August 4, 2021

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Hyp-Yoga, Inc.

Incredible Discoveries

Incredible Discoveries

The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television. Joining Incredible Discoveries was Hyp-Yoga, Inc. to discuss Hyp-Yoga 6 Week Series

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television Guests:  Carly Heline Cummings, Becky Grabner, Kim Isherwood

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television: Have you tried everything to lose weight and get fit? Have you spent hundreds of dollars on gym memberships, hard to do home work-out programs and packaged food services, only to find that you look and feel the same as when you started? What if Incredible Discoveries told you that you have everything already inside of you to stay young healthy and fit for life? This is Hyp-Yoga. The next step in the evolution of fitness.

Hyp-Yoga is more than just a home workout program. That’s because you not only learn to train your body, but your mind as well. Incredible Discoveries shows you how with Hyp-Yoga your mind will learn how to achieve the calm relaxed state needed to help your body shed unwanted pounds and inches. In just minutes a day, Incredible Discoveries guarantees you will begin to make the positive changes needed for optimum health and fitness.

From all appearances, it looks as if people are simply performing traditional yoga, a great way to strengthen and stretch your body. But, in truth they are doing much more than that. These people are performing an exercise routine called Hyp-Yoga. Hyp-Yoga is the next step in fitness evolution, combining a unique mind to body regimen that works you on the inside as well as the outside. Helping you to lose pounds and inches, tightening and strengthening your muscles and perhaps most importantly helping you to de-stress, which will help you to start burning fat as energy for your daily activities. Putting you on the right path for total mind to body health.

Now, here to help Incredible Discoveries understand what Hyp-Yoga is, we welcome the founder of Hyp-Yoga herself, Carly Heline Cummings, along with her co-founders, Becky Grabner and Kim Isherwood.

Incredible Discoveries: Now, Carly, why “Hyp-Yoga”?

Carly: Well, Hyp-Yoga is a true blend of mind to body fitness. No matter what form of diet or exercise you choose to do in order to lose weight and get in shape, if you want to succeed, you need to be in the right frame of mind, that is, you need to enjoy what you’re doing and focus on the goals you would like to meet. Hyp Yoga combines what I feel are the two most powerful fitness tools we can use for success, Yoga and Hypnosis.

Incredible Discoveries: How does Hyp Yoga actually work?

Carly: Hyp-Yoga works because we teach you how to focus your mind on what your body actually wants.

Incredible Discoveries: The people we have here today, they are not simply going through the motions of yoga; they are making positive changes in their minds.

Becky: For instance, this position they are in called “tree pose”. Someone performing regular yoga, can get into this position, it is not hard at all, and if they stand like this long enough, they will begin to feel it.

Incredible Discoveries: I’ve done that pose.  Most of the time, all I can think of is when will they let me put my arms down.

Carly: Exactly. But with Hyp-Yoga, we add visualization to this pose.  We have you tune your mind into the positive changes you’re presently making in this pose.  We teach you how to visualize your ideal body.  And because your mind is so powerful, your body will start to respond by gaining strength and burning calories.

Incredible Discoveries: Hyp-Yoga sounds so simple, but is anything really that easy?

Becky: Hyp-Yoga is simple, that’s an important thing to remember. Hyp-Yoga is the perfect form of exercise regardless of what shape you’re in, how old you are or even your fitness level. Carly, Kim, and I are all real women with real bodies.  Carly is in her 20’s, Kim is in her 40’s, and I am in my 50’s.  Even I can do it!

Kim: That’s the key, because every thought or idea in your mind has a corresponding physical reaction in your body.  In other words, you are and will become what you think.

For instance, if you constantly tell yourself you are overweight or fat, you will either stay overweight or you will become overweight if you are not already. Your body will organically morph into what you think of yourself. It would be wise, knowing this, to only think positive, powerful thoughts that can bring you closer to your ideal self.

Incredible Discoveries: The Hyp-Yoga 6 Week Weight Loss System centers around Hyp-Yoga’s revolutionary work out DVDs. Workout One on The first DVD in the Hyp-Yoga 6 Week Weight Loss System is called “Mind Body and Spirit” and introduces you to the basics of what Hyp-Yoga is all about. This easy to follow introductory workout is designed for everyone, regardless of your fitness level or whether or not you’ve ever practiced yoga before.

Carly: By using the Hyp-Yoga Program, your body will start feeling younger, leaner and more energized as you learn to let it rest and repair itself. You will keep create new healthy behaviors that will stick because you will be subconsciously motivated by the beneficial suggestions and encouragements you will receive when you perform Hyp-Yoga.

More importantly, your mind will learn how to bring itself to a relaxed, calm state where your body will have the chance to make the positive changes it desperately needs to keep you healthy and energized.

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