September 21, 2018

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Mark Zokle on Working from the Beach

It might sound too good to be true, but sales and marketing expert Mark Zokle says working from the beach (or the boat, mountains, or other vacation destination) is possible with a little pre-planning and diligence. Here, Mark Zokle discusses how to make this dream a reality. Interviewing Experts: This morning, we welcome Mark Zokle. […]

APSU Former Head Coach Gary McClure Recalls 2013 Indiana Regionals vs. Florida

Gary McClure has never been one to back down from a challenge. So when his team, the Austin Peay State University Governors, was selected to open the 2013 NCAA Tournament against Florida, the veteran baseball coach didn’t back down. In the following interview, Gary McClure recalls the events leading up to that monumental game. Interviewing […]

Bath Planet Walk-in Tubs a Value for Homeowners of all Ages

Bath Planet is one of the nation’s leading providers of high-quality bath and shower systems and says walk-in tubs are a popular product. Here, a representative from Bath Planet discusses the benefits and features of the company’s jetted walk-in baths. Q: Good morning. Thanks for taking time out to talk with us. Bath Planet: You’re […]

Car Enthusiast Bobby Price on the 1970 Chevelle SS

Bobby Price is an avid classic car collector and owner of Price’s Collision Centers, a chain of high-quality auto body and frame repair shops throughout Tennessee and Kentucky. In the following Q&A we caught up with him to learn more about one of his favorite models, the 1970 classic Chevelle Super Sport. Interviewing Experts: Thank […]

Edmond Dentist Dr. Damon R. Johnson, DDS Explains the Link between Oral Health and Overall Health

Gum infections can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other health conditions, according to Dr. Damon R. Johnson. Here, the Edmond dentist opens up about why cavities aren’t the only issue that can arise from poor oral hygiene. Interviewing Experts: Before we begin we wanted to thank you, Dr. Johnson, for taking your valuable time […]

Fred Wehba | God’s Presence a Gift

Does God change lives? This question and more is answered here by Fred Wehba, who believes that God’s gifts should never be hidden but shared with all. Q: Thank you for taking time out to chat with us today. Fred Wehba: It’s always a pleasure. Q: It seems as though you are one of the […]

Q & A with Dentist Professionals: Your Mouth’s First Line of Defense

Dental sealants are a hybrid plastic material used to protect the back teeth from the effects of decay. Here, a panel of dentist professionals answer questions regarding dental sealants and offers information on how to avoid decay in the first place. Q: Can you explain why dental sealants are important? Isn’t brushing and flossing enough […]

Q & A with Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Chief Athletic Advisor Tim Brown Introduced to Hall of Fame

Tim Brown, Heisman Trophy winner and former Los Angeles Raider, was enshrined at the Football Hall of Fame in January 2015. Here, Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, answers questions about the career of YOR Health’s Chief Athletic Advisor. Q: What are some notable career highlights for Brown? Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Tim’s whole career is […]

Cavities and You | A One on One with Damon R. Johnson, DDS

Damon R. Johnson, DDS Dental Excellence is a leading provider of general and cosmetic dental services in the Edmond, Oklahoma, area. Today, we speak with founder and namesake Damon R. Johnson, DDS. Q: Dr. Johnson, we are so pleased you could be here today. Edmond Dentist Damon R. Johnson, DDS: It’s my pleasure, any time. […]

Utah-based Haven Health Group’s Stephen Edward Samuelian on Senior Care Options

As our parents age, many of us are left wondering how we are going to care for them. Here, Stephen Edward Samuelian opens up about senior care options and highlights major differences in skilled nursing and nursing home facilities. IE: Thanks for joining us today. Stephen Edward Samuelian: My pleasure… I am always happy to […]

Garrett Hoelscher Advises Whole Food is Best

Stick with non-processed foods and feel better. Breads, cereals, and crackers, says Garrett Hoelscher, should be limited or removed from the human diet. Here, the fitness enthusiast and financial analyst explains how whole foods are better for the body.

Interviewing Experts: Good morning, Garrett Hoelscher, and thank you for speaking with us today.

Stephen Samuelian: Skilled Nursing More Than Just Day-To-Day Care

Skilled nursing care and assisted living are often confused with one another. However, according to today’s guest, Stephen Samuelian, the two are very different. Interviewing Experts: Good morning and thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. Stephen Samuelian: I’m glad to do it. Interviewing Experts: So, tell us, what is the […]

Characteristics of a Productive Working Environment

Think about this, if two managers are equally good with their skills but only one is a team player, who will the boss hire or promote? The answer is obvious. Employers do not only want professional expertise and experience in their employees, they are also looking for other qualities: character traits for building rapports with […]

Maternity Leave Serves as Major Topic of Discussion Among U.S. Workers

According to the International Labor Organization of the United Nations, the United States is currently the only country in the developed world without paid maternity leave as mandated by the government. In most cases, paid maternity leave is included as part of Social Security programs so that companies are not forced to bear the cost. […]