January 24, 2021

Weather Shield Reviews Team Explores How A Front Door Turns a House into Home

Weather Shield ReviewsThe Weather Shield Reviews Team understands how the front door of a home makes a first impression on guests and passersby. By instructing consumers on all their options, the Weather Shield Reviews Team improves the odds that they make the right decision. Here, the Weather Shield Reviews Team answers a few, pressing questions about this often challenging process.

Interviewing Experts: We’ve been looking forward to this chat all day. Welcome!

Weather Shield Reviews Team: That’s very kind of you. We hope to offer some insight into our selection of Entry Doors.

Interviewing Experts: Is there one particular aspect to keep in mind when buying an entry door?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: There are several matters at hand when a homeowner is thinking about the purchase of an entry door.

Interviewing Experts: What are the most important features, in your professional opinion?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Size is a necessary consideration, as well as location and type of material.

Interviewing Experts: Location…?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Yes, that’s right. Doors and windows facing the south receive more sunlight, which can have a number of harmful effects.

Interviewing Experts: How can a homeowner combat this issue?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Darker colored doors are a sure bet to working around the problem.

Interviewing Experts: Why is this?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Darker colored doors are known in the industry for absorbing a greater amount of heat. That can cost the homeowner a large sum of money.

Interviewing Experts: Is there one particular material that all manufacturers typically use?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Not at all. In fact, front entry doors are made in a broad range of different materials. The choice depends on the homeowner’s desired features.

Interviewing Experts: What if the homeowner simply wants a minor upgrade?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Our professionals can handle that task as well.

Interviewing Experts: Is wood the traditional door material in today’s inventory?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: The door and window industry has shifted from wood to two other materials – steel and fiberglass.

Interviewing Experts: How are these modern doors much different from the past?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Manufacturing improvements have resulted in a wide variety of realistic and highly attractive faux wood finishes.

Interviewing Experts: What if the homeowner wants a little natural light?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: The best option is to add sidelites or transoms, which bring the sunshine into any home.

Interviewing Experts: What about creating a decorative finish?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Dozens of different glass finishes are available in our inventory to give homeowners a little extra pop.

Interviewing Experts: Where do homeowners perform research on entry doors?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Our website is a great resource, with an extensive listing available at our online home, we have all consumers covered.

Interviewing Experts: What experience does the Weather Shield Reviews Team carry into each project?

Weather Shield Reviews Team: All of our professionals have received extensive training and exude professionalism in every single project.

Interviewing Experts: Terrific stuff. Thanks for sharing!

Weather Shield Reviews Team: Our pleasure!

As a benefit for all customers, the Weather Shield Reviews Team is proud to offer 20-year warranties on the purchase of all of our windows.



A leading manufacturer of quality window and door products, the team at Weathershield reviews the needs of the new construction industry continually to ensure their products fit with today’s end user expectations. Weathershield reviews which materials are best suited for each line, from their competitively priced Aspire line to the luxury line Premium Series.

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