August 17, 2018

DR Marketing Group on Lifetime with Diversified Trading Institute

DR Marketing Group

DR Marketing Group

The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries. Joining the show was Diversified Trading Institute to discuss trading stocks.

DR Marketing Group: Whether investing for retirement through a 401K or dabbling in penny stocks, the public is fascinated by the influence the stock market has on our world economy. Trading in the stock market can be a very risky, complicated job.

DTI:  Diversified Trading Institute’s Trader’s Edge educates not only active investors and traders, but also people who have been interested in the market but never knew how to get started.

DR Marketing Group: It’s perfect for traders of all levels.

DTI:  Trader’s Edge provides a powerful educational experience that market enthusiasts will benefit from and be able to use immediately.  Trader’s Edge is based on the reality of the market and over 50 years of combines experience.

DR Marketing Group: Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader, Trader’s Edge provides guidance and instructional expertise needed to become a better trader from the short and long term.

DTI:  I’m going to tell you how you can get your edge on the stock market in an understandable way with DTI’s Trader’s Edge, 7 strategies for profitable trading. Whether on a website or online, DTI gives a comprehensive education in training not just in the U.S. markets, but in global markets as well.

DR Marketing Group: Their success is based on their experience and their methodology and the numbers prove it. Diversified Trading Institute has successfully trained thousands of traders and investors around the globe. Joining me is DTI founder and creator of Trader’s Edge – 7 Strategies for Profitable Trading, Tom Busby. How did you get started?

DTI:  Well, when I first got started I didn’t know the difference between a commodity or a stock.  Just like so many people, what I said “Hey, let me learn”, and so by educating myself I got better.  It used to take real tragic news for a stock to plummet, but now if they miss by a quarter in a quarter then stocks can get trampled, so we’re really trading on volatility, which is what is in Trader’s Edge is the way to go.

DR Marketing Group: You’re hitting a key point – news will drive the market, it will drive the big market, it will drive the small market.  So if you understand news, and we do that in Trader’s Edge, if you understand what to do when news events occur, then you’ll understand how to make money when those events occur, so what you have got to do is you just got to continue to educate yourself.

DTI:  There are lots of key ingredients that go into this, and I’ve seen it inside your books and I’ve seen it on TV, time of day, key numbers and road map indicators.

DR Marketing Group: Let’s talk about time of day because I couldn’t imagine that the average person would know the time of day could mean so much in trading on the stock markets.

DTI:  Just think about one thing that’s a common characteristic of all of us – we like to eat.  Well, we call it lunch time in America, when does it start?  Eleven o’clock central time. When does it end? One o’clock central time, so if you know that, you know the market volume is going to die down, that’s a natural thing, you know not to pay too much attention to what’s going on because a real trend is not going to resurface until we get to one o’clock central time, and then you go on what I call the California market.

DR Marketing Group: And then you’ve got people all over the country who are doing that for breakfast lunch and dinner?

DTI:  We developed a chat room and this chat room is open 24 hours a day, we got people from all over the world participating in this.

DR Marketing Group: I think that is what is so unique about this is how people get to interact with one of America’s best traders literally at their fingertips.

DTI:  I might not have all the answers, but I’ll tell you this – we’re going to give our best effort and what we’re going to do is try to stay there with the student and take them through those different levels where he can achieve his goals.

DR Marketing Group: And your website, I’ve got to give you admiration for this, it shows every trade, every day just about real time.

DTI:  You know, people are always concerned “how much money are you making”, I say don’t be concerned about how much money your making, be concerned about the risks that you’re going to take in the trade. If you worry about the risk, the rewards will take care of themselves.

DR Marketing Group: That is great stuff. Tell us more about Trader’s Edge.

DTI:  What we try to do at DTI, we take you and we’ll teach you these steps, you’ve got to understand the code of the market.  You can’t have any chance of success unless you understand that code, and through the Trader’s Edge here, we’re going to go through that step by step to give you that overview that allows you to succeed.

DR Marketing Group: This collection is simple and easy to follow, anyone can benefit from it regardless of their current knowledge of the stock market, and when it is followed it can truly work.

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