August 4, 2021

Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates Suggests a Healthy Activity for Kids



In the spirit of National Children’s Dental Health Month, the Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates offers an idea for a healthy snack that also makes a great afternoon craft. For this smiling snack craft, says the Snodgrass-King team, parents will need a red apple, peanut butter, spreading sticks or butter knives and a small bag of miniature marshmallows. Of course, you may use any type of apple, notes the Snodgrass-King staff, but the apple will be cut up into segments to make a mouth shape and the red apple skin makes a nice lip color. If your child has a peanut allergy, says a Snodgrass-King dentist, substitute with another healthy yet sticky, spreadable food like almond butter or apricot jam.

The Snodgrass-King team suggests beginning the craft by giving your child a paper plate or other comparable workspace. Using an apple corer, remove the fruit’s core for the child, says Snodgrass-King, then slice the apple in half. Further slice the halved apple into segments that are about ½” wide. Give each child two apple segments, instructs the Snodgrass-King staff, one for the top and one for the bottom of the apple smile snack. A Snodgrass-King dentist says to then give the child about 1 tablespoon of peanut butter (or alternate) to apply to the apple wedges. Once the child has spread an even layer on both of the apple wedges, says Snodgrass-King, have him or her arrange the apple slices adjacent to each other to resemble the top and bottom of a mouth.

Give the child a small handful of mini white marshmallows, says the Snodgrass-King pediatric team. Instruct the child to stick the marshmallows into the peanut butter along the edges of the apple wedges, near the apple skin. This would be a good opportunity to review some basic tooth facts with the kids, suggests Snodgrass-King, like how cavities form or how often to brush the teeth. Once the child has formed the rows of top and bottom marshmallow teeth, says the Snodgrass-King pediatric dental team, help him or her to align one wedge on top of the other. With the top and bottom marshmallow teeth aligned and touching, concludes the Snodgrass-King team, the apple skins will now appear as lips smiling around a toothy marshmallow grin. Enjoy!

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About Snodgrass-King

Founded by Franklin, Tennessee-based pediatric dentists Dr. David Snodgrass and Dr. John T. King, Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates has a combined dental experience of nearly 100 years. The staff of Snodgrass-King provides outstanding service and offers an excellent dental experience with convenience for middle Tennesseans.

The co-founding dentists of Snodgrass-King offer a wide knowledge base that has earned them recognition across the Southeastern United States. Publishing numerous articles in orthodontic and pediatric journals, Dr. David Snodgrass serves part-time at Vanderbilt University as a clinical professor investing in the pediatric dentists of the near future. The Snodgrass-King co-founder is also a recognized lecturer as a member of the American Orthodontic Society, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the International Association of Orthodontics. Snodgrass-King co-founder Dr. John T. King has followed in the footsteps of his father, earning a Diplomat Board Certification with the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. A Franklin, Tennessee native, Dr. King enjoys mentoring other pediatric dentists.

Partnering with the Snodgrass-King co-founders are Dr. Jennifer House and Dr. David Burnside. Prior to joining the staff of Snodgrass-King, Dr. Jennifer House and Dr. David Burnside both completed their education at Boston University Medical Center. In addition to the common alma mater, both Dr. House and Dr. Burnside carry memberships in the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Dental Association, the Tennessee Dental Association and the Nashville Dental Society.

While parents bring their children to Snodgrass-King for the dental expertise, children love coming to Snodgrass-King because of the experience. Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates offers a unique experience to children who typically have the normal fears of going to the dentist. The moment a child steps into the Franklin, Tennessee office of Snodgrass-King, they are transported to a different dimension. Whether it is the random visits of Chomp, the Snodgrass-King alligator mascot, to the video games, or watching a movie during teeth cleanings, this pediatric dental office is anything but typical. So while mom and dad bring the kids because of the experience and education of the staff, the kids want to come simply because it is fun.

The dental team of Snodgrass-King takes their experience beyond just the local office. Pediatric dentists from the Franklin, Tennessee practice, along with Dr. David Snodgrass and Dr. John King, have taken their talents and expertise to the Dominican Republic and Haiti since 2007. On their most recent trip, the Snodgrass-King team served over 300 patients. In addition, Snodgrass-King has donated previously used dental equipment to the impoverished areas. The pediatric dentists of Snodgrass-King, wherever they are, are committed to serving with excellence.

The Snodgrass-King website ( offers numerous free information resources concerning pediatric oral health, safety tips and what to expect from a visit to the dentist’s office. On the website, parents can also find additional information concerning the services that Snodgrass-King offers including pediatric, orthodontic, and specialty dental work. For children needing specialty services, the Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates website explains more about the general and cosmetic work offered along with oral and maxillofacial specializations.

Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates has offices in Franklin, Spring Hill, Murfreesboro and Hermitage, Tennessee. For more information go to or call them at 615-771-1111.


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