August 17, 2018

Aldo Disorbo Suggests Toys for Tots as Charity for Businesses to Support

Aldo-Disorbo-Christmas-Presents-Interviewing-ExpertsNationwide Relocation Services founder Aldo Disorbo says the Toys for Tots charity makes a difference to underprivileged children every year. Here, the Fort Lauderdale-based businessman talks to Interviewing Experts about his experience with the organization.

Interviewing Experts: Thank you for being here today. We know you are busy.

Aldo Disorbo: The pleasure is all mine.

Interviewing Experts: First, can you tell us a bit about your business for our readers?

Aldo Disorbo: I’m the owner of Nationwide Relocation Services. We’re a moving brokerage firm. We help customers find the right moving company that can work with their budget and specific relocation needs.

Interviewing Experts: Very interesting. Do most people have trouble finding their own moving company?

Aldo Disorbo: Absolutely—there are literally thousands of moving companies out there and more pop up every day. It can be mind-blowing.

Interviewing Experts: Let’s talk about your company’s charitable giving. Do you have a specific organization that you work with?

Aldo Disorbo: Nationwide Relocation Services works with many charitable organizations for many causes. But, the one that is nearest and dearest to my heart is Toys for Tots.

Interviewing Experts: Why’s that?

Aldo Disorbo: Toys for Tots provides hope to some of the country’s most needy children.

Interviewing Experts: How so?

Aldo Disorbo: Well, Christmas is a magical time for most people. It can, however, be a time of great distress for many families facing financial difficulties. The Toys for Tots program and the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves keep the magic alive by helping these families have a good Christmas morning.

Interviewing Experts: And Nationwide Relocation Services has partnered with Toys for Tots before?

Aldo Disorbo: Yes, absolutely. Thinking back, 2009 was probably our most successful year working with the charity. Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated staff and affiliates, we collected more than 500 toys for deserving children.

Interviewing Experts: No doubt that helped many families.

Aldo Disorbo: I’m proud to say there were a few hundred children waking up that morning to something special.

Interviewing Experts: How did people get toys to you?

Aldo Disorbo: Our employees brought in toys and opened up our office in Fort Lauderdale to the public as a drop-off point.

Interviewing Experts: When does Toys for Tots begin their toy drive?

Aldo Disorbo: They start every year in October and finish in mid-December.

Interviewing Experts: How long has Toys for Tots been around?

Aldo Disorbo: Toys for Tots was actually founded in 1947. The organization collected more than 5,000 toys its first year.

Interviewing Experts: We understand the Toys for Tots logo was designed by someone with quite a famous name?

Aldo Disorbo: Yes, in 1948 none other than Walt Disney himself designed the logo that features the caboose of the train and two rail cars. Over the last 50 years it has become an iconic symbol for the charity.

Interviewing Experts: How widespread is the Toys for Tots program?

Aldo Disorbo: Toys for Tots is found in all 50 states.

Interviewing Experts: How are children chosen to be recipients?

Aldo Disorbo: Parents can request help from the Toys for Tots website. Around Christmas, Toys for Tots coordinators work with welfare agencies and other groups to determine where the greatest need is.

Interviewing Experts: Can individuals volunteer with the program?

Aldo Disorbo: Yes. From what I understand they accept volunteers everywhere that they have an office or warehouse.

Interviewing Experts: What opportunities are available?

Aldo Disorbo: There are many different ways to help. Of course, you can always donate a toy—a drop-off location is never hard to find. Additionally, a Toys for Tots event can be held at a private home or office.

Interviewing Experts: You seem very passionate about this charity.

Aldo Disorbo: I am—this is one that I definitely recommend that all businesses, and especially those with great social connections, support. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you helped a child, and what better way than to make them smile on Christmas morning.

Interviewing Experts: We appreciate your time today. Thanks to you and Nationwide Relocation Services for all you’re doing for children in our communities.

Aldo Disorbo has had a passion for moving since his teens. He founded his first moving company with nothing more than an old beat-up truck and a dream. Today, Nationwide Relocation Services is the nation’s largest provider of third-party moving services in the country.


Aldo Disorbo has worked for more than 26 years to become one of most credible and respected entrepreneurs in the moving industry. He has always embodied the blue collar spirit and analytical mind that have been ingredients to his success.


  1. Daniel Thomas says:

    I had no clue that Toys for Tots was so widespread or that businesses could collect toys. I thought it was just like big box retail locations. I wonder who Aldo Disorbo contacted or how he got the idea to support this program?

  2. Paul Jackson says:

    500 toys is a lot of toys for people to donate. It’s cool that Also Disorbo involves his workers instead of just making a donation and getting the recognition for it. People need to encourage others to do good. The Boys and Girls Club is a great local charity for Aldo Disorbo so support.

  3. Mark White says:

    If I could say one thing to Aldo Disorbo it would be “thank you.” I lost my job in September of 2009 and had to turn to Toys for Tots for my three girls that year. If not for the generosity of Aldo Disorbo and the Grace of God, my kids may have lost their sense of magic in this world.

  4. Donald Harris says:

    Great to hear Toys for Tots still going strong. And with help from companies and individuals like Also Disorbo, it will continue to serve this nation’s poorest children for another 60 years or more. It’s such a wide-spread organization and has benefited many thousands of children over the years.

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