August 17, 2018

Fred Wehba | God’s Presence a Gift

Fred WehbaDoes God change lives? This question and more is answered here by Fred Wehba, who believes that God’s gifts should never be hidden but shared with all.

Q: Thank you for taking time out to chat with us today.

Fred Wehba: It’s always a pleasure.

Q: It seems as though you are one of the most outspoken Christians in the business world today. Would you mind talking with us about your faith and how it’s affected your life?

Fred Wehba: I would be honored and am always willing to speak to anyone interested in hearing about my faith.

Q: Were you always a devout Christian?

Fred Wehba: I believe that, like most, my faith has grown with age and experience. I was raised to love God but I don’t think you truly understand how important that love is until you are older.

Q: How does your faith affect your daily decisions?

Fred Wehba: In business?

Q: In every aspect of your life…

Fred Wehba: The fact that God exists is a gift to be celebrated with every breath.  I try to go about every day keeping in mind that all I do is because of Him.

Q: Everything…?

Fred Wehba: Absolutely! When you have a strong faith, you know that all you have is because of His gifts…His sacrifices… His love. Even the way that you interact with people is different once your faith becomes your foundation.

Q: How’s that?

Fred Wehba: You understand that we are all made in God’s image and thus everyone deserves our love the same way they deserve God’s.

Q: That’s really an amazing way to look at life.

Fred Wehba: Every aspect of my life is touched by the grace of God.

Q: Do you feel that this belief has impacted your professional successes?

Fred Wehba: I have never considered myself successful in the traditional sense. Money isn’t what makes one prosperous. It’s what you do with the assets you are given that determine your true wealth.

Q: What do you mean by “the assets you are given?” Hasn’t hard work played a role in your business?

Fred Wehba: Of course it has. You cannot expect to thrive in any endeavor without hard work. But, without God’s gifts of talents, drive, and determination, there would be no successes.

Q: It’s amazing how each person has a different combination of these attributes.

Fred Wehba: It is, indeed. God knows what He is doing and had a plan for each one of us before we were ever conceived. And it’s such a blessing when you are able to receive and share His gifts.

Q: So God changes lives?

Fred Wehba: It’s not really fair to say that God changes lives in the sense that our lives could have been different if not for our acceptance of Him; God knew all along when we would learn to follow our faith. Our lives are laid out in a perfect path before us but it’s when He allows us to receive Him that our sight is clear.

Q: That’s something to ponder on. We thank you again, Fred Wehba, for taking the time to speak with us today.

Fred Wehba: Please feel free to contact me any time.