August 4, 2021

Dr. Pierre Bennett Stresses Following God’s Word

Dr. Pierre Bennett

Dr. Pierre Bennett

Interviewing Experts recently spoke with Dr. Pierre Bennett about how he feels that the world, as a whole, can learn to work together to fulfill God’s plan for us all.

Interviewing Experts: Good morning, Dr. Pierre Bennett. We thank you for taking this time out of your busy schedule to be with us today.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: I appreciate you asking me. God does have a way of opening up opportunities to spread His word doesn’t He?

Interviewing Experts: Yes, indeed. Can you tell us exactly what you think people can do to live more harmoniously?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: I always refer back to Joshua. You see, God told Joshua he could take the city of Jericho if he followed a specific set of instructions. Joshua, without question, did as God told him.

Interviewing Experts: And the city’s wall fell, yes?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: That’s right. Because Joshua had the courage to be obedient and follow God’s word without question, he was able to achieve his goal. I think that if we all followed this example  we could all achieve our goals individually and learn to live together peacefully.

Interviewing Experts: For our readers’ benefit can you please explain a bit more about the story of Joshua?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Well, God told Joshua to take the city of Jericho. Jericho was a virtually impenetrable fortress and Joshua only had a few men. Then God directed Joshua and his men basically into an army formation  with the Ark of the Covenant in the center In carrying the Ark the priests carried around the physical symbol of  the essence,  power, and Spirit of God.

Interviewing Experts: For somebody actually there it must have looked like a great marching band.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: That’s right, with the Spirit of God right smack in the middle.

Interviewing Experts: And God had specific instructions too…

Dr. Pierre Bennett: He had a specific instruction for them to march around Jericho seven times. A lot of times we get lax in following instructions. We don’t pay attention to the details. But when God is giving you something very specific it is because He wants you to follow it to the letter.

Interviewing Experts: We wonder how many people in the natural would have said, “I’m not marching around that place seven times. That’s crazy.”

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Amen. Many people would’ve gone around one or two times but then would’ve found a bush to duck behind. They would’ve said something about their feet hurt or they had a tummy ache. They might say they overslept and were too tired to keep on.

Interviewing Experts: Many people would’ve gotten stuck at the Jordan…

Dr. Pierre Bennett: They were in the specific formation that God had said. He also instructed the people to stay completely silent while the priests blew the horns. In other words, don’t shout until the seventh time. How many people would’ve followed that one?

Interviewing Experts: Very few… Seven times. That is very specific instruction.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: God knows what he’s doing. Think about it. In order for you to get to this interview this morning you had to get in your car and drive. You had to follow a specific set of instructions. This place is a little tricky to find. Without the instructions, the directions, you might not have made it.

Interviewing Experts: So what you are saying is that if you don’t pay attention to the specific instructions you can miss the mark for the destination you’re supposed to arrive at, right?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: That is exactly what I’m saying. But my main point is that if everybody in the world would just listen to God, we could each win our own individual battles and conquer our individual fears. And when people no longer have to live with fear, there can be peace.

Interviewing Experts: That makes perfect sense.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: You have to go just on faith. You follow me?

Interviewing Experts: Yes, sir! Well, Dr. Bennett we’re afraid that we’re out of time for the day but we really appreciate you taking this opportunity with us.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Thank you for having me.

Dr. Pierre Bennett is the Pastor of God’s Luv International Ministries Church.  Meetings are held at the Reston Community Center Lake Anne, 1609-A Washington Plaza, Reston, VA 20191.


Dr. Pierre Bennett, pastor of God’s Luv International Ministries Church in Virginia, began his lifelong walk with God as a young boy, while watching his mother perform in the church choir. Like most powerful evangelists, Dr. Pierre Bennett’s life was filled with some ups and downs, all of which contributed toward making him the person that he is today. He grew up with no idea of the greater plan God had for his life.


  1. Cris Ryans says:

    Often times people blame God for the hard times in our lives. what people doesn’t see is God is giving us ways to make our lives easier but instead we are the ones making mistakes, missing His signs. I now understand – Dr. Pierre Bennett, that all we have to do is learn to listen what God is saying through daily communication with Him.

    • DrPierreBennett says:

      @Cris – I know that God give those challenges to us to show our strongest side. “Dr. Pierre Bennett Stresses Following God’s Word” Thank you! – Dr. Pierre Bennett

  2. Holly Freeman says:

    I agree with Dr. Pierre Bennett! God is a good God that will give us signs if we only follow His spirit. Just follow what Dr. Pierre Bennett said, all we have to do is learn to listen and follow God’s instructions. Wise man!

    • DrPierreBennett says:

      @Holly – God always give his signs to us to decide the what way we chose to our lives. “Dr. Pierre Bennett Stresses Following God’s Word” – Dr. Pierre Bennett

  3. Vince Bailey says:

    I am very thankful to have read all of these teachings from Dr. Pierre Bennett. His explanation of the word of God is so enlightening. I will definitely subscribe to his teachings to be inspired.

    • DrPierreBennett says:

      @Vince – I’m thankful that in my simple way of sharing a word of God enlighten your life. “Dr. Pierre Bennett Stresses Following God’s Word” – Dr. Pierre Bennett

  4. Andrew Lim says:

    For every test, there is an instruction to be followed. And by following these instruction, our lives are a lot easier. This is what Dr. Pierre Bennett instructs and ensures us that God is there to help us get through every trouble. I am very thankful for the teaching I’m receiving through Dr. Pierre Bennett. He is a great man of God.

    • DrPierreBennett says:

      @Andrew – We really appreciates the feedback that you did. “Dr. Pierre Bennett Stresses Following God’s Word” Thank you so much! – Dr. Pierre Bennett

  5. Meckaila Harlow says:

    Thank you, Dr. Pierre Bennett, for reminding us that we shouldn’t be worried about the fact that we are human. But you do give good direction as far as how to deal with it. You set a great example.

    • DrPierreBennett says:

      @Meckaila – Thank you for making me as part of your life and giving me a chance to share what God’s give me. “Dr. Pierre Bennett Stresses Following God’s Word” – Dr. Pierre Bennett

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