July 16, 2018

BikesDirect | The Case for Physical Fitness – BikesDirect

The Case for Physical Fitness – BikesDirect

Any staffer at BikesDirect can tell you that exercise and diet are the most surefire ways to maintain your physical fitness. Physical fitness is the most effective way to cut the risk of heart disease, bring down blood sugar levels, lose weight, and improve all around health. But the people at BikesDirect continue to observe our modern world hurrying to a standstill. Our society is increasingly sedentary. Most essential tasks can be performed without leaving a chair. Even at BikesDirect it is a challenge to impress upon people the importance of physical fitness.

One of the credos at BikesDirect is that every human ought to exercise. The current recommendation at BikesDirect is half an hour a day of exercise. BikesDirect reveals that only one-third of the adult population of the USA gets enough exercise. In fact one quarter of those surveyed are not at all physically active.

Physical inactivity is considered a key reason for the rise in America of type-2 diabetes. The team at BikesDirect wants you to know that sedentary lifestyles and obesity increase insulin resistance. These factors lead not only to diabetes, but other health problems. According to BikesDirect, there is more information about this rising health issue in a 2003 study published by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. This study found that a lack of exercise and a general neglect of physical fitness are major factors that lead to serious diseases such as diabetes. BikesDirect cites these facts when telling customers about the importance of staying healthy and maintaining physical fitness.

The folks at BikesDirect say that there is good news! It is never too late to start exercising. Physical fitness is the easiest way to maintain health and prevent the onset of many diseases. BikesDirect reports that people who exercise regularly improve the overall condition of their body. Exercise helps fine-tune insulin sensitivity, helps with weight loss, and lowers the risk of heart disease. Besides avoiding illness, exercise releases endorphins and other beneficial bodily chemicals that have been proven to improve happiness. Happier and healthier – all this from a daily bike ride brought to you by Bikes Direct!

How To Get Started

To begin, BikesDirect suggests you always consult with your health care provider. Find out if you have any health factors that can guide you in setting up a safe and effective level of exercise. Doctors often perform stress tests to determine what kind of exercise is safest and most effective for each particular body. If you have certain health conditions, a doctor or a kinesiologist can design an exercise program for your particular situation. Then stop by the BikesDirect website.

Even if you already exercise regularly, a visit to BikesDirect can be a helpful way to update your exercise routine. BikesDirect reminds you to scale your exercise routine into something that will not overwhelm you. Exercise works best if you do it daily over the long term. Do not create a program that is too difficult or discouraging. Remember to keep moving! – BikesDirect


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