April 11, 2021

Characteristics of a Productive Working Environment

Productive-OfficeThink about this, if two managers are equally good with their skills but only one is a team player, who will the boss hire or promote? The answer is obvious. Employers do not only want professional expertise and experience in their employees, they are also looking for other qualities: character traits for building rapports with customer and co-workers, interpersonal skills and communication skills.

Here are tips to using professional expertise and great leadership qualities to create a productive working environment.

Offer challenging, interesting work

Give your employees work that will challenge them and keep them busy. It will raise their self-esteem because they understand that you have faith in them. When employees stay involved in challenging and interesting work, they become more passionate and enjoy their work more.

Maintain a respectable tone

If you want to get the best results from your subordinates, you need to be assertive. Assertiveness is not about bulldozing your way through while disregarding people’s feelings. Instead, explain to your team members why you need them to do certain things and how they would help the organization. Be open to other people’s suggestions. And always accept responsibility for your decisions.

Create a ‘high-trust’ environment

This is defined as an environment where a person can do his or her best and make mistakes without being criticized. When employees realize that they won’t be punished for their mistakes, they become more creative and work more effectively with other people.

Offer a caring and friendly environment

A caring attitude is one of the great leadership qualities of a great manager. You’ll inspire your employee’s attitude and self-esteem. They will imitate your attitude and the way you act.

Offer good pay and opportunities

Offer opportunities for promotion and advancement. You’ll increase your employee’s work ethic immediately.


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