April 11, 2021

Job Interview Coming Up? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

It’s a tough job market out there, as you probably already know. Too many people looking and not enough positions to go around, meaning you have to bring your best game when an interview does come up. Everyone knows the obvious stuff – be confident, rested, well-groomed, alert, polite – but there’s more to it than just that. Think you’re a veteran of job interviews? Read on.

  • Do your homework – Learn a little about the company you’re about to interview with. What kind of path are they on? What’s their history? How have the last few quarters been for them? Who are their competitors? What’s their mission statement? Think about what strengths there are in your resumé that might have given them the impetus to call you in for an interview, and possibly role-play an interview scenario with a friend beforehand.
  • Watch the Details – Don’t overdress (a suit isn’t necessary for a non-office job), but be neat and well-groomed. Come in ten to fifteen minutes earlier than your interview time, and duck into a restroom quickly to check your appearance one last time. Depending on the position you’re applying for , you might want to bring charts, reports or other infographics on any projects you have worked on and you think may come up in the interview.
  • Be aware of first impressions – Remember that first impressions go very far, and are hard to change. Be aware of things like body language – don’t fold your arms, cover your mouth, scratch your ear or nose, or look away; these things come across as evasive and/or defensive. Smile often and show a sense of humor, but don’t tell a joke; you want to be warm and relaxed, but not flippant or goofy. Do NOT talk about politics or current events, and if your interviewer brings up any such issues, don’t take the bait. Sit up straight and don’t slouch (although it’s okay to lean forward a little as you tune in on what the interviewer is saying). If you get the idea you’re talking too much, you probably are. Err on the side of your own better judgment.
  • Stay Positive – Do not go in and complain about your last job or your last boss. It seems pretty obvious, but this is a pretty common mistake at interviews. Nobody wants to hear it (do you want to date someone who complains about their ex constantly?) and nobody wants to hire a disgruntled worker. On the other hand, don’t oversell yourself either, because potential employers can see right through that.
  • Be Ready for the Usual Questions – They are an interviewer’s way of not only sizing you up for the job, but also to build a profile of you as a person. Remember to keep answers succinct and to the point; interviewers don’t want to hear your life story. What do you consider your strengths? What do you consider your weaknesses? Why do you want to work here? These are all routine questions at practically any interview. Think about them in advance and think about how you’re going to respond, but don’t come across as arrogant or boastful.
  • Be Honest – Lying or fudging at a job interview might work, or it might not. But even if it does and you get the job, you can easily find yourself in over your head. With some skills and some jobs, you can “fake it ‘til you make it,” but others you most definitely cannot.
  • Ask Questions – That’s where the homework you’ve done before the interview comes into play. Find out about the challenges of the job and the specifics of your responsibilities. Where can the job take you? What will you need to advance? What are your department’s goals? Asking the right questions shows that you’re engaged and committed and genuinely interested in the job.

With this information in hand, you’ll be prepared well the next time you’re called to come in for an interview.

God’s Luv International Ministries Church: Getting Stuck and Giving Up

God's Luv International Ministries Church

God's Luv International Ministries Church

God’s Luv International Ministries Church’s Dr. Pierre Bennett has learned the value of perseverance over the years, through a term in the military The founder of God’s Luv International Ministries Church succeeded through turbulent economic times and continues to succeed today.

The God’s Luv International Ministries Church pastor took time out of his busy schedule to speak to Interviewing Experts about how he helps his God’s Luv International Ministries Church members to progress to the next level in their spiritual journey.

Interviewing Experts: In listening to a recent God’s Luv International Ministries Church sermon, you cleared up one misconception I’ve had—that once someone is saved, there’s no way he or she can get stuck in his or her spiritual journey.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: As I regularly tell my congregation at God’s Luv International Ministries Church, it’s all about casting away those old thoughts and beliefs that are holding us back in our journey.

Interviewing Experts: But as you said in your sermon at God’s Luv International Ministries Church, it’s important for followers to keep trying and working at it, even when it becomes difficult.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Especially when it becomes difficult. The alternative to continuing to try is to stay stuck, and that’s no alternative at all.

Interviewing Experts: What happens when someone stays stuck?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: You see it all the time—at God’s Luv International Ministries Church and at churches all over this great country of ours. There are people who get stuck and stay stuck. They attend church every Sunday, all their lives, and never quite get to the promise.

Interviewing Experts: But how could that happen?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Easy. As the God’s Luv International Ministries Church members here will attest, some people accept Jesus as their Savior, but they never quite turn everything over to him. They can’t let go of all that old junk that is tying them to their worldly selves.

Interviewing Experts: Because they want to continue living in sin?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Sin, a vision of what a person thinks they want their life to be—it can vary from person to person. What we’ve found at God’s Luv International Ministries Church is that unless someone lets go of all of those worldly things and gives it over to God, they’ll remain stuck.

Interviewing Experts: But even after your congregation members at God’s Luv International Ministries Church have reached that level of enlightenment, there still will be bumps in the road, right?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Trials and tribulations are a part of life. I tell my brothers and sisters at God’s Luv International Ministries Church to expect them. These  tests, great and small, serve to strengthen you in your faith and make you a better person. Many of those tests come from the enemy, but He will be there to protect you and get you through it.

Interviewing Experts: We hear a lot about “backsliding believers.” How do you prepare your congregation at God’s Luv International Ministries Church for that?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: I use the example of using profanity. Some of my God’s Luv International Ministries Church members have vowed to kick that habit, but of course, that doesn’t mean they’ll never slip up. But there may come a day when you feel a heavy temptation to cuss again. I urge my members at God’s Luv International Ministries Church to prepare for it and pray their way through it. He can move you past that temptation and onto the next level, if only you’ll turn it over to Him.

For more information about God’s Luv International Ministries Church, please call (703) 395-1430.

Steven Delarge: Tips for a Great Job Interview

Steven Delarge

Steven Delarge

Steven Delarge has years of experience, both as a CEO and CFO. Most recently, he served as president of Silicones & Quartz for Momentive Performance Materials. One of the most important duties of an executive is interviewing potential job candidates. Steven Delarge gives job interview tips to job seekers to help land that dream job.

  • Do your research. Steven Delarge was surprised at how rarely a candidate looked into a company before the interview. Today’s interviewee can find a fair amount of information on any company with just a basic web search. Because of this, Steven Delarge recommends a job candidate set him or herself apart from the crowd by going beyond the basic web search. Ask around and visit the library or local chamber of commerce to get as much information as possible about a company before you show up for the interview, according to Steven Delarge.
  • Cite specific examples. Many of today’s successful interview questions pose questions such as, “Describe a time when you took a difficult situation and turned it around.” Steven Delarge explains the reasoning behind that. Quite a bit can be learned by hearing real-life experiences from a candidate. Answer even basic questions with examples from your past work experience.
  • Be direct. Answer each question with a straightforward, honest response, Steven Delarge advises. An interviewer knows when an interviewee is being evasive. Steven Delarge finds it far more impressive when an interviewee simply looks him in the eye and states, “I don’t have any experience in that.” Sometimes an interviewee who shows ambition and a strong work ethic will be hired even though he or she doesn’t have the desired experience.
  • Dress appropriately. This seems like it should be a given, but Steven Delarge has found today’s job candidates don’t always follow the tried and true. No matter what the job, Steven Delarge advises playing it safe by dressing conservatively from head to toe. This includes toned-down nail polish and covered-up tattoos. Any odd body piercings should be removed as well. A suit is always a safe bet, but be sure your suit doesn’t look dated. Too many candidates save the same suit for decades, pulling it out only when it’s time to look for a job. A good, modern suit will be an investment that pays back when you land that great-paying job, Steven Delarge adds.

These tough economic times have made the job market more competitive than ever, but by following the basic rules of professionalism, Steven Delarge believes anyone can find the perfect job.

Apostle Pierre Bennett: Praying for One Another

Apostle Pierre Bennett

Apostle Pierre Bennett

Apostle Pierre Bennett has lived a life full of ups and downs, on his path to find true righteousness. While in church with his grandmother as a child, Apostle Pierre Bennett was first introduced to the Word, but it wasn’t until 2008 that Apostle Pierre Bennett was inspired to found God’s Luv International Ministries Church.

According to Apostle Pierre Bennett, it’s easier to believe God will work miracles when you pray for a complete stranger. Apostle Pierre Bennett says that when we pray for someone we know, we have our emotions attached to it.  When we pray for people we don’t know, it can be even more powerful than when we pray for ourselves.

Apostle Pierre Bennett   says we are to pray for each other. We often pray more passionately for someone else than we do for ourselves.  That’s because when we pray for others, our own human intellect and feelings don’t get in the way, as they do when we pray for ourselves.    Apostle Pierre Bennett encourages his congregation to have prayer partners. You pray for each other, in addition to praying together for certain blessings. The Bible says one can chase a thousand, but two can put ten thousand to flight, Apostle Pierre Bennett quotes from Deuteronomy 32:30. That means the prayer of two is more powerful than the prayer of just one.

Praying together also helps keep the enemy at bay, according to Apostle Pierre Bennett. Once you’ve prayed together, you’ve agreed and trusted together in it. If one person’s faith gets shaky, the other is there to carry forward. Apostle Pierre Bennett uses the example of people who know something is bothering them but can’t seem to say it. The enemy is holding their tongue, Apostle Pierre Bennett says, because the enemy doesn’t want them to heal. The enemy knows once you are healed you may be ready to move to the next level spiritually. So, Apostle Pierre Bennett continues, by confessing it, you can defeat the enemy.

Pray to God to give you the healing you need, Apostle Pierre Bennett advises. Pray to be delivered and strengthened so you can move past the pain. If God can strengthen you, that particular thing will stop being a weakness and you’ll move forward from it, according to Apostle Pierre Bennett.

But you have to have faith, Apostle Pierre Bennett states. Your faith in God’s power may not be as strong as it should be at that time, but by praying with someone else, together you’ll be able to find the faith you need, at every level.

Dr. Pierre Bennett Stresses Following God’s Word

Dr. Pierre Bennett

Dr. Pierre Bennett

Interviewing Experts recently spoke with Dr. Pierre Bennett about how he feels that the world, as a whole, can learn to work together to fulfill God’s plan for us all.

Interviewing Experts: Good morning, Dr. Pierre Bennett. We thank you for taking this time out of your busy schedule to be with us today.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: I appreciate you asking me. God does have a way of opening up opportunities to spread His word doesn’t He?

Interviewing Experts: Yes, indeed. Can you tell us exactly what you think people can do to live more harmoniously?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: I always refer back to Joshua. You see, God told Joshua he could take the city of Jericho if he followed a specific set of instructions. Joshua, without question, did as God told him.

Interviewing Experts: And the city’s wall fell, yes?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: That’s right. Because Joshua had the courage to be obedient and follow God’s word without question, he was able to achieve his goal. I think that if we all followed this example  we could all achieve our goals individually and learn to live together peacefully.

Interviewing Experts: For our readers’ benefit can you please explain a bit more about the story of Joshua?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Well, God told Joshua to take the city of Jericho. Jericho was a virtually impenetrable fortress and Joshua only had a few men. Then God directed Joshua and his men basically into an army formation  with the Ark of the Covenant in the center In carrying the Ark the priests carried around the physical symbol of  the essence,  power, and Spirit of God.

Interviewing Experts: For somebody actually there it must have looked like a great marching band.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: That’s right, with the Spirit of God right smack in the middle.

Interviewing Experts: And God had specific instructions too…

Dr. Pierre Bennett: He had a specific instruction for them to march around Jericho seven times. A lot of times we get lax in following instructions. We don’t pay attention to the details. But when God is giving you something very specific it is because He wants you to follow it to the letter.

Interviewing Experts: We wonder how many people in the natural would have said, “I’m not marching around that place seven times. That’s crazy.”

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Amen. Many people would’ve gone around one or two times but then would’ve found a bush to duck behind. They would’ve said something about their feet hurt or they had a tummy ache. They might say they overslept and were too tired to keep on.

Interviewing Experts: Many people would’ve gotten stuck at the Jordan…

Dr. Pierre Bennett: They were in the specific formation that God had said. He also instructed the people to stay completely silent while the priests blew the horns. In other words, don’t shout until the seventh time. How many people would’ve followed that one?

Interviewing Experts: Very few… Seven times. That is very specific instruction.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: God knows what he’s doing. Think about it. In order for you to get to this interview this morning you had to get in your car and drive. You had to follow a specific set of instructions. This place is a little tricky to find. Without the instructions, the directions, you might not have made it.

Interviewing Experts: So what you are saying is that if you don’t pay attention to the specific instructions you can miss the mark for the destination you’re supposed to arrive at, right?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: That is exactly what I’m saying. But my main point is that if everybody in the world would just listen to God, we could each win our own individual battles and conquer our individual fears. And when people no longer have to live with fear, there can be peace.

Interviewing Experts: That makes perfect sense.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: You have to go just on faith. You follow me?

Interviewing Experts: Yes, sir! Well, Dr. Bennett we’re afraid that we’re out of time for the day but we really appreciate you taking this opportunity with us.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Thank you for having me.

Dr. Pierre Bennett is the Pastor of God’s Luv International Ministries Church.  Meetings are held at the Reston Community Center Lake Anne, 1609-A Washington Plaza, Reston, VA 20191.

Pastor Pierre Bennett: Learning to Practice the Fruits of the Spirit

Pastor Pierre Bennett

Pastor Pierre Bennett

Pastor Pierre Bennett is the founder of LifeSource Foundation, an organization that helps families in need. The organization, which fosters Pastor Pierre Bennett’s mission to create a worldwide ministry of care, that is committed to academic enrichment, prevention  and intervention programs that reverse the impact of unhealthy lifestyles to those in need.

Pastor Pierre Bennett urges his congregation at God’s Luv International Ministries Church to be good, faithful and gentle, and to practice self-control, even when they don’t feel like it. This, Pastor Pierre Bennett insists, will help them walk in the true power of God’s love.

Goodness, Pastor Pierre Bennett says, means doing the right thing all the time. If you are good, you are promoting love, Pastor Pierre Bennett believes.

By faithfulness, Pastor Pierre Bennett means you must remain faithful to people even when they aren’t returning that same faithfulness. By being faithful in love to those whose paths you cross, you are acting as an angel of God, Dr. Bennett tells his congregation. While people may not return that faithfulness right away, in time it will click for them if they are meant to follow a path that leads to God.

In being gentle, Pastor Pierre Bennett means you should reply with   kindness, even when someone is shouting and cursing in your presence. It also means practicing self-control. According to Pastor Pierre Bennett, when you hold back those feelings of anger–even when someone is trying to start a fight, you are serving as a good representative of Jesus Christ.

Walking in the power of God’s love has many benefits. Everything you have that is not in God’s likeness is removed from you when you begin following His example, Pastor Pierre Bennett tells members of God’s Luv International Ministries. Even things you don’t like about yourself will be removed from you—things you don’t even realize you don’t like, until you’re free of them.

Additionally, those things you do like about yourself will be multiplied when you follow God’s Word, Pastor Pierre Bennett explains. The gifts and talents that make you special are multiplied until you are almost superhuman, according to Pastor Pierre Bennett.

Pastor Pierre Bennett quotes from John 3:16: “For God so loved the world.” God loved the world and God loves you. Pastor Pierre Bennett suggests telling people you love them–even strangers–if only for the freeing feeling it gives you. That warm feeling of love can be with you all the time once you choose to follow God, Pastor Pierre Bennett says. By loving others, you’ll have an abundance of blessings and that is exactly what He wants for you.

Inga Freise Stahle | How Many Ways to Say…Anything

Inga Freise Stahle

Inga Freise Stahle

Profiling Lingual Prodigy Inga Freise Stahle

Most people speak one, perhaps two languages if their home is bicultural. There are those who top out at three lingual proficiencies, and then there is Inga Freise Stahle. Inga Freise Stahle is proficient in five different languages.

Inga Freise Stahle’s native tongues are French and German, however a Swiss upbringing adds yet another dialect to her collection. Inga Freise Stahle’s status as a business professional adds to her reasoning for mastering the English language.   [Read more…]

Stephen Pitz Promotes the Value of Fine Arts in Public Schools

Stephen Pitz has spent many years teaching students. Recently, Stephen Pitz made the decision to step away from teaching and focus on his goal of becoming an author and poet. His experience as a teacher convinced Stephen Pitz that fine arts are critical to student development.

According to Stephen Pitz, schools with arts and theatre programs teach students to think creatively. For this reason, Stephen Pitz believes that students need opportunities to learn how to use such creativity. Without such opportunities, Stephen Pitz believes that his own love of writing and poetry could never have grown to such great lengths. Fine arts are valuable tools that provide learning experiences for students, says Stephen Pitz.

Another argument for keeping arts and theatre programs in schools, according to Stephen Pitz, is that students will learn to spend their time more wisely. Many children spend countless hours each week playing video games for fun, but Stephen Pitz suggests that fine arts is a much more productive way to find enjoyment. Developing talent is a huge confidence builder, says Stephen Pitz, and without it, students are missing out on an important element of learning. Spending time productively is important to prepare for the real world, insists Stephen Pitz.

Stephen Pitz’ own experience in education has provided him the basis to give recommendations to school administrators for fine arts programs. For one, participation should be required for some amount of time. Students may not realize the benefits of participating without a push in the right direction. Stephen Pitz also states that, for many students, it takes time to understand why fine arts are so important to their overall education. The benefits far outweigh the cost, says Stephen Pitz, and schools ultimately will function better when they provide students an arts and theatre program.

Choosing the Right Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center | Some Tips from the Experts at Best Drug Rehabilitation

Doing a Google search for “drug and alcohol rehab” will return countless results, so how do you know where to begin? As you explore options for drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation programs for yourself or for a loved one, Best Drug Rehabilitation offers some important factors to consider before you make a choice.


In perfect world, the cost of a rehab program would not matter, but the reality of life means that the costs vary widely and that price will more than likely play a significant role in your selection process.

According to Best Drug Rehabilitation, private facilities usually cost between $10,000 – $20,000 and up for each month’s stay, although you may find some limited, more affordable private options under $ 10 000. The waiting list for these facilities may not make them a viable option, however. Prices will not be published on a rehab center’s website, so the best thing to do is to call the number provided and speak personally with a staff person.

If you carry good health care insurance, this will very possibly cover a significant portion of your treatment costs. Best Drug Rehabilitation suggests calling your insurance provider to see what your treatment options and coverage are. And it’s essential to speak with Best Drug Rehabilitation to make sure that they will file with your insurance company before you commit to going there.

If you can’t afford to pay for rehab at a private facility, Best Drug Rehabilitation says that you need to call around to local hospitals or clinics for a list of available options for public or subsidized treatment facilities, and they will probably be able to advise you how get on a waiting list for treatment.


Because having the support and participation of your loved ones during a stay in rehab can make a difference in whether or not your recovery is successful, try to find a treatment center that is within a half-day’s driving distance of home so that your family can be included in your process when called upon to do so. Best Drug Rehabilitation has several locations available to clients for treatment.

Types of Treatment

Best Drug Rehabilitation knows that making a decision to choose recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction is one of the hardest decisions that a person will ever have to make. Finding a recovery program that will successfully work for you is crucial. Best Drug Rehabilitation offers personalized, open-ended recovery programs that take the needs of each client into consideration. Believing that it’s important for an individual to believe 100% in the program, Best Drug Rehabilitation offers clients the ability to choose their own pathway to addiction recovery.

How Much Individual Therapy is Offered?

Private rehab facilities like Best Drug Rehabilitation will offer one-on-one counseling, and this therapy with a licensed counselor will be very helpful in achieving a successful recovery process.

Obviously, it costs the drug rehab centers more to offer substantial one on one time with a psychologist, and Best Drug Rehabilitation cautions that some facilities may limit these sessions in order to cut costs. Be sure you are comparing “apples to apples” when you compare costs of a rehab program. Best Drug Rehabilitation suggests asking specifically just how much time with a psychologist or licensed counselor is included in the cost of treatment.

Comfort and Quality of the Rehab Facility

Drug or alcohol rehab is hard. It’s an emotionally intensive and often very painful experience, and that is why Best Drug Rehabilitation offers a comfortable and private space for clients. The team at a Best Drug Rehabilitation knows that if the facilities are unpleasant and a client does not feel safe, this will add to the anxiety of the treatment and may even tip the scales in determining whether he or she stays to complete the program.

E-Stealth – 5 Tools to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft | by E-Stealth

5 Tools to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft | by E-Stealth

The team at E-stealth asks, have you ever been a victim of identity theft? Do you know how it happened? E-stealth checked in with the FTC. The Federal Trade Commission’s Identity Theft program has reported some surprising numbers. E-stealth found, according to FTC research, that 80% of identity theft victims do not even know how it happened. That’s right. That means your identity information could be in someone else’s possession right now, says E-stealth, and you wouldn’t even know it until the damage was done.

E-stealth staff cites another FTC survey that showed 5% of people polled had been victims of identity theft over the past year. A report from the General Accounting Office, not a survey, estimated that 750,000 people have their identities stolen every year. E-stealth is committed to helping stop this invisible enemy. E-stealth asserts that the average American can do something to protect themselves from identity thieves. Here, to get you started, are five suggestions from e-stealth.

ONE: Make a habit to shred all private financial statements. E-stealth suggests destroying bank statements, tax documents, pre-approved credit card offers, and any other documents that contain private fiscal information. These, reports E-stealth, are some of the first places identity thieves look for your information.

Pre-approved credit card offers are the perfect bait for identity thieves, says E-stealth.  The fewer you receive, the better. If you get lots of credit card offers, call the opt-out line at 1-888-567-8688 to remove your name from their junk mail lists. As long as you’re at it, suggests E-stealth, call the national Do Not Call registry at 1-888-382-1222. Calling this number will stop unsolicited telemarketing calls in which you might divulge personal information.

E-stealth emphasizes the importance of reviewing your credit report once a year. You can get a free credit report by calling 1-877-322-8228. While monitoring your credit report, says E-stealth, look for suspicious activity. You also have the option of subscribing to a credit protection service to receive notices of any suspicious credit changes.

Do not leave mail sitting around in your mailbox. The team at E-stealth knows this sounds simple, but thieves find it just as easy to go through your mailbox as you do. Mail theft is a sure way for an identity thief to get your personal information. E-stealth suggests sending outgoing checks and bills from a secure location, a USPS drop box or a post office. If you think you’ve been a victim of mail theft, E-stealth recommends that you call 1-800-ASK-USPS and report it to your local postal inspector.

Be defensive about your personal information, says E-stealth. Guard your personal information. Do not give it out freely. Some companies will try to trick you, sending an email requesting “validation” of your personal financial information. E-stealth warns you not to reply to these inquiries, even if they are from a company you do business with. It is a common form of scam, says E-stealth.

E-stealth hopes you use these simple protective steps as a starting point to greater personal security, and a greater awareness of the techniques that identity thieves use to attack your credit. In these ways you can learn to protect yourself.

For more information about the products and services offered by E-stealth, contact the company at:

950 Herrington Rd.

Suite C-179

Lawrenceville, GA 30044