September 29, 2020

Stephen Samuelian: Skilled Nursing More Than Just Day-To-Day Care

Stephen SamuelianSkilled nursing care and assisted living are often confused with one another. However, according to today’s guest, Stephen Samuelian, the two are very different.

Interviewing Experts: Good morning and thank you for taking the time to chat with us today.

Stephen Samuelian: I’m glad to do it.

Interviewing Experts: So, tell us, what is the difference between a skilled nursing care facility and an assisted living community?

Stephen Samuelian: While both provide care to senior adults, a skilled nursing facility is different in that these facilities are geared more toward seniors who cannot care for themselves. [Read more…]

Stephen Edward Samuelian Discusses Two Rules Guiding a Right Time to Purchase Real Estate

Stephen Edward Samuelian

“There are two rules regarding the ‘smartest time’ to purchase real estate,” says Stephen Edward Samuelian.  According to Stephen Edward Samuelian, rule number one is to purchase real estate when it is on sale.  Rule number two, Stephen Edward Samuelian adds, is that “When in doubt about the smartest time to purchase real estate, see rule number one.”  While Stephen Edward Samuelian said he understands that purchasing real estate on sale is not always an option, it is “preferable and smart.” [Read more…]