August 4, 2021

Dan Sciscente Introduces Communi-T 2.0

Dan Sciscente

Dan Sciscente

Dan Sciscente founded e-Nov, a Canadian company that builds search engines and interactive websites. It was while working with e-Nov that Dan Sciscente discovered his talent for managing innovative technology projects, ranging from SAP implementations in small to large businesses to large-scale SAN migrations. Along with a partner, Dan Sciscente co-founded Communi-T, a web-based and mobile SAP solution. Today, Dan Sciscente talks to Interviewing Experts about the latest release of his revolutionary SAP software, Communi-T 2.0.

Interviewing Experts: You recently debuted Communi-T 2.0 at the SAPPHIRENOW in Orlando, Florida. What changes can users expect in this new version?

Dan Sciscente: Like many software solution providers, Communi-T is turning its focus to mobile distribution throught web mobile and web services.

Interviewing Experts: For those who missed the conference, Dan Sciscente announced that some users would be able to develop their own applications with Communi-T 2.0.

Dan Sciscente: Yes, upgraded users will be able to develop their own applications using the web services SDK that is included in Communi-T 2.0, as well as experience the faster performance of the 2.0 version.

Interviewing Experts: One of the best things about Communi-T has been its quick installation.

Dan Sciscente: We’ve always impressed our customers with the fact that Communi-T is an “out of the box” solution. In most cases, our customers are able to have the product installed and in full use within the first day.

Interviewing Experts: Plus, unlike other software solutions, Communi-T doesn’t require additional software to run…

Dan Sciscente: Correct. Some SAP software packages require something called “middleware” to function properly. Not Communi-T. Not only is no additional software required, but Communi-T’s customization capabilities allow businesses to truly make our software their own.

Interviewing Experts: One of the things your customers speak about is the fact that your software is so user-friendly. Will Communi-T 2.0 continue this tradition?

Dan Sciscente: Like its predecessor, Communi-T 2.0 still offers easy-to-use screens, document management system (DMS), SharePoint/ Portal integration and full of other feature that are geared specifically toward making the experience more pleasant for users.

Interviewing Experts: What prompted you to develop Communi-T?

Dan Sciscente: We had been web-enabling SAP for over 10 years on more specific projects for clients. At some point, we decided to package this in a box with a 5-step easy approach. Functional admins follow these simple 5-steps and transactions become available to web platforms, web services and mobile web.

Interviewing Experts: You showcased Communi-T 2.0 at the Sapphire Now Conference, where users were able to get a preview of the new product.

Dan Sciscente: Yes, but even users who didn’t attend the conference can get a preview. We’re offering a free trial of Communi-T 2.0 at There are 3 popular transactions available and installing has never been easier.

Interviewing Experts: And for those companies concerned about the cost of implementing an SAP solution?

Dan Sciscente: Our solution is affordable for businesses of all sizes, but the ROI on Communi-T 2.0 is easily measurable, especially when compared to the cost of current processes. SAP can help a company become more efficient and productive, saving money in the long run- Communi-T helps companies distribute information to customers, vendors and employees.

Interviewing Experts: Thank you for talking to us today, Dan Sciscente. We’ll look forward to seeing continued success with Communi-T’s interactive SAP solution.

Dan Sciscente lives in Canada, where he is a leader in the I.T. field. While he’s excited about SAP, he is always on the lookout for great ideas that can help automate businesses processes. When working with companies on SAP solutions, Dan Sciscente considers the business side first, keeping in mind that a company’s top priority is meeting the day-to-day needs of doing business.


Dan Sciscente has been an Information Technology professional for over two decades, having originally started as a Software Developer and Network Administrator at the age of 23. In the early stages of his career, Dan Sciscente saw a great demand for network design and support as businesses began to migrate their infrastructure to collaboration-based environments. With this knowledge, Dan Sciscente successfully built a local client base that required servicing with network and security needs, as well as participating in strategic company steering efforts with regards to the technological direction they should take.

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