August 4, 2021

Franklin Pediatric Dentist Dr. David Snodgrass Discusses the Unique Dental Needs of Adolescents

Snodgrass-King Franklin Pediatric Dentist

Snodgrass-King Franklin Pediatric Dentist

Adolescent and teen dentistry is an integral part of the specialized training of the Franklin pediatric dentists at Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates. Young adults have unique dental needs that these Franklin pediatric dentists meet with professionalism, warmth and reliability. Adolescents are encouraged to communicate regularly with their Franklin pediatric dentist office. Adolescence is a complex time, notes Franklin pediatric dentist Dr. David Snodgrass, filled with concerns about appearance, self-image and the opinions of others. Teen and pre-teen children, says the Franklin pediatric dentist, can be very self-conscious about their teeth if they are decayed or badly positioned. Sometimes these irregularities are genetic, acknowledges the Franklin pediatric dentist, but more often than not they are attributable to personal dental health habits.

Adolescents grow very fast, points out the Franklin pediatric dentist, meaning that they eat very often. Franklin pediatric dentists at Snodgrass-King report that teenagers are more prone to satisfy their appetites with fast food and junk food. Franklin pediatric dentist Dr. Snodgrass reminds parents that fast food and junk food are particularly low in nutritional value – while being disproportionately high tooth decaying ingredients.

The Franklin pediatric dentists at Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates explain that adolescent youth are receptive to the caring, sensitive and informative approach to oral care espoused by the staff at Snodgrass-King. Experienced pediatric dentists at the Franklin office can restore adolescent teeth to a healthy and sparkling beauty and guide teens on a course toward a splendid adult smile. The Franklin pediatric dentists also work to teach teenagers the preventative dental care habits that will be invaluable for a lifetime. The Franklin office of Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates is an excellent resource for teenagers that want more information on how to make their smile beautiful and keep it that way.

Teenagers can become lax about their oral health, notes Franklin pediatric dentist Dr. David Snodgrass, and neglect to floss or even brush their teeth. Teens are facing so many personal and biological changes in their lives, continues the Franklin pediatric dentist, that they often let some of their childhood habits slip by the wayside. The teenage years can be very eventful and unpredictable, adds the Franklin pediatric dentist, and young adults are faced with dental issues like wisdom teeth, sports injuries like chipped teeth or knocked out teeth, and even tobacco stains. Wisdom teeth sometimes come in naturally, reports the Franklin pediatric dentist, but then there are occasions when specialized care is needed – even surgery. Wisdom teeth may to be removed, explains the Franklin pediatric dentist, because the teeth do not have enough space to come in or they are poorly positioned.

The Franklin pediatric dentists at Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates will make sure that your adolescent gets the right treatment for wisdom teeth and other dental matters at the right time. Franklin pediatric dentist Dr. David Snodgrass works closely with the other dentists at Snodgrass-King and their adolescent clients to provide superlative oral health care and lasting oral hygiene habits.

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Franklin pediatric dentists are available by appointment Monday – Thursday from 8:00am – 5:00pm and Friday from 8:00am – 12:00pm.

About Snodgrass-King Franklin Pediatric Dentist

With nearly 100 years of combined dental experience, the staff and pediatric dentists at Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates in Franklin serve middle Tennessee with one goal in mind – excellence. Founded by Franklin pediatric dentists Dr. David Snodgrass and Dr. John T. King, Snodgrass-King provides excellence in service, experience and convenience.

Franklin’s Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates offers an excellent atmosphere for a first time visitor to the pediatric dentist’s chair. When stepping into the Franklin office of Snodgrass-King a child instantly experiences something above and beyond the typical pediatric dentist’s office. From the ability to watch movies during teeth cleanings to the video games to the possibility of meeting Chomp the alligator mascot, Snodgrass-King of Franklin offers something unique for children visiting one of their pediatric dentists. Additionally, the Snodgrass-King Franklin pediatric dental staff shines with their excellent experience and education.

Franklin pediatric dentist co-founder David Snodgrass has published numerous articles in several orthodontic and pediatric journals. In addition, the Franklin dentist serves as a part-time clinical professor at Vanderbilt University working with future pediatric dentists. As a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Orthodontic Society, and the International Association of Orthodontics, Dr. Snodgrass is a recognized lecturer. He also enjoys mentoring other pediatric dentists from Franklin and participating in study clubs in the Southeastern United States.

Co-founder Dr. John T. King, a Franklin native, loves his work with fellow pediatric dentists at Snodgrass-King. Following in his father’s footsteps, Dr. King is Diplomat Board Certification with the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

Working with the founding pediatric dentists in the Franklin and surrounding areas are Dr. Bryan Burnside and Dr. Jennifer House. Dr. Burnside, prior to joining the Franklin pediatric dentists at Snodgrass-King, completed his training at Boston University Medical Center. He is a member of American Dental Association, Tennessee Dental Association, Nashville Dental Society, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. House also graduated from Boston University Medical Center before coming to work with the pediatric dentists at Franklin’s Snodgrass-King. Her memberships include American Dental Association, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Tennessee Dental Association and the Nashville Dental Society.

However, the pediatric dentists at Franklin-based Snodgrass-King view their skills as having value beyond just fixing teeth. Dr. David Snodgrass and Dr. John King, along with other Franklin pediatric dentists, have volunteered their expertise in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The Franklin pediatric dentists have also donated used dental equipment to clinics in the region. In fact, staff from Snodgrass-King have volunteered their time and services to Haiti since 2007. During a recent trip, the Franklin pediatric dentists helped over 300 patients. From Franklin to the far reaches of Haiti, the pediatric dentists of Snodgrass-King are committed to serve with excellence.

The highly skilled pediatric dentists at Snodgrass-King of Franklin provide orthodontic, pediatric, general and specialty dental work. The Franklin based pediatric dentists also perform general and cosmetic works along with oral and maxillofacial specialties. The website of Snodgrass-King ( provides many resources for families from their first visit to the dentist office to safety tips and general oral health. The Franklin based pediatric dentists of Snodgrass-King also have offices in Cool Springs, Spring Hill, Hermitage, and Murfreesboro.


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