July 16, 2018

Pastor Pierre Bennett: Learning to Practice the Fruits of the Spirit

Pastor Pierre Bennett

Pastor Pierre Bennett

Pastor Pierre Bennett is the founder of LifeSource Foundation, an organization that helps families in need. The organization, which fosters Pastor Pierre Bennett’s mission to create a worldwide ministry of care, that is committed to academic enrichment, prevention  and intervention programs that reverse the impact of unhealthy lifestyles to those in need.

Pastor Pierre Bennett urges his congregation at God’s Luv International Ministries Church to be good, faithful and gentle, and to practice self-control, even when they don’t feel like it. This, Pastor Pierre Bennett insists, will help them walk in the true power of God’s love.

Goodness, Pastor Pierre Bennett says, means doing the right thing all the time. If you are good, you are promoting love, Pastor Pierre Bennett believes.

By faithfulness, Pastor Pierre Bennett means you must remain faithful to people even when they aren’t returning that same faithfulness. By being faithful in love to those whose paths you cross, you are acting as an angel of God, Dr. Bennett tells his congregation. While people may not return that faithfulness right away, in time it will click for them if they are meant to follow a path that leads to God.

In being gentle, Pastor Pierre Bennett means you should reply with   kindness, even when someone is shouting and cursing in your presence. It also means practicing self-control. According to Pastor Pierre Bennett, when you hold back those feelings of anger–even when someone is trying to start a fight, you are serving as a good representative of Jesus Christ.

Walking in the power of God’s love has many benefits. Everything you have that is not in God’s likeness is removed from you when you begin following His example, Pastor Pierre Bennett tells members of God’s Luv International Ministries. Even things you don’t like about yourself will be removed from you—things you don’t even realize you don’t like, until you’re free of them.

Additionally, those things you do like about yourself will be multiplied when you follow God’s Word, Pastor Pierre Bennett explains. The gifts and talents that make you special are multiplied until you are almost superhuman, according to Pastor Pierre Bennett.

Pastor Pierre Bennett quotes from John 3:16: “For God so loved the world.” God loved the world and God loves you. Pastor Pierre Bennett suggests telling people you love them–even strangers–if only for the freeing feeling it gives you. That warm feeling of love can be with you all the time once you choose to follow God, Pastor Pierre Bennett says. By loving others, you’ll have an abundance of blessings and that is exactly what He wants for you.


Pastor Pierre Bennett acknowledges that being called for a lifetime of service to the Lord and others is a special honor, reserved for a select few. Dr. Bennett received that call on Easter morning in 1999 at the Upper Room International Church. But his relationship with the Lord began much earlier.


  1. Paul Shearman says:

    Pastor Pierre Bennett has shown me and my family the true meaning of love. We’ve gone through a lot this year and we’ve seen a lot of tragedy. I know that God has never left our side throughout this whole process. Thank you, Pastor Pierre Bennett, for sharing your words of encouragement.

    • Pastor Pierre Bennett says:

      @Paul – Thanks for leaving a comment, I really appreciate it. “Pastor Pierre Bennett: Learning to Practice the Fruits of the Spirit” – Pastor Pierre Bennett

  2. Mark Donahan says:

    Pastor Pierre Bennett’s words have been an inspiration to me to allow my lowest/saddest days be the last of them. Now I realize that I’m not longer alone in my struggles. With all the things and words that Pastor Pierre Bennett has given me, slowly I rise again from my darkest hour and show the world the changes I have made to myself for the better.

    • Pastor Pierre Bennett says:

      @Mark – It’s good to know that It helps you to show the right way of your life. “Pastor Pierre Bennett: Learning to Practice the Fruits of the Spirit” Thank you so much! – Pastor Pierre Bennett

  3. Lendon Folkner says:

    Because of Pastor Pierre Bennett, I have changed my point of view in life. There was a time in my life where I became very furious and angry at everyone and everything in my life. Hearing the words of God through Pastor Pierre Bennett, I’ve realized that everything that I used to do has caused my sadness. At least now I’m at a place of change thanks to this revelation.

    • Pastor Pierre Bennett says:

      @Lendon – Thanks for sharing your story, I also believe that every person has always a chance to change from bad to good. It’s nice to hear that I touch your life. “Pastor Pierre Bennett: Learning to Practice the Fruits of the Spirit” – Pastor Pierre Bennett

  4. Simone Flavier says:

    I used to believe that the only thing you should do when someone wrongs you is to return what they did to you in the first place. Then I realized that in doing those thing, I would never be satisfied, but that it would only bring a burden to my heart. Pastor Pierre Bennett has also taught me in this sermon to give love to others, even when you’re not loved by them.

    • Pastor Pierre Bennett says:

      @Simone – My goal is to get you closer to God and make you to become a good person. “Pastor Pierre Bennett: Learning to Practice the Fruits of the Spirit” Thanks! – Pastor Pierre Bennett

  5. Josie Farlin says:

    Pastor Pierre Bennett knows the best way to spread God’s love and give encouraging words to the people. Pastor Pierre Bennett has helped so many people in realizing that they need to repent as well as teaching them the best way to be happy and more fulfilled in the life that God has given us.

    • Pastor Pierre Bennett says:

      @Josie – Thanks for the feedback. “Pastor Pierre Bennett: Learning to Practice the Fruits of the Spirit” – Pastor Pierre Bennett

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