June 27, 2017

William Howland MD Explains Childhood Asthma and Offers Relief

William Howland MD

William Howland MD

William Howland MD says that childhood asthma is increasing, and allergies are an overwhelming contributing factor to the upswing, he reports. For children with asthma, their lungs and airways become inflamed when they are exposed to triggers such as pollen, William Howland MD says. In other instances, childhood asthma is triggered by a cold or respiratory infection. William Howland MD explains that inflammation by either a cold or pollen can create a narrowing of the airway and a buildup of mucous – which leads to coughing, difficulty breathing and wheezing.

William Howland MD believes that although asthma doesn’t differ between children and adults, children do face challenges that are unique to their age group. One particular statistic that concerns William Howland MD is that childhood asthma is the leading reason for emergency room visits, hospitalization and school absences. Additionally, William Howland MD believes that childhood asthma interferes with the joys of youth. An early warning sign of asthma is when a child coughs while playing sports, exercising, or simply playing with friends, William Howland MD says.

One way to test a child for asthma is a lung function test that can be performed on most children who are over four. That test, William Howland MD explains, can help determine what medication is well suited for a child. Treating asthma is a two-pronged process, reports William Howland MD. The first part is to prevent symptoms; the second is to knowing how to treat an asthma attack. Long-term preventative medications reduce inflammation in a child’s airways which cause the asthma symptoms, William Howland MD explains. Quick-relief inhalers open narrowed airways during an attack.

William Howland MD believes that using long-term medications in conjunction with quick-relief inhalers can help children affected with asthma to lead productive – and fun – childhoods. William Howland MD can also prescribe allergy medication for a child who has allergy triggers for asthma. Under-treated or untreated childhood asthma can possibly be fatal in rare instances, William Howland MD warns. Unfortunately, childhood asthma is incurable and the symptoms may last into adulthood. However William Howland MD concludes that with the right treatment, a child should be able to participate in any activity, not miss school due to asthma and have healthy lungs in adulthood.

William Howland MD has been voted one of the best doctors in Austin by the magazine Austin Monthly. In addition to his busy private practice, Allergy and Asthma Center of Austin (www.nosneezes.com), William Howland MD conducts research in the field of allergies and asthma, seeking to find new medications to ease symptoms. Dr. William Howland MD has a special interest in Cedar Fever, a wintertime allergy that affects Texans. His research has been widely published and he hosts a regular televised segment on KVUE news about allergies.


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