May 25, 2020

Inga Freise Stahle | How Many Ways to Say…Anything

Inga Freise Stahle

Inga Freise Stahle

Profiling Lingual Prodigy Inga Freise Stahle

Most people speak one, perhaps two languages if their home is bicultural. There are those who top out at three lingual proficiencies, and then there is Inga Freise Stahle. Inga Freise Stahle is proficient in five different languages.

Inga Freise Stahle’s native tongues are French and German, however a Swiss upbringing adds yet another dialect to her collection. Inga Freise Stahle’s status as a business professional adds to her reasoning for mastering the English language.   [Read more…]