March 3, 2021

Prospective College Students Looking for Value in Education Find Plenty of Top-Notch Options

According the US News, the average incoming college student will take cost into consideration when school shopping. While some may believe that a higher price means a better education, that simply isn’t always the case. The following highly respected schools have all been placed on the 2014 Best Value Schools list for offering excellent academics along with consumer friendliness.

California Institute of Technology

Just outside of Los Angeles, Caltech was founded in 1891 and boasts alumni such as Nobel laureates Vernon Smith and Douglas D. Osheroff along with Intel founder Gordon Moore and Former US Senator and Astronaut Harrison Schmitt. 52% of students here receive needs-based grants meaning the average 4-year tuition is approximately $21,500.

Cornell University

Attracting scholars from 122 countries, Cornell University is considered one of America’s premiere Ivy League Research Centers. And with an average degree costing just over $21,000 after grants and scholarships are accounted for, it’s one of the most affordable schools in the nation for those who can keep up with the curriculum.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is comprised of 32 academic departments and maintains a focus on engineering, science, and technology education and research. The university is considered one of the most selective, with an acceptance rate of just 7.73% on average. However, with a degree program that costs just under $20,000, those who are admitted save tens of thousands of dollars over similarly ranked schools.

Dartmouth College

Known for both its academic and athletic programs, Dartmouth was founded in 1769. Students today continue to uphold most of the school’s traditions. This liberal arts institute’s name is impossible to ignore on a resume which makes its cost of $21,587 per four-year degree a no-brainer for college-bound teens willing to relocate to its rural campus is Hanover, New Hampshire.

Other notable schools on the list include Columbia University, Texas A & M, the University of Virginia, and Notre Dame.

*All prices take need-based student aid into consideration.


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