April 11, 2021

Bernadine Fried Employs Medical Research about Brain in Private Practice

Bernadine FriedFor Los Angeles-based therapist Bernadine Fried, the emergence of scientific research about the brain has assisted her in treating a diverse range of clients. More specifically, Bernadine Fried has employed these study findings to improve her private practice. According to Bernadine Fried, the brain is at the core of a person’s beliefs, values, thoughts and behaviors.

Interviewing Experts: It’s a pleasure to have you speaking with us today. Welcome to Interviewing Experts!

Bernadine Fried: Thank you for inviting me.

Interviewing Experts: Let’s get started. What’s your general impression of the brain after years of study?

Bernadine Fried: The brain is a truly riveting organ. As further research becomes available, it’s been fascinating to see the relationship that occurs between addiction and the brain. [Read more…]