August 4, 2021

Green Water Technologies on How Pro Elite Systems Reduce Detergent Usage

Green-Water-Technologies-DetergentGreen Water Technologies is a nationally recognized company that offers GE Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment Systems to San Antonio and other parts of South Texas. Here, Green Water Technologies discusses how softened water helps customers reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating the need for excess detergent in their daily household chores.

Interviewing Experts: What’s the leading question that customers ask when inquiring about your services?

Green Water Technologies: Customers always want to know how to get dishes and clothes cleaner while using less detergent.

Interviewing Experts: How do customers make this happen in their homes?

Green Water Technologies: Two revolutionary independent studies demonstrated how this can be possible by introducing softened water.

Interviewing Experts: Who conducted these independents studies?

Green Water Technologies: The studies were performed in 2011 by Scientific Services S/D Inc., with funding provided by the Water Quality Research Foundation.

Interviewing Experts: What were the key results?

Green Water Technologies: In washing machines, the presence of softened water allows detergent usage to be drastically reduced.

Interviewing Experts: By how much?

Green Water Technologies: The average is 50 percent. Softened water also saves energy because users can wash their clothes and dishes at the cold-water setting as opposed to the hot-water setting.

Interviewing Experts: Are the clothes cleaner as a result?

Green Water Technologies: Yes, in fact, people actually see better stain removal, as well as whiter clothes, when compared with hard water.

Interviewing Experts: What about results for dishwashers?

Green Water Technologies: With areas experiencing hard water, softened water will potentially mean cutting detergent usage by up to 70 percent.

Interviewing Experts: That’s a remarkable decrease.

Green Water Technologies: Absolutely.

Interviewing Experts: Are these adjustments environmentally friendly?

Green Water Technologies: In most cases, softened water can decrease reliance on harmful polluting fuels as a result of energy savings. It also cuts back on the detergents that flow through water streams.

Interviewing Experts: Have these developments been studied?

Green Water Technologies: No research studies have quantified this development yet, but scientific experts continue to monitor the positive impact of softened water.

Interviewing Experts: What are other benefits of soft water?

Green Water Technologies: Soft water can help to extend the life of all major appliances by ensuring that equipment and pipes remain protected.

Interviewing Experts: Where can people learn more about water softening devices?

Green Water Technologies: The best way is to explore Water Quality Association–certified products online, and to contact one of our professionals who can guide customers through the process of eliminating hard water from their homes.

Green Water Technologies, based in San Antonio, Texas, is the city’s provider of the Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System by GE. At Green Water Technologies, a team of experienced professionals helps customers address their specific water issues and concerns.


San Antonio-based Green Water Technologies is an area-exclusive distributor of the Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System by General Electric. The company was founded in 2010 to combat the negative effects of untreated water throughout South Texas.
Green Water Technologies is a Better Business Bureau A-rated company and was awarded the distinction of No. 1 GE dealer two years in a row for exceptional sales and service.
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