and product distribution, DR Marketing Group groups is able to respond quickly and efficiently in order to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Currently, the DR Marketing Group at O2 Media™ is working on campaigns for brands whose products offer some sort of ‘healthy’ advantage or alternative.  Products such as vitamin supplements have been featured by DR Marketing Group and even glass products that offer the durability of plastic in order to follow the health trend of avoiding BPAs.

DR Marketing Group offers clients a highly experienced campaign management team that has run campaigns that have grossed billions. DR Marketing Group has an award-winning production staff and consumer products & packaging services division spearheaded by a leader in the consumer products space for over 30 years.  DR Marketing Group provides detailed strategic planning & consulting to some of the industries top decision makers.

“Direct Response is still an incredible marketing and sales tool and we are starting to see a trend in products that offer healthy benefits & healthy alternatives.  The products are new, innovative and should do very well with the DR Campaigns we are developing and initiating for them,” says Doug Campbell, Executive VP of Programming and Founder of O2 Media™.

If your company offers products or services that provide healthy advantages or alternatives to consumers, Direct Response may be the perfect platform for it in today’s marketing environment.  The trends speak for themselves and O2 Media™ and DR Marketing Group are ready to help you.

To get more information about O2 Media™ and the DR Marketing Group, send your inquiries to: Brandutainment@o2mediainc.com

DR Marketing Group, based in Pompano Beach Florida, is a wholly owned subsidiary of O2 Media Inc, and the sister company of Quorum Productions Inc., BrandStar Entertainment and O2 Production Studios Inc.  DR Marketing Group is a turnkey marketing agency focused on developing and implementing brand integration strategies. With core competencies in direct response (DR) television production, branded entertainment, online & mobile marketing, and product distribution, DR Marketing Group is able to respond quickly and efficiently in order to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive marketplace. For more information about DR Marketing Group, please visit www.drmarketing.com or contact Christopher Seega, Vice President of Brand Development and Marketing, at 954-691-1102.

DR Marketing Group on Lifetime with Diversified Trading Institute

DR Marketing Group

DR Marketing Group

The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries. Joining the show was Diversified Trading Institute to discuss trading stocks.

DR Marketing Group: Whether investing for retirement through a 401K or dabbling in penny stocks, the public is fascinated by the influence the stock market has on our world economy. Trading in the stock market can be a very risky, complicated job.

DTI:  Diversified Trading Institute’s Trader’s Edge educates not only active investors and traders, but also people who have been interested in the market but never knew how to get started.

DR Marketing Group: It’s perfect for traders of all levels.

DTI:  Trader’s Edge provides a powerful educational experience that market enthusiasts will benefit from and be able to use immediately.  Trader’s Edge is based on the reality of the market and over 50 years of combines experience.

DR Marketing Group: Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader, Trader’s Edge provides guidance and instructional expertise needed to become a better trader from the short and long term.

DTI:  I’m going to tell you how you can get your edge on the stock market in an understandable way with DTI’s Trader’s Edge, 7 strategies for profitable trading. Whether on a website or online, DTI gives a comprehensive education in training not just in the U.S. markets, but in global markets as well.

DR Marketing Group: Their success is based on their experience and their methodology and the numbers prove it. Diversified Trading Institute has successfully trained thousands of traders and investors around the globe. Joining me is DTI founder and creator of Trader’s Edge – 7 Strategies for Profitable Trading, Tom Busby. How did you get started?

DTI:  Well, when I first got started I didn’t know the difference between a commodity or a stock.  Just like so many people, what I said “Hey, let me learn”, and so by educating myself I got better.  It used to take real tragic news for a stock to plummet, but now if they miss by a quarter in a quarter then stocks can get trampled, so we’re really trading on volatility, which is what is in Trader’s Edge is the way to go.

DR Marketing Group: You’re hitting a key point – news will drive the market, it will drive the big market, it will drive the small market.  So if you understand news, and we do that in Trader’s Edge, if you understand what to do when news events occur, then you’ll understand how to make money when those events occur, so what you have got to do is you just got to continue to educate yourself.

DTI:  There are lots of key ingredients that go into this, and I’ve seen it inside your books and I’ve seen it on TV, time of day, key numbers and road map indicators.

DR Marketing Group: Let’s talk about time of day because I couldn’t imagine that the average person would know the time of day could mean so much in trading on the stock markets.

DTI:  Just think about one thing that’s a common characteristic of all of us – we like to eat.  Well, we call it lunch time in America, when does it start?  Eleven o’clock central time. When does it end? One o’clock central time, so if you know that, you know the market volume is going to die down, that’s a natural thing, you know not to pay too much attention to what’s going on because a real trend is not going to resurface until we get to one o’clock central time, and then you go on what I call the California market.

DR Marketing Group: And then you’ve got people all over the country who are doing that for breakfast lunch and dinner?

DTI:  We developed a chat room and this chat room is open 24 hours a day, we got people from all over the world participating in this.

DR Marketing Group: I think that is what is so unique about this is how people get to interact with one of America’s best traders literally at their fingertips.

DTI:  I might not have all the answers, but I’ll tell you this – we’re going to give our best effort and what we’re going to do is try to stay there with the student and take them through those different levels where he can achieve his goals.

DR Marketing Group: And your website, I’ve got to give you admiration for this, it shows every trade, every day just about real time.

DTI:  You know, people are always concerned “how much money are you making”, I say don’t be concerned about how much money your making, be concerned about the risks that you’re going to take in the trade. If you worry about the risk, the rewards will take care of themselves.

DR Marketing Group: That is great stuff. Tell us more about Trader’s Edge.

DTI:  What we try to do at DTI, we take you and we’ll teach you these steps, you’ve got to understand the code of the market.  You can’t have any chance of success unless you understand that code, and through the Trader’s Edge here, we’re going to go through that step by step to give you that overview that allows you to succeed.

DR Marketing Group: This collection is simple and easy to follow, anyone can benefit from it regardless of their current knowledge of the stock market, and when it is followed it can truly work.

Marketing agency DR Marketing Group is located in Pompano Beach Florida and offers turnkey brand integration strategies. The team at DR Marketing Group specializes in direct response television production, branded entertainment, online & mobile marketing, and product distribution. For more information about DR Marketing Group, visit them online at www.drmarketing.com or call 954-691-1102.


Dr. Pierre Bennett Stresses Following God’s Word

Dr. Pierre Bennett

Dr. Pierre Bennett

Interviewing Experts recently spoke with Dr. Pierre Bennett about how he feels that the world, as a whole, can learn to work together to fulfill God’s plan for us all.

Interviewing Experts: Good morning, Dr. Pierre Bennett. We thank you for taking this time out of your busy schedule to be with us today.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: I appreciate you asking me. God does have a way of opening up opportunities to spread His word doesn’t He?

Interviewing Experts: Yes, indeed. Can you tell us exactly what you think people can do to live more harmoniously?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: I always refer back to Joshua. You see, God told Joshua he could take the city of Jericho if he followed a specific set of instructions. Joshua, without question, did as God told him.

Interviewing Experts: And the city’s wall fell, yes?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: That’s right. Because Joshua had the courage to be obedient and follow God’s word without question, he was able to achieve his goal. I think that if we all followed this example  we could all achieve our goals individually and learn to live together peacefully.

Interviewing Experts: For our readers’ benefit can you please explain a bit more about the story of Joshua?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Well, God told Joshua to take the city of Jericho. Jericho was a virtually impenetrable fortress and Joshua only had a few men. Then God directed Joshua and his men basically into an army formation  with the Ark of the Covenant in the center In carrying the Ark the priests carried around the physical symbol of  the essence,  power, and Spirit of God.

Interviewing Experts: For somebody actually there it must have looked like a great marching band.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: That’s right, with the Spirit of God right smack in the middle.

Interviewing Experts: And God had specific instructions too…

Dr. Pierre Bennett: He had a specific instruction for them to march around Jericho seven times. A lot of times we get lax in following instructions. We don’t pay attention to the details. But when God is giving you something very specific it is because He wants you to follow it to the letter.

Interviewing Experts: We wonder how many people in the natural would have said, “I’m not marching around that place seven times. That’s crazy.”

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Amen. Many people would’ve gone around one or two times but then would’ve found a bush to duck behind. They would’ve said something about their feet hurt or they had a tummy ache. They might say they overslept and were too tired to keep on.

Interviewing Experts: Many people would’ve gotten stuck at the Jordan…

Dr. Pierre Bennett: They were in the specific formation that God had said. He also instructed the people to stay completely silent while the priests blew the horns. In other words, don’t shout until the seventh time. How many people would’ve followed that one?

Interviewing Experts: Very few… Seven times. That is very specific instruction.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: God knows what he’s doing. Think about it. In order for you to get to this interview this morning you had to get in your car and drive. You had to follow a specific set of instructions. This place is a little tricky to find. Without the instructions, the directions, you might not have made it.

Interviewing Experts: So what you are saying is that if you don’t pay attention to the specific instructions you can miss the mark for the destination you’re supposed to arrive at, right?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: That is exactly what I’m saying. But my main point is that if everybody in the world would just listen to God, we could each win our own individual battles and conquer our individual fears. And when people no longer have to live with fear, there can be peace.

Interviewing Experts: That makes perfect sense.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: You have to go just on faith. You follow me?

Interviewing Experts: Yes, sir! Well, Dr. Bennett we’re afraid that we’re out of time for the day but we really appreciate you taking this opportunity with us.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Thank you for having me.

Dr. Pierre Bennett is the Pastor of God’s Luv International Ministries Church.  Meetings are held at the Reston Community Center Lake Anne, 1609-A Washington Plaza, Reston, VA 20191.

Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD: What to Know Before You Start a Urology Residency

Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD

Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD

Before creating his revolutionary penile implant procedure, Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD served residencies in Australia and Florida. During college, Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD also participated in an exchange program that allowed him to work in Africa for a time. Currently, Dr. Perito trains 2 to 8 urologists a month in the Minimally Invasive Penile Implant, an implant procedure he patented over 6 years ago.  Today, Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD explains the various choices for young students interested in pursuing a career in urology.

Q: Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD, as founder of Perito Urology, what advice do you have for students struggling to decide which residency program to choose?

Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD: Today’s students are lucky in that they can do online research on various residency programs before making a choice. The first thing a student should do is evaluate the curriculum of the residency program he or she is considering. Will you get the training you’ll need to continue into a career in urology? The more variety, the better. You’ll need to be exposed to several fields of urology to be able to diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions over the course of your career.

Q: How many different fields of urology are there, Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD?

Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD: That’s a good question. There are urologists who specialize in pediatrics, oncology (cancer), renal transplants, and infertility in male patients, urinary tract stones, female urological conditions, urinary incontinence and impotence.

Q: Aside from the clinical materials, Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD, what else should students consider when interviewing for a residency?

Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD: The nature of the residency is important, of course. Will the residents be able to attend conferences and workshops to further their knowledge? Will the residents be active in publishing?

Q: Exposure to different subspecialties is important in a residency…

Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD: Absolutely. In fact, students considering a residency should research the background of the involved faculty. Are these experienced professionals in various areas of urology? And will the faculty be large enough in number to be able to give each student the case-load and case variation necessary to be considered properly trained?  Very few programs in the United States lack in this area.

Q: Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD, what should a student look for in the hospital or learning institution where he or she decides to complete a residency?

Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD: Research is important. Is the facility attempting to find new ways to implement old methodologies? A faculty that is always eager to learn and push the boundaries provides a great example for students. Does the facility have updated equipment? A student will need to make sure he or she is getting experience that will translate to today’s world of medicine.

Q: How many interviews should a student attempt before settling on a choice for a residency?

Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD: That’s an individual choice, but it’s important that each student find a facility that shares his or her goals and temperament. That right fit can be hard to find, but it’s well worth going on as many interviews as possible to find that perfect fit.


Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD is the founder of Perito Urology and the Chairman of Urology at Coral Gables Hospital in Florida. To contact Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD, go online to www.peritourology.com

The information contained in this article is provided by Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD for educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition.

Erectile Dysfunction Expert Dr. Paul E. Perito Says That Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Are Discrete and Customizable to the Patient

Dr. Paul E. Perito

Dr. Paul E. Perito

In a recent interview with Interviewing Experts Blog, Dr. Paul E. Perito spoke candidly about the embarrassing side effects of erectile dysfunction and how penile implants can help.

Interviewing Experts: What type of procedure do you use when you perform a penile implant?

Dr. Paul E. Perito: The implant procedure that I have created is slightly different from ones done in the past. It’s an approach through the area just above the penis called the infrapubic area. And we call it the minimally invasive penile prosthesis, because in 10 min. the entire device can be put inside the body.

Interviewing Experts: So you can’t see anything?

Dr. Paul E. Perito: The entire implant is hidden inside the penis and scrotum. There are the cylinders that fill with saline. The pump goes inside of the scrotum. There’s a third part that I never describe because it’s inconsequential to patient, but that’s the reservoir that allows fluid to go out to the cylinders.

Interviewing Experts: So what does the implant do?

Dr. Paul E. Perito: It re-creates exactly what the patient used to have. Before, when he wanted to have sex, blood would fill the cylinders of the penis, called the corpora cavernosa. In this case saline fills the cylinders. When you want to have sex you pump the pump that is in the scrotum and it fills the cylinders.

Interviewing Experts: So it looks like a natural erection?

Dr. Paul E. Perito: These implants are the most physiologic replication of an erection. When you are done, there is a deflate mechanism and you squeeze and it allows all the fluid to go back into the reservoir.

Interviewing Experts: What does impotence do to the body; specifically to the penis?

Dr. Paul E. Perito: The one thing that you need to know is that the longer you remain impotent without treating yourself, the shorter the penis becomes. And there’s been excellent papers written where we render a guy impotent in a single day with a radical prostatectomy. You take his prostate out and he is rendered impotent in one day and then we follow his penis length in a process called the penile stretch test. A patient can lose anywhere from .5 to 5 cm every 14 months, that is one of the most reliable papers that I’ve seen.

Interviewing Experts: That is a significant loss in length.

Dr. Paul E. Perito: Yes it is. When I take patient measurements at the initial penile stretch test and I will tell them, “this is what you’ve got.”  Then I’ll push their penis up against the pubic bone and I will tell them, “If you wait another year, this is where you will be.”

Interviewing Experts: Is there way to stop the diminishing effects of erectile dysfunction?

Dr. Paul E. Perito: Truly you need to initiate some form of therapy if you are concerned about penile length as soon as erectile dysfunction occurs.

Interviewing Experts: Now are the implants one-size-fits-all?

Dr. Paul E. Perito: No they are not. They can vary considerably in size.

Interviewing Experts: So once you measure the length that is how you decide what size of implant to use?

Dr. Paul E. Perito: Intra-operatively, we measure the length with a device called a Furlow. And with every guy you give them back exactly what they have at that moment.

Interviewing Experts: Will all men retain the same length?

Dr. Paul E. Perito: I just wrote a paper that showed that 75% of men will have the same length postoperatively as they did prior to the procedure. So there is a predictive index that we can utilize.

Interviewing Experts: And this is sometimes covered by insurance?

Dr. Paul E. Perito: Medicare pays for penile implant because the penis is a functioning organ. Studies have shown that ongoing intimacy does indeed lead to a longer, healthier life.  Medicare pays for it, private insurance pays for it, and some HMOs pay for it. Often times it depends upon the cause of the impotence.

Interviewing Experts: Very informative, thank you very much.

Dr. Paul E. Perito: You are welcome.


Dr. Paul E. Perito graduated the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine in 1988. His Coral Gables, Florida, urology center, Perito Urology, draws patients from around the globe for its innovative and updated Erectile Dysfunction treatments. Having successfully performed over 3,000 penile implants since 2005, Dr. Paul E. Perito is considered a leader in the field. His signature minimally invasive technique, The Perito Approach, has been taught to surgeons worldwide through travel and at Coral Gables Hospital, where he is Director of Urology. Dr. Paul E Perito is has participated in countless medical studies in his quest to simplify the penile implant process and make the procedure safer for his patients.

The information contained in this article is provided by Dr. Paul E. Perito for educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition.

Interview with Dr. Paul Perito: The Efficacy of Minimally Invasive Penile Implantation

Dr. Paul Perito

Dr. Paul Perito

Interviewing-Experts Blog recently had the opportunity to speak with renowned Erectile Dysfunction expert, Dr. Paul Perito, about the importance of utilizing a minimally invasive technique when performing a penile implant.

Interviewing-Experts: Good morning, Dr. Paul Perito. Thank you for speaking with us today about such an important topic.

Dr. Paul Perito: Certainly. Men’s health is a subject often ignored. I appreciate the opportunity.

Interviewing-Experts: So, please tell us a little about what makes your technique different from previous procedures.

Dr. Paul Perito: There are several key differences. I do not use a Foley catheter since I do not drain the bladder. I limit my dilatation, ensure that the reservoir is behind the transversalis fascia, use an artificial erection at the beginning of the procedure, and finally, there’s the use of a drain. My approach is infra-pubic, and as minimally invasive as possible. I think there are nuances that make it better than prior procedure techniques.

Interviewing-Experts: What kind of results have you seen from these differences?

Dr. Paul Perito: Our results have been good. Our infection rate was only .91% in the last 1,000 procedures.

Interviewing-Experts: That sounds very promising.

Dr. Paul Perito: Aside from that, there were only 2 distal urethra injuries, which were repaired primarily at the time of the procedure and two scrotal hematomas that were evacuated.

Interviewing-Experts: What do you consider the greatest measure of success for this procedure?

Dr. Paul Perito: How quickly my patients have gotten back to normal sexual function.

Interviewing-Experts: That’s certainly important.

Dr. Paul Perito: Yes, it is. 82% of patients were back to normal function within four weeks; the rest by six weeks.

Interviewing-Experts: Very interesting.

Dr. Paul Perito: These results tell me that the procedure is efficacious, expedient and safe.

Interviewing-Experts: How do you know what size to make the penis with the implant? Is there a way to gauge a patient’s natural penis size?

Dr. Paul Perito: Yes, there is. First, it’s important to know that when you render a man impotent, say with a radical prostatectomy, over the course of the next 14 months he’ll lose anywhere from .5 to 5 cm in length.  I use a penile stretch test to educate patients on what they can realistically expect postoperatively.

Interviewing-Experts: How did you conclude that the stretch test was the best predictive index for length?

Dr. Paul Perito: What I did was took 53 patients and measured their artificial erections, their penile stretch test and finally what they had at the end of the procedure. And, not surprisingly to me, the best predictive Index was the penile stretch test. So now when a patient comes into office and they want a penile implant, I’ll do the penile stretch test and tell them that 72% of the time, this is what they are going to have postoperatively, and if they don’t like that, they should probably not get a penile implant.

Interviewing-Experts: Sound advice, indeed.

Dr. Paul Perito: Additionally, since my procedure does not use a Scott retractor, the cost is reduced. My penile pack costs $72 to the hospital, and these days cutting cost is essential.

Interviewing-Experts: Absolutely. Well, Dr. Perito, we look forward to hearing more about this procedure in the future, and again thank you for taking the time out of your surgery and training schedule to speak with us today.

Dr. Paul Perito: You’re welcome.



Dr. Paul Perito is a 1988 graduate of the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine. His practice, Perito Urology, is considered one of the foremost Erectile Dysfunction treatments centers in the world. Since 2005, Dr. Paul Perito has successfully performed more than 3,000 penile implants, establishing him as a leader in the field. He has streamlined the procedure, making it not only more efficient, but safer, by the development and actualization of a minimally invasive approach. Aside from contributing extensively to medical publication libraries, Dr. Paul Perito heads the training center at Perito Urology where his technique is taught to an audience of surgeons from across the globe.

The information contained in this article is provided by Dr. Paul Perito for educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition.

Dr. Naveed Fazlani Discusses the Dangers of High Blood Pressure

Dr. Naveed Fazlani

Dr. Naveed Fazlani

Dr. Naveed Fazlani was named 2004 Physician of the Year by Mercy Hospital Mt. Airy for a reason. Loyal patients say that Dr. Naveed Fazlani’s concern for his patients is superior to others in his field. At his private practice in Mt. Healthy, Ohio, Dr. Naveed Fazlani demonstrates a special interest in high blood pressure, a growing concern with the baby boomer generation.

Also called hypertension, Dr. Naveed Fazlani says high blood pressure affects about one-third of Americans. One-fourth of adults in the U.S. have pre-hypertension, adds Dr. Naveed Fazlani, which is a dangerous precursor to high blood pressure where a patient’s numbers are close to the range for hypertension. [Read more…]