February 20, 2018

Interviewing Experts Discusses How To Plan a World Class Party Inexpensively

When planning a wedding reception, baby shower or corporate event, most people want to evoke a type of mystery that sets them a class-above, but which is difficult for anyone to exactly pinpoint. We all know the type of party – one that’s difficult to leave and makes every guest feel that the party was practically crafted with them – and only them – in mind. Today, Interviewing Experts has some tips for people who want to jazz up their party repertoire.

First of all, the perfect host or hostess will have a good quality cocktail shaker. The perfect shaken cocktail is exponentially better than anything that can come out of a blender. If possible, find one with a glass attachment. Very basic cocktail shakers can be found for around ten dollars and the higher end models can be up to fifty dollars. However, what ever a person’s price range – a cocktail shaker is a must.

Nice serving trays are important too. They can help set the tone of the party from black tie, to relaxed and rustic. Instead of scouring big name stores, this is the perfect place to let creativity lend a hand. When searching garage sales this summer look for old chests of drawers that are inexpensive. If they have shallow drawers, they can be easily converted into serving trays, either by papering them or painting them. Also, serving trays can be found at thrift shops and second hand stores.

And last but not least, don’t overlook the lighting. Harsh overhead lights have no place in a social situation, but guests also don’t want to have to rely on their sense of touch to find the appetizers, either. So there is a very large middle ground that can be filled in with lights and candles.

If spending extra money for new fixtures isn’t in the budget, opt for low wattage white spiral energy efficient bulbs. Or, even something unusual like “stained glass” bulbs. The different colors can make an elegant presentation in the right lamp.

Candles don’t just need to be tapered and on a table. They can be specialty candles, votive candles, or tea lights. Floating candles can be stunning on a food table, and because they have a low center of gravity, they’re not only lovely – they’re also practical.

Hopefully these tips will help hosts and hostesses give their next party a little boost and mystery that will make their guests never want to leave. Within reason of course!


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