May 21, 2018

Stephanie Izen Discusses Top 3 FREE Money Management Applications for iPhone

Stephanie Izen

Stephanie Izen

According to Stephanie Izen, one of the most useful groups of iPhone apps is the money management apps. Consumers can download apps that help manage bills, make budgets and read financial news, reports Stephanie Izen. There are also apps that allow individuals to perform banking transactions or manage their investment portfolios, adds Stephanie Izen.

Stephanie Izen recommends the following free money management apps for the iPhone:

1. Chase Mobile: Stephanie Izen knows that for many consumers, finding time to pay the bills can be quite a hassle. For Chase Bank customers, reports Stephanie Izen, a lot of the hassle is taken out with the Chase Mobile App. As Stephanie Izen reports, this app allows consumers to check real time account balances, transfer money and pay bills. And now, notes Stephanie Izen, users can deposit checks by simply taking a snapshot of the front and back of the endorsed check using the Chase Mobile App.  For more information, Stephanie Izen suggests checking out Chase QuickDeposit.
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