April 11, 2021

Psychologist Dr. Susan Wilson Discusses the Stages of Childhood

Recently, on a cold winter’s day, we met with Child Psychologist Dr. Susan Wilson to talk about the stages of childhood and to learn some fresh tips along with any tried and true advice she had tucked away for parents.

Q: Dr. Wilson, you are a parent yourself and have professionally interacted with children of all ages. What would you say are a few basics that parents need to understand in order to successfully raise their child?

Dr. Susan Wilson: Children thrive in a stable environment, such as a well structured, organized home. If that is in place, they can relax while they learn and grow.  If there is chaos or fear and no healthy direction, a child is not able to determine how things are supposed to be or for that matter, what “healthy” even looks like. He or she can become frustrated and confused.

It’s also important that a child has access to parental figures or other caring adults that will be there to offer guidance and support. These older helpful figures need to allow the child to make mistakes while letting him or her know that the adult will be there when and if there is a need. If a child feels loved and respected, chances are he or she will in turn treat others lovingly and with respect.

Q: When does a child’s personality actually begin to develop?

Dr. Susan Wilson: It’s hard to fathom, but actually from the day a child is born. Before a baby can speak he or she is processing and absorbing the world around. When living in a stable and emotionally secure environment, a child has stronger chances of growing up confident. This provides the freedom to find one’s own way through life while lessening the need to succumb to peer pressure or negative influences.

Q: How does a parent come to understand the difference between being firm–but not too firm?

Dr. Susan Wilson: Children need to understand that their life decisions have consequences and that they affect those around them. However, they definitely need clear guidance. We need to be strong enough to correct and assist, but loving enough to pick them up when they fall and point them in the right direction.

Q: What are some common frustrations for parents during the infancy stage?

Dr. Susan Wilson: When a baby cries for no apparent reason, a parent can become quite frustrated. An infant cannot tell parents what we want to know, and we are left to solve the mystery. You simply must remember, it is a fact of life; a baby is unable to communicate like an adult or an older child. Remain calm and ride it out.

Q: What are some challenges the parent of a toddler or preschooler faces?

Dr. Susan Wilson: When a child begins to walk, that is day he or she begins the journey to independence and is no longer fully under our control. A baby can wander around and even disappear quickly. It is good for a young child to explore and discover. But it’s essential to provide careful watch and a secure environment, one that is free of items or situations that could cause unexpected harm–like a crystal vase on the coffee table or unlocked cabinet doors that hold cleaning items.

Q: Adolescence is a scary stage for parents and teens alike. What are some tips for survival?

Dr. Susan Wilson: Remind yourself that your teenager’s body is going through dramatic changes, and these changes are happening rapidly. This may be frightening to both of you and both of you may be uncomfortable communicating about this to each other. At these times it is imperative to have a trusted friend, colleague or family member that your child fully trusts and is able to talk with. That person may be your saving grace.

Q: What are some final words you’d like to leave with parents as they travel the parenthood road?

Dr. Susan Wilson: Be sure your child knows that you love and respect him or her.  Does she know you are truly emotionally, mentally and physically there for her? If those items are in place, your relationship will be stronger and you are more likely to survive the stormy seasons. You will make mistakes, and so will your child. Just be sure to acknowledge him or her, then move forward. Your love for each other will be the key to success.



Yochanan Berkowitz Examines the Relaxing Power of Hobbies and Meditation

Individuals who seek the services of a licensed clinical social worker like Yochanan Berkowitz are often beset by stress in their lives that they cannot resolve on their own. Yochanan Berkowitz says that a hobby is a great way to relieve and cancel out the stress in one’s life. Engaging in a hobby to relax, points out Yochanan Berkowitz, means choosing a hobby that a person has genuine interest in. The real relaxing value of a hobby is in the process more than the end results, notes Yochanan Berkowitz.

A hobby for relaxation must not be about competition or achievement, says Yochanan Berkowitz, as much as it must be about clearing the head and setting the mind into a comfortable routine. A good relaxing hobby, says Yochanan Berkowitz, will require light activity, preferably work done with the hands, like gardening, jigsaw puzzles or collecting. [Read more…]

JS Properties, LLC Discusses Several Local Opinions of Murfreesboro

JS Properties, LLC is a local real estate brokerage and property management firm in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. As such, states Joyce Smotherman of JS Properties, LLC, the company is in a unique position to witness firsthand the changes that have occurred in the Middle Tennessee area and particularly in Murfreesboro in recent years.

With the addition of retail outlets such as The Oaks and The Avenue, Murfreesboro has become a shopping destination. This is especially nice for those that don’t want to make the drive to Nashville to experience quality dining and shopping. Residents and businesses like JS Properties, LLC are proud to be a part of Murfreesboro’s continued growth and economic success.

JS Properties, LLC adds that the city has been able to achieve a balance between the city’s older, more quaint downtown area and the newer, more modern construction by focusing civic enhancements and developments on Murfreesboro’s neighborhood-scale downtown center. Historic downtown, according to JS Properties, LLC, offers visitors a chance to frequent art galleries, various clothing shops, hardware stores and restaurants as well as other businesses and government offices with the centerpiece being the pre-Civil War courthouse.

The new Middle Tennessee Medical Center, located on Medical Center Parkway in the Gateway area for Murfreesboro, will be opening October 2, 2010, says Joyce Smotherman of JS Properties, LLC. The “green” facility is a part of the St. Thomas Health Services group, contains 286 beds that are 277 square feet each and has the most advanced technology in Middle Tennessee, notes JS Properties, LLC. MTMC is also the first hospital that features voice over IP throughout the entire facility. JS Properties, LLC states that the construction of the new medical center is a huge boon for Murfreesboro.

Overall, the response to the vast changes that have come to Murfreesboro from locals and visitors alike has been overwhelmingly positive. While traffic may be a bit more congested, adds JS Properties, LLC, the family-friendly atmosphere and southern hospitality are still very prevalent.

Tips from SMART Carpet | How Often to Clean Carpets

Having carpets cleaned professionally–and regularly–will prolong their life, according to SMART Carpet. The entire SMART Carpet staff knows carpets, having served over 100,000 SMART Carpet customers since 1995 in an area now covering New Jersey, Staten Island and eastern Pennsylvania.

Even if carpets are vacuumed and spot cleaned religiously, the SMART Carpet team says there’s a toll that normal wear and tear takes on carpets. It’s caused by a build-up of microscopic dirt and oil particles that can only be removed by cleaning the carpet thoroughly, advise the professionals at SMART Carpet.

In fact, SMART Carpet recommends that most home owners have their carpets professionally cleaned yearly if possible. This is especially true if they have large families with young children and pets in the house, adds the SMART Carpet sales team.

If household traffic is lower, SMART Carpet staff advises that a cleaning every 18 months should suffice. According to SMART Carpet installers, the more regularly you have your carpet cleaned, the easier it is both to maintain it and to clean it next time.

Professional steam cleaning is the preferred method of cleaning carpets by most carpet manufacturers as well as sales and installation companies, including SMART Carpet. Most professional carpet-cleaning technicians use either portable or truck-mounted units, according to SMART Carpet staff, which are quite powerful while leaving no residue of detergent behind.

Another benefit of using professional cleaners, according to the carpet experts at SMART Carpet, is that the increased extraction power allows your carpet to dry faster than if you clean it yourself with a rental machine. Drying your carpet quickly is important, say the professionals at SMART Carpet. This is because wet carpets are very quickly at risk of mildew and mold, explains an SMART Carpet team member. Once a homeowner has spotted mildew, the fix is usually expensive, warns the SMART Carpet staff, most often requiring full carpet and even sub-floor replacement.

Financing a Homes by Vanderbuilt Modular Residence Purchase

When you’ve decided to buy your modular home from Homes by Vanderbuilt, a general contractor serving Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, you can likely use your existing mortgage company to finance the purchase. Modular homes such as those offered by Homes by Vanderbuilt are considered permanent structures, just like houses that are built on site using conventional methods, and Homes by Vanderbuilt houses are also recognized to increase in value over time.

That being said, however, if your mortgage company does not have experience with modular homes in general or with Homes by Vanderbuilt specifically, you may wish to speak to the sales team at Homes by Vanderbuilt and obtain a referral. As you would with any purchase, do shop around to get the best possible terms on your loan for your Homes by Vanderbuilt house purchase.

Your down payment will make a difference on the terms of financing, whether you’re buying a Homes by Vanderbuilt house or a site-built home. Traditional real estate mortgages and market interest rates are usually available when you buy a Homes by Vanderbuilt home and the land together as one purchase. If, however, you are buying your modular home from Homes by Vanderbuilt in a separate transaction from the land purchase, you should expect the financing to come in with a slightly higher rate of interest.

Modular homes can also be purchased from Homes by Vanderbuilt by way of FHA-insured financing as well as VA-guaranteed loans (the latter being through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs). If you qualify for either of these types of mortgages to buy your Homes by Vanderbuilt house, you may also find that they require a lower down payment or offer a better rate of interest. Because these loans take longer to process and get approval than conventional mortgages, allow yourself plenty of time before the purchase date of your Homes by Vanderbuilt modular home.

What Customers Are Saying About Homes by Vanderbuilt:

“Everyone who participated in the repair work of our home did an outstanding job. [Homes by Vanderbuilt] were all very courteous and professional and worked very hard at satisfying us. We are 100% satisfied and will continue to recommend Homes by Vanderbuilt to friends and family. Please reward both Homes by Vanderbuilt work teams for a job well done. They definitely deserve it!!”
Jeffery – Apex, NC

“The [Homes by Vanderbuilt] crew was very nice and courteous. They were very helpful and anxious to answer any questions we had. They did a super job! Homes by Vanderbuilt made us feel special and shared in our excitement of our new home. A+!”
Mark & Christina – Mayodan, NC

“All of [Homes by Vanderbuilt] crews have been exceptional. We are very satisfied with this Homes by Vanderbuilt experience.”
Robert – Clemmons, NC

“I could not be more pleased with the Homes by Vanderbuilt crews who have worked on my home to date. Every single person I have had the time to talk with has made it a point to answer my questions, explain what they were doing and complement me on my choice of home and the company I chose to purchase it from. The Homes by Vanderbuilt crews that have represented you think very highly of Homes by Vanderbuilt and take a great deal of pride in their work.”
Hunter – Supply, NC

“We love the Homes by Vanderbuilt trim crew they were so sweet. If all of your crews are like the trim crew it’s easy to see why you do so much business and come highly recommended. We will and have passed on the Homes by Vanderbuilt recommendation with high praise. Please give our best to your trim crew.”
Roy May and Charlotte – Jamestown, SC

Homes by Vanderbuilt did a great job. You couldn’t ask for a better crew. Homes by Vanderbuilt was very friendly and easy to work with.
Lindsey & Lorraine – Fairfield, NC

Protecting Your Home and Family – A Frugal Approach

It is not necessary to spend a large amount of money to keep your family and home safe. Several much less expensive options exist to help make your home a safer place without having to spend excessively for the installation of a complete home security system.

Consider performing a self-installation of a home alarm.

You might purchase a small door-installed alarms for a cost of under $25. These are powered by cell batteries. Upon activation, the alarm will alert a homeowner to the door being opened with a loud warning signal. These are inexpensive, fairly unobtrusive, and they do the job!

Check and update the bolts and locks on your doors and windows.

Perform a complete inspection of the door and window locks on your home. For a relatively small cost, you can install additional bolts and locks to reinforce what is already in place. As long as the bolt is solid and the hinges are properly screwed in place, you will be well protected. If you have a sliding patio door without an anti-lift device, you may want to consider installing one. If your door or window has a hook lock, install two door locks – one on top and another at the bottom – to reinforce it.

For pennies a day, keeping the light on provides increased protection.

Always illuminate your porch, outside doors and garage. If you’re willing to spend a little extra money, a good investment is dusk-to-dawn lighting powered by photoelectric cells. These are energy savers and will be cheaper in the long run than electric-powered lights. Even less expensive is a solar-powered spotlight that collects the sun during daylight hours and provides light and protection during the night.

Thorny plants make it harder for an intruder to gain access to your property.

If your home and property is not enclosed by a fence or wall, plant some thorny plants and shrubs in the yard. Plants like roses, holly and hawthorn have spiny leaves and thorny stems are they provide a natural deterrent to unwanted intruder entry, because they can produce punctures and tear at the skin. They not only provide you with security, they are attractive and will add curb appeal to your yard.