August 4, 2021

Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz Discusses the Therapeutic Value of Nature

Educated and working in social services, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz frequently searches for new opportunities and methods to help his clients resolve their troubles. One effective supplemental method, says Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, is to go for a hike or long walk in a park or nature preserve. In fact, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz is a firm believer in the beneficial effect of nature. He says that time spent in nature is one of the best ways to help bring peace and thoughtfulness when life becomes difficult.

An avid hiker, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz offers a few tips to make the most out of a day in the country. To begin, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz advises getting an early start on a day hike to avoid the heat of afternoon. A hike in hot weather means carrying more water, says Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, thereby increasing carried weight.

Take infrequent breaks and don’t hurry, advises Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, in order to maintain a sustained pace. He suggests traveling light when hiking, especially if you are an inexperienced hiker. Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz notes that traveling light also conserves the hiker’s energy. Hiking on developed trails, adds Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, also helps to reduce the need to carry items into the forest.

Additionally, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz advises hiking in comfortable, weather appropriate clothing. If hiking in colder weather, it’s possible to conserve body warmth by wearing layers of lightweight clothing. Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz also cautions that sometimes the weather on a hike can change drastically with altitude or other changes in topography. Dressing in layers, says Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, makes it easier to adapt to variations in weather and he also points out the importance of making sure that hiking shoes are broken in. Blisters and chafing are quite avoidable, concludes Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, with a little preparation and planning.

About the author

Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz is a skilled professional who has received the designations of MSE.d, CSW and LCSW. Initially, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and then earned an MSE.d.

Later, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz received a Masters of Clinical Social Work (CSW), which was followed by recognition as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

Embarking on his chosen vocation path, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Queens College, Flushing New York in 1994. Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz was certified as a school social worker and school Psychologist in 1997 at Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York and he earned a Masters of Clinical Social Work (CSW) from New York University in 1999. Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz was issued a certificate in 2000 as a Post Masters in Early Childhood and Adolescence Psychotherapy and Berkowitz obtained his Post Masters certificate in Gestalt Therapy from the Gestalt Association of Psychotherapy in New York City, New York in 2002.

Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz served as a special Education Instructor in the New York City Public Schools in Brooklyn from 1993-1994. Additionally, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz logged experience as a school Psychologist and Social Worker with the Board of Education in Brooklyn, NY from 1994 until 2006. Berkowitz also served as a social work intern at Maimonides Psychiatric Outpatient in Brooklyn New York during 1998 and 1999.

During 1999 and 2000 Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz worked as an outpatient social worker, MSW, CSW at New Hope Guild in Brooklyn, New York. Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz also served as Administrative Assistant, MSW, and LMSW at Fordham Tremont Center in Bronx, New York 2003-2004. Additionally, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz periodically offered his services as Clinical Social Worker, MSW, and CSW at the Jewish Board of Family & Children Services in Brooklyn New York from 2002 through 2006.

Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz served as the Administrative Director, MSW, and LMSW at the Bikur Cholim Department of Clinical Services in Rockland, New York in 2004 and 2005. Currently Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz maintains a private practice in Teaneck, New Jersey focusing on children, adolescents, couples, and families.

Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz can be reached by calling 646-338-5424 or by email at For more information go online to his website at


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