February 22, 2017

Charlotte, NC Angel Investor Rick Siskey Believes in Helping Small Businesses Succeed

Rick Siskey Charlotte NC

Rick Siskey Charlotte NC

In a world dominated by large megastores and national chain restaurants, Charlotte, NC businessman Rick Siskey is quick to point out that small business provides the foundation for our future. Every large business you see, points out Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC, started out as a small idea. Nurturing and growing these small business ideas is what builds the foundation of our nation’s future, according to Charlotte, NC’s Rick Siskey.

With three decades of experience in business, Charlotte, NC resident Rick Siskey has seen his share of great ideas start small and build to great success. The key, Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC says, is to foster great leaders.

“An average concept with great management will beat a great concept with average management,” Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC believes. Great leadership in Charlotte, NC and beyond, according to Rick Siskey, involves surrounding oneself with smart, capable people and letting their ideas help shape the business.

With 44 percent of non-government employees working for small business, Charlotte, NC’s Rick Siskey believes this is one sector of our corporate environment that cannot be ignored. Through his Charlotte, NC-based company, Siskey Industries, Rick Siskey invests in small start-ups through angel investing. This provides entrepreneurs the capitol to realize their dreams, while giving Siskey Industries the opportunity to be part of a future success story, Rick Siskey explains.

The Charlotte, NC businessman notes that some angel investors merely provide the capitol and let the business owner make all the decision, Siskey says. While this hands-off approach is definitely best for some businesses, Charlotte, NC’s Rick Siskey prefers to help shape the new business by imparting years of hard-earned wisdom. While he acknowledges that ultimately, it is up to the person running the business to make all final decisions, Charlotte, NC-based Rick Siskey provides gentle guidance to help these new businesses through those difficult early stages.

“One of the things our Charlotte, NC team at Siskey Industries prides itself on is our ability to not only provide initial funding, but to help build their actual business,” Rick Siskey says. The Charlotte, NC angel investor believes this is the most valuable community giving any investor can provide.

For more information, contact Rick Siskey in Charlotte, NC by visiting www.siskeyindustries.com

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Charlotte, NC Angel Investor Rick Siskey Believes in Helping Small Businesses Succeed, 4.2 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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