May 25, 2020

Stephen Pitz Promotes the Value of Fine Arts in Public Schools

Stephen Pitz has spent many years teaching students. Recently, Stephen Pitz made the decision to step away from teaching and focus on his goal of becoming an author and poet. His experience as a teacher convinced Stephen Pitz that fine arts are critical to student development.

According to Stephen Pitz, schools with arts and theatre programs teach students to think creatively. For this reason, Stephen Pitz believes that students need opportunities to learn how to use such creativity. Without such opportunities, Stephen Pitz believes that his own love of writing and poetry could never have grown to such great lengths. Fine arts are valuable tools that provide learning experiences for students, says Stephen Pitz.

Another argument for keeping arts and theatre programs in schools, according to Stephen Pitz, is that students will learn to spend their time more wisely. Many children spend countless hours each week playing video games for fun, but Stephen Pitz suggests that fine arts is a much more productive way to find enjoyment. Developing talent is a huge confidence builder, says Stephen Pitz, and without it, students are missing out on an important element of learning. Spending time productively is important to prepare for the real world, insists Stephen Pitz.

Stephen Pitz’ own experience in education has provided him the basis to give recommendations to school administrators for fine arts programs. For one, participation should be required for some amount of time. Students may not realize the benefits of participating without a push in the right direction. Stephen Pitz also states that, for many students, it takes time to understand why fine arts are so important to their overall education. The benefits far outweigh the cost, says Stephen Pitz, and schools ultimately will function better when they provide students an arts and theatre program.