August 4, 2021

Direct Media Power – Complaints to BBB are Key to Keeping Businesses Honest

Direct Media Power Complaints

Direct Media Power Complaints

Says Illinois-based Direct Media Power, complaints to the Better Business Bureau often capture the attention of business owner when personal contact has not. Here, the Direct Media Power Complaints Response Dept. answers questions about the procedure and why it’s important to speak up.

Q: I know customer service is important in your industry and Direct Media Power has a reputation of providing the best service around. What exactly does your company do?

Direct Media Power Complaints Dept: We offer radio marketing services. Essentially, we provide pay-per-call services where we foot the bill for our clients’ ad production and airing costs and they pay only for leads generated from the ads.

Q: That sounds like a win-win situation. So can you explain why the BBB is so important for businesses?

Direct Media Power Complaints Dept: The BBB, or Better Business Bureau, is a not for profit agency founded in 1912. The Bureau helps ensure marketplace trust by providing a neutral platform for consumers and businesses to settle disputes.

Q: Why is that important?

Direct Media Power Complaints Dept: When a consumer complains to a company, a few things can happen: the company can be proactive and rectify the situation, they can choose to ignore it, or they can disagree with the consumer.

Q: And when they ignore it or disagree, does the BBB step in?

Direct Media Power Complaints Dept: Yes, if the customer contacts them.

Q: Does the Better Business Bureau deal mostly with the public?

Direct Media Power Complaints Dept: They are a kind of liaison between the public and the business population.

Q: What kinds of businesses does the BBB mediate for?

Direct Media Power Complaints Dept: Virtually all. The do not, however, intervene with medical or legal disputes or issues that have already gone to litigation.

Q: How much does it cost to file a complaint with the BBB?

Direct Media Power Complaints Dept: It is free of charge.

Q: Why is it so important to have an organization like the Better Business Bureau?

Direct Media Power Complaints Dept: Any time you have an outside, neutral party that both parties trust for guidance, there is a greater chance for an acceptable outcome.

Q: So the customer remains happy?

Direct Media Power Complaints Dept: That is important but also so that the business can maintain their reputation, if they are a good company.

Q: So would you say that the Better Business Bureau is a trusted source for researching businesses?

Direct Media Power Complaints Dept: Absolutely, yes. When a consumer has a legitimate complaint, the BBB is usually the first place they turn.

Q: What about sites like

Direct Media Power Complaints Dept: These sites say that they were designed as a platform to warn other consumers about bad business practices. The problem is that they are so anonymous that anyone can say anything about another. For instance, a fired employee may bash his former place of work, pretending he or she is a customer. It makes the company – who has often done nothing wrong – look bad and can put hard working folks out of business.

The Direct Media Power Complaints Dept. takes a proactive approach to customer service. Direct Media Power can explain the entire pay-per-call radio advertising process to current and prospective customers in order to circumvent any potential misunderstandings. By doing so, says Direct Media Power, complaints about their services are limited. The company has maintained positive relationships with clients since their inception.



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