March 3, 2021

Maternity Leave Serves as Major Topic of Discussion Among U.S. Workers

According to the International Labor Organization of the United Nations, the United States is currently the only country in the developed world without paid maternity leave as mandated by the government. In most cases, paid maternity leave is included as part of Social Security programs so that companies are not forced to bear the cost.

Maternity Leave a Rare Commodity in U.S. Companies

The Labor Department has reported that state and corporate benefits only cover approximately 12 percent of all private employees. Few U.S. states – Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii and California – currently have paid-maternity-leave laws on the books. The ILO has performed numerous studies that demonstrate how difficult the transition can be for mothers who have insufficient maternity leave. Forced to return to the office or face serious consequences, mothers often compromise their health and the health of their newborn babies. The major issues cited in these studies include higher rates of hospitalization and infant illness, challenges with breast-feeding, and bouts with postpartum depression. [Read more…]

Give Me a Break: U.S. Employees Say Skipping Rest Times Leads to Stress and Exhaustion

StressBy encouraging employees to take a break now and then, businesses can improve productivity and output, according to a new study.

Staples conducted a study of U.S. employees and found that over 85 percent of employees believe occasional breaks would make them much more productive. Over one-quarter of these employees currently count lunch as their only time of rest during the workday.

Guilt was cited as the most common reason (19 percent) that employees failed to step away from their desks. Meanwhile, 55 percent of respondents said they don’t have the time necessary for taking a break. [Read more…]

Ellerslie Training Focuses on the Power of Great Programming and Content

Ellerslie TrainingSince 2010, Ellerslie Training has raised the bar for Bible training programs in the United States by not only establishing a series of content that illuminates the Scripture, but by creating a unique environment that wholly supports the Christian student in their study and pursuit of Jesus Christ.

Interviewing Experts: Hello – so glad to have you with us on this beautiful morning.

Ellerslie Training: We certainly are grateful to have this opportunity to talk with you about our training program!

Interviewing Experts: The thing that intrigues me most about your training is your campus environment.  Could you briefly mention what makes it so unique.

Ellerslie Training: First off, it’s a gorgeous site.  Colorado, just by itself, is amazing.  But our location is something quite special.  We are located near the foot of the Rocky Mountains in charming little Windsor, Colorado.  We are nestled up next to a lake and, though we are only minutes away from any all conveniences, it really does feel like we are out in the boonies.   [Read more…]

Bernadine Fried Employs Medical Research about Brain in Private Practice

Bernadine FriedFor Los Angeles-based therapist Bernadine Fried, the emergence of scientific research about the brain has assisted her in treating a diverse range of clients. More specifically, Bernadine Fried has employed these study findings to improve her private practice. According to Bernadine Fried, the brain is at the core of a person’s beliefs, values, thoughts and behaviors.

Interviewing Experts: It’s a pleasure to have you speaking with us today. Welcome to Interviewing Experts!

Bernadine Fried: Thank you for inviting me.

Interviewing Experts: Let’s get started. What’s your general impression of the brain after years of study?

Bernadine Fried: The brain is a truly riveting organ. As further research becomes available, it’s been fascinating to see the relationship that occurs between addiction and the brain. [Read more…]

Dr. Hicham Riba Encourages More Research in Bioswale

Dr. Hicham RibaPediatric dentist Dr. Hicham Riba has taken a personal interest in environmental causes throughout the course of his professional career. The studies of Dr. Hicham Riba have focused on the bioswale, which he considers an underrated feature in today’s environmental planning.  Below, Dr. Hicham Riba explains how a bioswale works in the environment to protect humans and other living beings.

Interviewing Experts: We appreciate you coming today to offer your perspective on this subject.

Dr. Hicham Riba: I’m honored to do so.

Interviewing Experts: Our conversation today is going to be about bioswales. What is a bioswale and why is a bioswale such a viable option for environmentalists?

Dr. Hicham Riba: A bioswale offers an attractive landscape while playing a significant role in the management of stormwater. [Read more…]

U.S. Educational Trends for 2014 Include On-the-Job Training, Online Coursework

OnlineIn 2013, several education trends took center stage, including an increase in online courses and new evaluation processes for colleges, universities and educators.

The White House, foundation funders and state governments, have all begun pressuring colleges to reduce the time required for students to graduate. The most prominent strategies in the past year: offering students class credit for work experience, and advancing students based on achievement.

In the first scenario, students may receive college credit for military and on-the job training, as well as volunteer experience. Credit is generally granted through portfolio assessment and placement tests, though the American Council on Education can also make these recommendations. Some colleges and employers have developed partnerships that exchange workplace training for college training. One example: Starbucks. [Read more…]

Tips for Effective Time Management

InterviewingExperts - Time mgmtTime is relative. An hour in the dentist chair can seem like an eternity, but turn around and in an instant your toddler is graduating college. All time passes equally, so why does it seem at times so different? The answer to that question is perhaps the reason it is so difficult to manage time. Time flies when you are doing something you enjoy and it drags when you’re doing something you dislike.

If you don’t have enough time for the truly important things in life, maybe it’s because you haven’t taken the time to prioritize your time. If you think you’re too busy to do that, you are probably too busy not to. If you have problems prioritizing or if you tend to procrastinate, the standard time management suggestions may not work for you. Time management is really self-management, so if typical time management seminars and systems haven’t worked for you, maybe it’s time to try something different.
You could start by doing things you dislike first. When you dread something, you spend more time thinking about it and procrastinating than if you simply went ahead and completed the detested chore. You will find you are more productive if you get those items out of the way first and then move on with your day. [Read more…]

United Faith Church Q&A on Discipleship

United Faith ChurchUnited Faith Church of Barnegat, NJ is a non-denominational, Bible-believing church established in 2006. United Faith Church exists to share the love of the Father to all people in the Barnegat community and surrounding areas. United Faith Church embraces the discipleship process as an integral part of the growth of the Christian today, and shares below the biblical basis and key practices that have led to the church’s success in making disciples. Recently, the staff of Interviewing Experts sat down with Pastor Jerry and Pastor Janeth Santiago of United Faith Church to learn more about their mission of discipleship.

Interviewing Experts: What is discipleship, and why is it necessary?

United Faith Church: We believe that discipleship is the process of leading others by example to follow Jesus Christ through obedience to God’s Word and the leading of His Holy Spirit. United Faith Church believes that discipleship is absolutely necessary since Jesus, Himself, commanded His followers in the Bible to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them, and teaching them to obey all of His commands (Matt 28:19-20). United Faith Church recognizes that discipleship is vital for the growth of a believer.

Interviewing Experts: How long does it usually take to disciple someone?

United Faith Church: There is no time limit on discipleship because it is an investment into someone’s life.  Just as a parent is entrusted with the life-long responsibility of raising a child in order to ensure the child’s well-being and success, one who disciples is committed to guiding a newborn believer in reaching his/her greatest potential. Furthermore, every child must go through stages of growth and development learning to imitate the values and principles taught by his/her parents.  Similarly, a new believer must be purposefully guided in the Word of God with the intent of leading the new disciple into maturity in his/her relationship with Jesus Christ. Therefore, United Faith Church in Barnegat considers discipleship to be a life-long process that evolves and never ends. [Read more…]

Roger Stanton Breaks Down the Elements of Marr’s Tri-Level Hypothesis

InterviewingExpertsAccording to Roger Stanton, any information process has the ability to be defined on numerous levels. In this brief interview, Roger Stanton describes the tri-level hypothesis as one where artificial or mental information-processing events will be examined on at least three levels. As well, Roger Stanton explains how neuroscientist David Marr developed the tri-level hypothesis in 1982.

Interviewing Experts: What are the levels of Marr’s hypothesis?

Roger Stanton: There are three levels: computational, algorithmic, and implementational.

Interviewing Experts: How is the computational level defined?

Roger Stanton: It is the most abstract of the three. In studying the computational level, a researcher will be concerned with two different tasks. [Read more…]

Interview Picks: Charles C. Brennan Dedicating Four Rooms of His Rock Academy to KISS

Charles C. BrennanCharles C. Brennan was excited to recently welcome rock ’n’ roll legends KISS to his Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Brennan Rock & Roll Academy. The band was on-site to view the four rooms Charles C. Brennan and his team at the Academy has dedicated—one for each of the band members. Gene Simmons specifically commented on the work the academy is doing, Charles C. Brennan recalls, saying that the academy is like a school where students learn to be rock stars.

Recently, Charles C. Brennan, a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, spoke to Interviewing Experts about the new rooms at the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy, which will be used for rehearsal for the school’s aspiring rock stars. As Charles C. Brennan explains, KISS is among several rock ’n’ roll VIPs who have stopped by the academy since its inception.

Interviewing Experts: Why did you choose KISS for this honor?

Charles C. Brennan: As far as rock legends go, it’s hard to find many who are as iconic as KISS. They represent an entire era of music that is important to anyone interested in learning to play music.

Interviewing Experts: The band stopped by the academy for the dedication ceremony. How amazing was that?

Charles C. Brennan: Pretty amazing. We had a great showing, with fans dressing up like the band members and the community showing their support for the academy. [Read more…]