July 15, 2020

Advice from TexasLending.com | Handling Customer Reviews



Over the past decade, TexasLending.com has seen the impact that growth has on a business. Currently processing thousands of loans each year, the Dallas-Fort Worth-based mortgage lender makes every effort to ensure each customer experience is a fulfilling one. But even when a business like TexasLending.com takes extreme measures to please every client, the occasional unhappy customer is unavoidable.

The first thing a business should do is work directly with the customer during every step of a transaction to avoid an unhappy customer at the end, TexasLending.com advises. TexasLending.com has found that having a customer satisfaction survey available can sometimes pinpoint a customer’s dissatisfaction. Businesses with customer satisfaction surveys should carefully review each survey and address any problems with the customer directly. TexasLending.com finds that in many cases, this can resolve the issue.

Unfortunately, says the team at TexasLending.com, the problem isn’t always something within a company’s control. Sometimes, TexasLending.com customers have been dissatisfied with a title company or had issues with the loan process itself that are outside of TexasLending.com ’s control. By carefully explaining the entire process with a customer, TexasLending.com can give a customer realistic expectations about closing his or her loan. In some cases, this has prevented a customer from developing negative feelings due to misunderstandings.

According to TexasLending.com, however, statistics have shown that most dissatisfied customers never say a word to the company. Instead, those customers complain to friends and family about the experience. And, because of the easy access of social media sites, blogs, and online review sites, TexasLending.com reports that online “word of mouth” can have a much more powerful impact, making it more important than ever to try to avoid garnering negative reviews before they’re even posted.

Once a negative review is posted online, TexasLending.com says that mediation can be tricky. Some businesses have had luck in directly contacting the customer to make amends, but this can also backfire. In fact, TexasLending.com has heard of cases where this contact only further incensed the customer, causing more damage. Still, offering a discount on future purchases or a partial refund can sometimes be enough to cause a customer to reconsider. Each circumstance needs to be resolved on its own merits.

To stay on top of your business’ online reputation, TexasLending.com recommends regular searches for mention of your company name. Also, having an active presence on social media sites can encourage customers to post negative commentary directly to you, rather than on their own pages, over which you have no control. Monitor Twitter for mentions of your business name and watch your Facebook fan page often. Be sure to regularly interact with those who comment to your post, TexasLending.com advises. This will establish your business as one that cares about its customers’ well-being and satisfaction, leaving customers with the feeling that they can come directly to you if they ever have a problem.

TexasLending.com emphasizes that the vast majority of its customers give rave reviews about its services. So while an occasional negative review may find its way online, for businesses, the key is to focus on the great reviews coming from the majority of customers and simply continue to try to give the best customer service possible.

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Texas Lending Discusses Online Reviews

Texas Lending

Texas Lending

Texas Lending (TexasLending.com) reports that at one time, an unhappy customer simply complained to a few friends about his or her experience. Perhaps those friends told a few others, who repeated the story to a few more. However, today’s dissatisfied consumer can go online to the Internet, where words remain posted long after the customer has moved on. In this brief article, TexasLending.com CEO Kevin Miller talks to Interviewing Experts about this new world of online review sites and how it is impacting the business world as a whole.

Interviewing Experts: Texas Lending has a good reputation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The governor and the mayor of Dallas have both recognized you for your excellence.

Texas Lending: Yes, Texas Lending received a Consumer’s Choice Award from the Consumers’ Choice Institute, which led to recognition by both the governor and mayor for our accomplishment.

Interviewing Experts: Yet even Texas Lending has the occasional negative review online. Explain how a bad review can haunt a business for many years.

Texas Lending: No successful business is immune from the occasional bad review online. Our team at Texas Lending follows up with customers at each stage of the process, including a follow-up survey once the loan has closed. Still, there are times when even after a Texas Lending customer reports a satisfactory experience, he or she goes online to post a negative review.

Interviewing Experts: Why wouldn’t the customer just talk to you first?

Texas Lending: Studies have shown the majority of customers never report dissatisfaction directly to the company. Sometimes the customer wants to avoid confrontation, but Texas Lending wants each customer to be happy. Most often, Texas Lending has found that the customer isn’t unhappy with us specifically but is dissatisfied with the overall process of securing a home loan.

Interviewing Experts: Doesn’t Texas Lending work with several other parties in processing a loan?

Texas Lending: Yes, and that can be part of the issue. The biggest component in processing a loan is the borrower. Our consumers must gather all necessary paperwork and work with us to help us complete applications. A delay in this part of the process can delay the work Texas Lending has to do. Then there are appraisers and the title company, as well as working with the seller to make sure the closing is set up and runs smoothly. Any delay in this process can cause the consumer to become frustrated with Texas Lending – or any mortgage lender.

Interviewing Experts: I’ve noticed the majority of Texas Lending’s clients give extremely positive reviews.

Texas Lending: Most of our clients report they are pleasantly surprised by the personal service they received from Texas Lending. Texas Lending also frequently receives glowing comments from customers who were able to move into their first home because of the hard work of our associates. That’s the greatest reward of all.

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