August 4, 2021

Matt Schilit on Incorporating iPads into the Life of a School Administrator

Matt Schilit

Matt Schilit

Matt Schilit is a longtime school administrator, having served as a teacher, assistant principal and principal.  In his current position with the Allendale County School District in South Carolina, Matt Schilit supervises all data, evaluation and testing. Since testing is an integral part of a school’s funding, it is important for school systems to find leaders such at Matt Schilit with extensive experience in the classroom environment.

Recently, Matt Schilit sat down for a conversation about the exciting new opportunities that technology, such as the Apple iPad, can bring to the school administrator’s job performance.

Interviewing Experts: Matt Schilit, you have voiced a great deal of enthusiasm about the Apple iPad. How is it so different from a laptop computer?

Matt Schilit:  It is the portability and wide variety of applications that set the iPad apart.  It used to seem so easy to bring a laptop into a meeting but now even that seems clunky and old-school!  The iPad is so small I can take it with me wherever I go and access all its amazing applications.

Interviewing Experts: Matt Schilit, what kind of applications do you refer to?

Matt Schilit:  With communication apps such as Skype and Google Talk, I can go anywhere in the school or off campus and still stay in touch with my staff, including every teacher in every classroom! And I am totally connected to the outside world as well.

Interviewing Experts: Matt Schilit, how about the increased ability to be away from your office; is there a downside to that?

Matt Schilit:  Not really.  With applications like Dropbox, Google Docs, and Docs to Go, I have access to all my documents stored in the Cloud. I can type a letter to a parent, save it to my Google Docs or Dropbox and have immediate access to that document using my Docs to Go app.  Back in the office I can then edit, print and send it.

Interviewing Experts: Matt Schilit, are you also able to access shared documents?

Matt Schilit:  Yes, of course.  With those same applications I have access to my entire professional document library, also stored in the Cloud.   I have immediate access to all official school documents such as the Student Handbook.

Interviewing Experts: Matt Schilit, is there any other plus to using this new technology?

Matt Schilit:  Well, besides the general boost to organizational efficiency, there is an image element as well.  Carrying and using an iPad as an administrator shows how much you as the leader embrace technology as it makes your job easier while you lead the school.  It’s inspiring to the teachers and students.

Matt Schilit holds a BA in Physical Education and a Master’s in Educational Administration from the University of South Carolina.




Matt Schilit is a longtime school administrator, having served as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal. In his current position with the Allendale County School District, Matt Schilit leads all data, evaluation, and testing.

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