May 25, 2020

YOR Health Products Offer Quality Supplements

YOR Health ProductsYOR Health was founded in California in 2008 and is at the forefront of a revolution in how the world approaches nutrition and wellness. YOR Health products were developed based on scientific research that has proven that how nutrients are absorbed is just as important as what is actually consumed. Here the YOR Health products team discusses the different categories of products that YOR Health offers.

Interviewing Experts: How would you describe YOR Health products?

YOR Health Products Team: We create and market nutritional products designed to help people obtain optimal health and wellness.

Interviewing Experts: YOR Health products address different aspects of health maintenance, right?

YOR Health Products Team: That’s right. We have four basic categories: weight management, essentials, energy and fitness, and digestive health.

Interviewing Experts: Can you break those down a little for us?

YOR Health Products Team: Of course. Our weight management products help people tackle the health risks of being overweight. YOR MRP packs proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into a convenient, hunger-suppressing, calorie-controlled package. We also offer YOR CompleteBurn, which contains ingredients designed to increase the metabolic rate and encourage fat loss.

Interviewing Experts: Tell us about the YOR Health Essentials products.

YOR Health Products Team: YOR Essential Vitamin supports good health with a multitude of essential vitamins, minerals, herbal and botanical extracts and enzymes derived from the highest quality ingredients and formulated for maximum effectiveness. The other product in this line is YOR SuperGreens, which contains the equivalent antioxidant power of approximately 24 servings of fruits and vegetables in every serving.

Interviewing Experts: YOR Health products are known for their fitness benefits. Tell us about those?

YOR Health Products Team: Yes, exercise is important but so is replacing the nutrients that a fitness regimen uses up. By allowing the body to recover and rebuild, exercise becomes more efficient. YOR Berry Blast is an innovative blend of 19 all-natural fruits and berries, antioxidant power and a patented enzyme activation system that all work together to protect against energy drops during the day.

Interviewing Experts: Which among the YOR Health products focuses on the reparative element?

YOR Health Products Team: Actually, two products. YOR Repair and YOR Repair Ultra combine highly active enzymes, vitamins, minerals and herbs formulated to support muscle recovery and tissue repair. These revolutionary combinations of highly active enzymes and antioxidants work with the body’s own processes to help ease muscle soreness caused by exercise, physical strain or sports-related injuries.

Interviewing Experts: What’s the difference between the two?

YOR Health Products Team: Ultra just has about four times the enzyme activity of Repair for the serious athlete.

Interviewing Experts: Tell us more about the YOR Health products digestive line.

YOR Health Products Team: A properly functioning digestive system is critical to good health. YOR Health products include Fiber Plus for good regularity; Digest Ultra, a full spectrum digestive support containing plant enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics; and YOR 1-2-3-4, the first customized digestive support product designed to meet each person’s unique metabolic makeup.

Interviewing Experts: And I’m sure YOR Health products features probiotics as well, correct?

YOR Health Products Team: Of course. We offer YOR Probitocs and Probiotics Ultra, each containing billions of active microorganisms to promote optimal digestion and nutrition.