January 19, 2017

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO, Explains Types of Retirement Communities

Pam Gray Bonaventure

Pam Gray Bonaventure

Pam Gray of Bonaventure Senior Living has been in the senior care industry for more than 20 years. With a wealth of experience in serving seniors, Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO since 2007, understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to retirement communities. In the following interview, Pam Gray of Bonaventure describes some of the most popular types of retirement communities.

Interviewing Experts: Thanks for joining us! Please tell readers about Bonaventure.

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: Bonaventure is a senior living and care company, with 37 communities located in six western U.S. states.

Interviewing Experts: Describe Bonaventure’s senior communities.

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO:  Bonaventure provides independent retirement communities, full service retirement, assisted living, and memory care residences.

Interviewing Experts: How do these residences differ?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: The retirement communities are for older adults who are healthy and active and want to live around other seniors and enjoy spending their free time doing what they want to do, such as participating in our wide variety of scheduled activities.

Interviewing Experts: What activities do you offer these healthy, active seniors?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: Bonaventure offers daily activities like gardening, dance lessons, exercise classes, arts and crafts, and scheduled outings to local attractions.

Interviewing Experts: What about Assisted Living?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: These communities are for seniors who want to enjoy their retirement years, but may also need assistance with daily living tasks, such as dressing and bathing. They are not necessarily in need of skilled medical care.

Interviewing Experts: What is unique about Memory Care?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO:  Memory Care residences address the unique needs of seniors facing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Here, the focus is on helping the senior live with dignity while taking part in activities specifically designed with their particular needs in mind.

Interviewing Experts: What other types of retirement communities are out there?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: There are mixed-age communities where retirees and young families live side by side. There are also independent retirement cottages sometimes located on-site with retirement living residences that are a lot like Bonaventure retirement communities.  The cottages are separate houses with their own yards, garage, full kitchens, multiple bedrooms – just like your own house but with all the benefits of a full service staff.

Interviewing Experts: Do seniors have to move from place to place as they age to get additional services?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: In some cases, yes. However, with Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), seniors can stay in one community all through the aging process.  As their needs changes, the communities can adapt to the resident without requiring another big move to a new location.

Interviewing Experts: Besides staying in one place, what are the benefits of CCRCs?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: CCRCs encourage community building and allow spouses to stay together, no matter what health concerns arise.

Interviewing Experts: What if a senior wants to stay in his or her own home?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: There are home health care agencies which provide in-home services.  In Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities, seniors band together to secure services they may need, like all pitching in for transportation.

Interviewing Experts: Are there other examples?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: Co-housing allows seniors to live in their own house or condo while sharing a community space, like cooking and dining facilities.

Interviewing Experts: What about residences for the seniors with serious medical issues?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: More traditional nursing homes provide skilled nursing 24 hours a day, seven days a week for those with the greatest needs.

Interviewing Experts: How should people choose a retirement community?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: Consider facility features; proximity to family, shopping and parks; on-site opportunities; level of care and overall expense.  Most importantly, you want to feel “at home” in your community, so developing a relationship with the care staff is crucial.

Interviewing Experts: How can people learn more about Bonaventure?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO: Visit us online at RetirementPerfected.com to locate your nearest community and simply come in for a visit!

Pam Gray, Bonaventure and its team pride themselves in providing compassionate care to thousands of seniors annually. In addition to senior care, Pam Gray of Bonaventure enjoys gardening and spending time with her family. To learn more about Pam Gray, Bonaventure and senior residences, call (503) 566-5715.

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Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO, joined the company in 2004. Bonaventure operates and manages 37 retirement facilities in six states. Prior to her appointment as Chief Operating Officer, Gray served as Regional Director of Operations. With over 20 years of practical experience in senior living, Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO, brings a wealth of value to Bonaventure’s extensive network of retirement and assisted living facilities

Early in her career, Pam Gray, Bonaventure COO, served as a house coordinator for Farmington Square. This position afforded her the opportunity to interact with residents and learn firsthand what types of activities and amenities mattered most to them. According to Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living serves seniors in situations ranging from independent living to hospice care. She explains that, as a house coordinator, she gained valuable hands-on experience with these residents.

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