February 20, 2018

Rehak Creative Services on the Importance of Hiring an Ad Agency

Rehak Creative ServicesRehak Creative Services helps build businesses through communications. Rehak Creative Services founder Bob Rehak, with more than 40 years of experience in advertising, understands better than most the importance of consistent, focused communication. Below, he explains why an advertising campaign is essential to the growth and success of any business.

Q: Why hire an ad agency?

Bob Rehak, Rehak Creative Services: Clients are too close to their products and services to be objective about them. They know their products inside out. But we can help clients look at them from the outside in – the way prospects see them.

Q: How do you learn about new markets?

Bob Rehak, Rehak Creative Services: We’re fast listeners. When we interview clients, we try to ask questions that a prospect would ask in the order a prospect would ask them if he/she were in the room.

Q: Is there a difference in working for small versus large companies?

Bob Rehak, Rehak Creative Services: It used to be that only the largest clients could afford the significant investment that allowed them to create ads, brochures, commercials and other promotional materials themselves.

Q: But not anymore?

Bob Rehak, Rehak Creative Services: Now, even the smallest businesses can perform these tasks all by themselves.

Q: What’s driving that changed?

Bob Rehak, Rehak Creative Services: Inexpensive software programs allow novices to create passable work.

Q: So why go to the expense of hiring an agency?

Bob Rehak, Rehak Creative Services: To get an outside perspective. Clients know their business from the inside out. On the other hand, ad agencies know it from the outside in.

Q: Explain.

Bob Rehak, Rehak Creative Services: Ad agencies can help clients articulate selling messages that resonate with prospective customers, not just management.

Q: So a broader view?

Bob Rehak, Rehak Creative Services: Sometimes you can be too close to ideas to see things objectively.

Q: That’s so true.

Bob Rehak, Rehak Creative Services: That’s why doctors never treat themselves, why lawyers never defend themselves, and why psychiatrists never analyze themselves.

Q: What are some other benefits of acquiring an outside ad agency?

Bob Rehak, Rehak Creative Services: Ad agencies are in a better position to see things without internal bias.

Q: How so?

Bob Rehak, Rehak Creative Services: They have nothing vested in research and development, favorite features or functions, manufacturing facilities or other business elements. They solely represent the prospect, not a faction within the client organization.

Q: So you try to help the client see themselves through their customers eyes?

Bob Rehak, Rehak Creative Services: That’s the first step in creating breakthrough work.

Rehak Creative Services is a marketing communications firm serving local and international clients from their base in Houston. Since 1994, Rehak Creative Services has managed advertising campaigns for clients such as Pinnacle, Halliburton, CompuCom and TransCanada. Rehak Creative Services founder Bob Rehak has twice been chosen as Copywriter of the Year by prestigious industry publication Adweek magazine.


Rehak Creative Services Inc. is a Houston-based marketing communications company specializing in business-to-business, high-technology and corporate advertising. Their roster of clients has included ADP, Chevron Phillips, Halliburton, Hewlett-Packard, Shell Oil, TransCanada and U.S. Concrete. In 2001, Rehak Creative Services earned more Summit Creative Awards than any other agency in the world. Rehak Creative Services currently ranks as one of the top 20 advertising agencies in Houston. Rehak Creative Services was founded by award-winning author, professor and creative director Bob Rehak.

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