March 3, 2021

Commercial Real Estate Company BentleyForbes Sees Opportunity in Volunteerism

BentleyForbesEmbracing the responsibilities of their status in the real estate community, the team at BentleyForbes is a committed advocate for a variety of charitable and philanthropic organizations throughout the U.S. By maintaining consistent support of a number of nonprofit institutions, BentleyForbes has become a role model for other corporate citizens. Here, the leadership of BentleyForbes explains why volunteerism is such a rewarding facet of their lifestyles.

Interviewing Experts: Good morning! Thanks for taking a little time out of your busy schedule to shed some light on the topic of volunteerism.

BentleyForbes: You’re welcome. It’s quite an important message to put across.

Interviewing Experts: When supporting volunteer efforts, what specific advantages have you experienced?

BentleyForbes: Volunteering can make a business feel like a vital part of the community, no matter what the cause. In pursuit of a common goal, volunteers gain a sense of confidence and belief that cannot be found anywhere else.

Interviewing Experts: How has BentleyForbes stood at the forefront of this powerful movement?

BentleyForbes: Our philanthropic activities are designed to make improvements within our local community and encourage people to make new friends with their neighbors.

Interviewing Experts: Why are charitable groups such a crucial element to the success of a community?

BentleyForbes: Charitable organizations serve as important vehicles that provide necessary assistance to the community. Many people have the misunderstanding that charity is about donating a large sum of money to solve the problem. That’s not the case.

Interviewing Experts: Explain…

BentleyForbes: Well, most nonprofit organizations require volunteers to perform general tasks on a regular basis. So even if people don’t have cash to spend, they can participate in charitable causes by donating their time.

Interviewing Experts: How can people donate their time and talents?

BentleyForbes: Well, as an example, clerical assistance is often needed so that all activities of the organization are planned correctly.

Interviewing Experts: Which type of organizations do you find are most sorely in need of active volunteers?

BentleyForbes: Food banks are a prime example. They almost always need volunteers to collect and organized donated goods.

Interviewing Experts: : Shelters and kitchens as well, right?

BentleyForbes: That’s right. Many volunteers even help prepare meals or send out care packages.

Interviewing Experts: What if these specific types of activities aren’t a person’s cup of tea?

BentleyForbes: Many business professionals use their skill sets to manage fundraisers and other public celebrations that may draw attention to a particular cause.

Interviewing Experts: And provide more opportunities to develop relationships…

BentleyForbes: So true. Volunteer efforts are the perfect chance to connect with like-minded individuals. These relationships are important in the grand scheme of things.

Interviewing Experts: How does BentleyForbes go about selecting the right philanthropic opportunities?

BentleyForbes: As a family-oriented company, our desire is to choose organizations that support youth initiatives.

Interviewing Experts: What are some of these initiatives?

BentleyForbes:  For one, the Boy Scouts of America. This youth organization has been around for over 100 years and continues to break new ground.

Interviewing Experts: How so?

BentleyForbes: It gives boys and young men a platform to share their talents and learn more about the world around them.

Interviewing Experts: Wonderful – we wish you luck on your future endeavors!

BentleyForbes: Thanks! The support is much appreciated.

BentleyForbes, a commercial real estate company based in California, has accumulated an impressive list of achievements since its establishment in 1993.


BentleyForbes is a privately held real estate development and investment company that has been recognized nationally as a premier organization in its field. Based in Los Angeles with activities nationwide, BentleyForbes focuses on the operation and acquisition of multi-family and commercial residential developments across a range of regional markets and property types. For over 20 years, the management team of BentleyForbes has featured active managers, acquirers and developers who are committed to the growth and success of each project. Possessing an experienced perspective of the real estate market, BentleyForbes has handled sale/leasebacks, partial sale/leasebacks properties, retail properties, hotels, Class A office, warehouse/industrial and multi-family residential properties.

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