July 7, 2020

Roger Stanton Breaks Down the Elements of Marr’s Tri-Level Hypothesis

InterviewingExpertsAccording to Roger Stanton, any information process has the ability to be defined on numerous levels. In this brief interview, Roger Stanton describes the tri-level hypothesis as one where artificial or mental information-processing events will be examined on at least three levels. As well, Roger Stanton explains how neuroscientist David Marr developed the tri-level hypothesis in 1982.

Interviewing Experts: What are the levels of Marr’s hypothesis?

Roger Stanton: There are three levels: computational, algorithmic, and implementational.

Interviewing Experts: How is the computational level defined?

Roger Stanton: It is the most abstract of the three. In studying the computational level, a researcher will be concerned with two different tasks. [Read more…]