September 23, 2020

Interview Picks: Charles C. Brennan Dedicating Four Rooms of His Rock Academy to KISS

Charles C. BrennanCharles C. Brennan was excited to recently welcome rock ’n’ roll legends KISS to his Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Brennan Rock & Roll Academy. The band was on-site to view the four rooms Charles C. Brennan and his team at the Academy has dedicated—one for each of the band members. Gene Simmons specifically commented on the work the academy is doing, Charles C. Brennan recalls, saying that the academy is like a school where students learn to be rock stars.

Recently, Charles C. Brennan, a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, spoke to Interviewing Experts about the new rooms at the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy, which will be used for rehearsal for the school’s aspiring rock stars. As Charles C. Brennan explains, KISS is among several rock ’n’ roll VIPs who have stopped by the academy since its inception.

Interviewing Experts: Why did you choose KISS for this honor?

Charles C. Brennan: As far as rock legends go, it’s hard to find many who are as iconic as KISS. They represent an entire era of music that is important to anyone interested in learning to play music.

Interviewing Experts: The band stopped by the academy for the dedication ceremony. How amazing was that?

Charles C. Brennan: Pretty amazing. We had a great showing, with fans dressing up like the band members and the community showing their support for the academy. [Read more…]