September 29, 2020

Sophia Wong of YOR Health Tackles Her Role as a Nutritional Products Guru

Sophia Wong YOR HealthA health products leader and innovator, Sophia Wong of YOR Health embraces the responsibility of helping people live out their wildest dreams. At the forefront of of an eat-healthy,  positive movement, Sophia Wong and YOR Health believe that community is the foundation of all the company’s efforts. In this conversation with Interviewing Experts, Sophia Wong of YOR Health explains the role of her organization in shaping lives.

Interviewing Experts: Hi, Sophia! We’ve been looking forward to our chat all week. Thank you for coming.

Sophia Wong, YOR Health: It’s such an honor. Thanks so much for the invitation.

Interviewing Experts: Why are nutrition and diet such important values for you and your company?

Sophia Wong, YOR Health: With healthier living, people are more empowered to make good decisions in their personal and professional worlds. [Read more…]

YOR Health Draws Support from Athletic Advisor Ben ‘Abstacker’ Handsaker

YOR HealthFitness model Ben “Abstacker” Handsaker is one of the leading promoters of YOR Health products. YOR Health has been proud to include Ben as a critical part of their mission. Below, YOR Health describes Ben’s connection with the brand and shares details about his international triumphs in 2013.
Interviewing Experts: First of all, “Abstacker” is such a unique nickname.
YOR Health: It is – but this interesting moniker fits the man.
Interviewing Experts: Who is Ben “Abstacker” Handsaker?
YOR Health: He is a world-renowned model from Australia, the first member from that country to serve on the YOR Health Athletic Advisory Board. He has earned a series of victories in 2013 that represent our company very well.
Interviewing Experts: What are some of Ben’s major accomplishments?
YOR Health: As a result of his hard work, dedication and fierce commitment, Ben reached the very top of his demanding field during this past year. A series of awards and accolades speak to his tremendous achievements over the course of the last 12 months. [Read more…]

YOR Health Products Offer Quality Supplements

YOR Health ProductsYOR Health was founded in California in 2008 and is at the forefront of a revolution in how the world approaches nutrition and wellness. YOR Health products were developed based on scientific research that has proven that how nutrients are absorbed is just as important as what is actually consumed. Here the YOR Health products team discusses the different categories of products that YOR Health offers.

Interviewing Experts: How would you describe YOR Health products?

YOR Health Products Team: We create and market nutritional products designed to help people obtain optimal health and wellness.

Interviewing Experts: YOR Health products address different aspects of health maintenance, right?

YOR Health Products Team: That’s right. We have four basic categories: weight management, essentials, energy and fitness, and digestive health.

Interviewing Experts: Can you break those down a little for us?

YOR Health Products Team: Of course. Our weight management products help people tackle the health risks of being overweight. YOR MRP packs proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into a convenient, hunger-suppressing, calorie-controlled package. We also offer YOR CompleteBurn, which contains ingredients designed to increase the metabolic rate and encourage fat loss.

Interviewing Experts: Tell us about the YOR Health Essentials products.

YOR Health Products Team: YOR Essential Vitamin supports good health with a multitude of essential vitamins, minerals, herbal and botanical extracts and enzymes derived from the highest quality ingredients and formulated for maximum effectiveness. The other product in this line is YOR SuperGreens, which contains the equivalent antioxidant power of approximately 24 servings of fruits and vegetables in every serving.

Interviewing Experts: YOR Health products are known for their fitness benefits. Tell us about those?

YOR Health Products Team: Yes, exercise is important but so is replacing the nutrients that a fitness regimen uses up. By allowing the body to recover and rebuild, exercise becomes more efficient. YOR Berry Blast is an innovative blend of 19 all-natural fruits and berries, antioxidant power and a patented enzyme activation system that all work together to protect against energy drops during the day.

Interviewing Experts: Which among the YOR Health products focuses on the reparative element?

YOR Health Products Team: Actually, two products. YOR Repair and YOR Repair Ultra combine highly active enzymes, vitamins, minerals and herbs formulated to support muscle recovery and tissue repair. These revolutionary combinations of highly active enzymes and antioxidants work with the body’s own processes to help ease muscle soreness caused by exercise, physical strain or sports-related injuries.

Interviewing Experts: What’s the difference between the two?

YOR Health Products Team: Ultra just has about four times the enzyme activity of Repair for the serious athlete.

Interviewing Experts: Tell us more about the YOR Health products digestive line.

YOR Health Products Team: A properly functioning digestive system is critical to good health. YOR Health products include Fiber Plus for good regularity; Digest Ultra, a full spectrum digestive support containing plant enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics; and YOR 1-2-3-4, the first customized digestive support product designed to meet each person’s unique metabolic makeup.

Interviewing Experts: And I’m sure YOR Health products features probiotics as well, correct?

YOR Health Products Team: Of course. We offer YOR Probitocs and Probiotics Ultra, each containing billions of active microorganisms to promote optimal digestion and nutrition.


YOR Health Embraces Simple, Yet Effective, Philosophy

YOR Health

YOR Health

With a mission that puts people first, YOR Health is taking the world by storm with its superior nutrition products that inspire customers to live a healthy lifestyle. From the company’s many engaging conferences to global fitness challenges, YOR Health reflects everyday how a company should interact with both customers and Independent Representatives (IRs). YOR Health was established in 2008.

Rapid World Changes

The global environment, according to YOR Health, places heavy demands on citizens. To survive, people must make smart choices about how they work, how they maintain health and how they use resources available to them. Whether it’s deciding how to make the best use of time, how to spend money, or planning for the future, it’s vital to make a smart choice or risk falling behind.

Fortunately, there is help. Today’s most innovative businesses – companies like YOR Health – are stepping in with smart solutions. YOR Health was founded with a smart premise: The old ways just don’t work anymore.  Rapid changes in the world of health, finance, technology and business are reshaping the world. This new world demands new approaches, says YOR Health.

YOR Health: Finding New Answers to Old Problems

Health provides a good example, explains the team at YOR Health. In the U.S. and elsewhere, the cost of conventional healthcare is outstripping the capacity to pay. Meanwhile, YOR Health points out that biotechnology advances are pushing aside yesterday’s knowledge about how the body works and the best way to keep it healthy, lean, energetic and strong.

When the founders of YOR Health decided to look for a simple nutritional solution to improve people’s overall health and wellbeing, they didn’t settle for established answers. The YOR Health visionaries searched for new solutions and went in a novel direction, towards digestive health. As it turns out, scientists have been discovering some very interesting things about the impact of digestion on general health, reports YOR Health.

The digestive system affects every other system in the body. It is responsible for feeding every cell in every organ, according to YOR Health. So feeling tired and having low energy may be the result of digestive issues, says YOR Health. Are you struggling with weight issues? Again, poor digestion could be the culprit.

Joint and muscle aches, many types of pain, and issues such as bloating, irregularity and indigestion may trace their source to the digestive tract, explains YOR Health. Where once we saw many discrete problems, such as obesity, chronic pain, and fatigue, each with their own separate solution, we now see one ultimate problem: poor digestion. And, that means one solution. YOR Health is the solution.

YOR Health: A Smart Solution

The YOR Health approach is smart. By focusing on digestion, YOR Health is able to address a multitude of issues. That is the beauty and the simplicity of the YOR Health products, which are designed to work for a wide range of people, and to support a wide variety of challenges. This is why everyone can benefit from YOR Health products.

Customers and IRs alike know it’s a relief to have one less thing to worry about and often feel smarter after making the YOR Health choice to improve digestive health and, at the same time, improve quality of life.

Whatever your challenges are, all that is needed is to plug into the YOR Health product system, and let YOR Health provide the answers. For more information, visit YOR Health online at