March 17, 2018

Tips from Marc Fantich | Things to Remember when Advertising Locally

Growing numbers of small businesses are turning to local advertising to grow their companies. Media director and advertising expert Marc Fantich knows this well. To help large and small businesses alike, Marc Fantich has compiled several tips to consider before purchasing local advertising.

Fewer people are reading the newspaper, says Marc Fantich, but the rates are still rising. Newspaper advertising is not nearly as cost-effective as other means of advertising, explains Marc Fantich. He recommends staying away from it unless there is an extreme sale and your clients are college-educated or elderly. Remember that only some people read newspapers, says Marc Fantich. The newspaper has lost its reader base to the endless news stations on cable and satellite TV, as well as other news stations on satellite and local radio stations in markets across the nation.

Marc Fantich points out that yellow pages have gone by the way of the buggy whip. People simply don’t use them as much as they used to. Normally, people search online for phone numbers and companies they wish to find, says Marc Fantich.

Another option is to study Google search and learn how Adwords works in their search engine, continues Marc Fantich. This will take the average person three hours to learn, but is very important if you want people to find you, according to Marc Fantich.

It’s also important to stay away from clichés when writing scripts or providing the radio and TV stations with information. Marc Fantich explains that very few people care that your business is “family owned and operated for over 20 years.” This overused phrase has essentially lost its original value and meaning, says Marc Fantich. He also believes that the phrase “fast, friendly service,” causes listeners to think, “So what? You better offer me that!”

One of the most important tips that Marc Fantich offers clients is to avoid under spending. If a client needs $4000 to run a good campaign and they only have $2000, he recommends waiting until the complete budget is available. According to Marc Fantich, too may businesses fail because they under spend on an idea that is fundamentally a good one, but that not enough people will ever see or hear.


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