August 4, 2021

Dean Spasser Says that Working at Home Jobs Are Out There – Finding Them is Tricky

Dean Spasser

Dean Spasser

Dean Spasser Says that Working at Home Jobs Are Out There – Finding Them is Tricky

Dean Spasser, author of the Premier Guidebook for Work at Home (WAH) Opportunities, offers insight to people seeking remote positions. Information Nation’s August 2011 interview with Dean Spasser reveals that there is more to working at home that just owning a computer…

Information Nation: Good morning, Dean Spasser. Thank you for chatting with us.

Dean Spasser: Glad to talk with you!

Information Nation: So, tell us, how did you get involved in working from home opportunities?

Dean Spasser: Well, back in the early ‘90s, I wanted to have more freedom to enjoy life, and got the idea that working from my St. Louis home might be the answer.

Information Nation: And was it?

Dean Spasser: Not at first. It really isn’t easy to find legitimate WAH opportunities. I spent countless hours, and had a few failed attempts at finding real companies that hired home workers before I decided to help people who had the same struggle I had.

Information Nation: So your company started as a way to give people a short cut to remote positions?

Dean Spasser: Yes, in a way. There is no real short cut to working at home. Working at home jobs are really self-employment. There are tax forms to file, offices to set up – it can be more difficult than people expect.

Information Nation: Sounds like any other job you‘d find around St. Louis?

Dean Spasser: Yes, it really is. Working independently requires strong self-discipline – even more so that what you’d need in a formal office setting.

Information Nation: Are there tax benefits from working at home?

Dean Spasser: There are a few, for sure. I always advise self-employed individuals to seek a good CPA! I know that there are many right here in St. Louis.

Information Nation: What kinds of working at home jobs are out there? What do people ask Dean Spasser about most often?

Dean Spasser: There are so many. Secretarial, Data Entry, Sewing, Computer related etc.

Information Nation: How do people go about finding the right opportunities?

Dean Spasser: Well, that’s part of the reason for my guidebook. There are many real companies that hire remote workers, but for people who really want it, it can be easy to believe false claims… It takes a lot of trial and error and time to weed though all of them.

Information Nation: Time that, from looking at your product, you have already spent.

Dean Spasser: Yes, I have spent countless hours collecting and refining the information; in it, I sincerely hope that folks find the information they’re looking for.

Dean Spasser is a St. Louis businessman and sole owner of a well-established direct mailing firm providing information on how to find legitimate work from home opportunities. A 1982 Graduate of the University of Missouri – St. Louis, he has spent the last 30 years refining his managerial and business operating skills. In his career, Dean Spasser has served as a real estate professional and successful entrepreneur but credits fatherhood as his most rewarding role yet.


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