October 20, 2020

Great Careers for Every Industry

Most people believe that a good job these days means a degree in information technology. While it’s true that IT professionals are today’s most in-demand white collar worker, there are still hundreds of vocations that don’t require eye (and brain) strain.

Business Jobs

Market Research Analyst is a nifty job title and a great career for those who want to be “in the know” all the time. These are the people that watch what other people are buying and make sure their clients have the best and most innovative products for their customers. Starting Salary: $43,000

An Accountant is a financial expert who maintains the flow of a company’s (or individual’s) money. Essentially, an accountant accounts for where money is spent, where it’s going to be spent, and when more is coming in. Starting Salary:  $49,000

Construction Jobs

It might not sound that glamorous, but being a Plumber is actually one of the most sought-after careers in the construction industry. More than just the guys that fix leaks, a plumber is an expert in water flow and is an essential partner during building or remodeling a home or business. Starting Salary: $36,000

A Cost Estimator is a person who calculates what a construction project is likely to cost the builder. He or she must look ahead and estimate the time and resources it will take to complete the job and foresee any potential hidden costs. Starting Salary: $44,000

Healthcare Jobs

A healthy smile is usually achieved with the help of a Dentist who has undergone rigorous training to help keep their patients’ teeth and gums in top-notch shape. A dentist may work in private practice, in a hospital setting, or with a healthcare group. Starting Salary: $104,000

Highly in demand, the Registered Nurse is one of the most visible staff members at any healthcare institute. An RN has a diversified position that includes medical care of patients, clerical responsibilities, and customer service. They are often the face of their environment. Starting Salary: $53,000




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