February 22, 2017

KSA Kosher Explains Its Impact on the Kosher Industry

KSA KosherKosher Supervision of America (KSA Kosher) is an agency located in the western part of the United States. KSA Kosher is the largest and most renowned kosher certification in the country. According to the team at KSA, kosher sales continue to grow across the U.S. at a significant rate.  

Interviewing-Experts: What exactly is “KSA Kosher?”

KSA Kosher: KSA Kosher is a certification agency that approves products for kosher labeling in supermarket chains, restaurants and other venues where food is sold. All foods with the KSA Kosher label are in good standing after undergoing a rigorous examination.

Interviewing-Experts: Where else can KSA Kosher certified products be seen?

KSA Kosher: Independent grocers, hotel chains, food manufacturers and bakeries also sell food that is certified by KSA.

Interviewing-Experts: How well known is KSA Kosher?

KSA Kosher: We are one of the major agencies in the United States, earning praise from numerous synagogues and rabbis both domestically and internationally.

Interviewing-Experts: Does KSA Kosher have a defined mission?

KSA Kosher: Yes, definitely. We are committed to providing the KSA Kosher certification to food items so they may be consumed by individuals who follow Jewish dietary law.

Interviewing-Experts: Can you explain further?

KSA Kosher: Our goal is to assure consumers that all equipment and ingredients utilized to process a food product will meet strict kosher standards.

Interviewing-Experts: Do you think the general public believes kosher certified products are safer?

KSA Kosher: Yes, we do. Given the strict rules of staying kosher, along with the close supervision by rabbis, many consumers assume that products with a kosher label possess an added supervision and set of eyes watching the preparation of the product and are less likely to undergo micro-biological contamination.

Interviewing-Experts: Why would a food not be considered kosher?

KSA Kosher: Reasons vary as to why a particular food may not be considered kosher. Most importantly is the species of animal, fish, or its by-product.

Interviewing-Experts: What else?

KSA Kosher: Other possible reason would include incorrect processing or slaughtering practices, blending of dairy and meat items, or the usage of non-kosher ingredients.

Interviewing-Experts: How many kosher food products are produced annually?

KSA Kosher: More than $30 billion in kosher foods are produced annually in the United States.

Interviewing-Experts: How much business will the kosher industry do each year?

KSA Kosher: More than 8 million people specifically look for the kosher label while grocery shopping. This results in nearly $3 billion in kosher food sales annually.

Interviewing-Experts: That’s quite a large figure!

KSA Kosher: And the annual rate is growing about 15 percent each year. This compares to just a 1-2 percent increase across the entire food industry. For most people, the term “kosher” truly means that the food is a quality product prepared with care.

Interviewing-Experts: Where are the KSA Kosher offices located?

KSA Kosher: KSA is based out of Los Angeles, but satellite offices are found throughout the world.

Interviewing-Experts: Does KSA monitor food production?

KSA Kosher: KSA staff members regularly visits facilities where kosher products are made to ensure accuracy.

Interviewing-Experts: What are inspectors looking for?

KSA Kosher: Inspectors will investigate the production to see that all food sources are exactly the same and continues to meet all kosher production regulations.

Interviewing-Experts: No substitutions?

KSA Kosher: Absolutely no substitutions are allowed without prior approval from the KSA office to ensure it meets Kosher regulations.

Interviewing-Experts: Who generally makes these inspections?

KSA Kosher: There are rabbis located in various areas around the world who oversee this process.

For more information on the KSA Kosher philosophy, visit their website at ksakosher.com.


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Kosher Supervision of America (KSA Kosher) is the largest kosher certification agency in the Western U.S. With the active support of synagogues and rabbis representing a cross-section of the Jewish community, Kosher Supervision of America (KSA Kosher) puts its stamp on certified kosher grocery products across the globe.

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