February 20, 2018

Mario Romano Educates and Empowers Individual Investors


Mario Romano

Mario Romano

While Mario Romano was still a young man earning a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Communications from St. John’s University, he began his illustrious career working at Lehman Brothers in 1982. Mario Romano’s fascination and curiosity with economics and investing served as a blank canvas on which to lay out his observations of the market and watch how the inner rumblings of Lehman Brothers worked out in the stock market.

By the time Mario Romano co-founded Wealth Engineering and Development in 2005, Romano’s fascination with the market had a newfound purpose. Mario Romano wanted to empower the individual investor with market analysis. Among individual stock traders and investors, Mario Romano’s modus operandi had evolved into a highly developed system of trading tools and analysis. When Mario Romano began to facilitate workshops for investors to learn analysis and utilization of trading tools, he found that his instincts were right on the money. Mario Romano noted that investors who succeed because they understand the outcome of their analysis-based trades were invigorated with newfound motivation.

These days, those who know Mario Romano well know that the educator Mario Romano is complementary to the investor Mario Romano. Mario Romano endeavors through the tool of financial education to build community, not competition. This may seem contradictory, but Mario Romano’s learning opportunities through Wealth Engineering have demonstrated how the individual investor is the heart and soul of the stock market in the 21st century.

Mario Romano is committed to the mission of unraveling the mystery of the stock market for thousands of individual investors. These investors have Mario Romano and Wealth Engineering to thank for their ability to trade and invest wisely. Mario Roman believes that when individuals are empowered to anticipate movement in the market and act, the market is strengthened with more activity and volume. Mario Romano likes to point out that this benefits everyone.

Mario Romano acknowledges that currency is one of life’s most necessary commodities. The real secret of Mario Romano’s success however, is his passion for financial education as a lifestyle component. Through Wealth Engineering, Mario Romano wants individual investors to realize the potential and power of their own money managed wisely with purpose.

About Mario Romano

Mario Romano began his Wall Street career at Lehman Brothers 55 Water Street in 1982. Mario Romano spent the next four years, while still attending college, as an apprentice to some of the most prestigious financial professionals of our time. Mario Romano graduated from St. John’s University with a Bachelors degree in Finance and Communications.

From the early 1980s through the first part of 2000, Mario Romano held several executive positions with a select group of Wall Street institutions. Mario Romano also held the position of CEO of Romano Enterprises LLC (an equity hedge fund dedicated to the Individual Investor) from May 2000 through December of 2004.

Mario Romano co-founded Wealth Engineering & Development in January of 2005 with the goal of utilizing “the on-line financial education business to empower each individual investor to take control of their financial future.” Since that time, the efforts of Mario Romano and Wealth Engineering have been responsible for the largest contractual agreements for the InvestView platform of Global Investor Services Inc. Mario Romano secured the Questrade and Asia agreements for GISV which will bring the InvestView education platform to millions of individuals beyond the United States. Mario Romano is an extreme advocate for the belief that a completely on-line based program enables individuals throughout the world to better educate and prepare themselves for the management of their investment capital.

With over twenty-five years of Wall Street experience, Mario Romano believes the time has come for individuals to take matters into their own hands and learn how to manage and grow their wealth. Mario Romano dedicates his professional life to these objectives and strives to solidify Wealth Engineering as a leader in providing financial education to the masses worldwide. Mario Romano has motivational skills that have allowed him to establish, grow and manage a group of over 100 retail stockbrokers.

Mario Romano is married and lives with his wife Gina and their three children in Colts Neck, New Jersey.



  1. Sophia Evans says:

    I hope Mario Romano will continue to educate and empower individual investors. Mario Romano will greatly help individual investors to be involved with their business. More power to Mario Romano and his partners.

  2. Ashley Turner says:

    Great post! I learned something from Mario Romano. I guess Mario Romano deserved everything he has right now. This is really a wonderful post about Mario Romano. More power and please keep posting!

  3. Samantha Allen says:

    Mario Romano’s thoughts about on-line based education is really helpful for individual investors. I just hope that there will be more investors to participate in Mario Romano’s on-line based education to know more about wealth engineering. Looking forward for more post about Mario Romano. Great post!

  4. Hannah Hall says:

    I like everything you said here about Mario Romano. I hope this article will encourage individual investors to participate in the on-line based education of Mario Romano. Mario Romano will help them through his knowledge and experiences about wealth engineering. Thanks for the post!

  5. Isabella Walker says:

    This is a very helpful post about Mario Romano. On-line based education of Mario Romano will help everyone who are willing to learn about wealth engineering. This will not just reach the people near Mario Romano but also other people globally. A job well done for Mario Romano! Great idea!

  6. John Mackay says:

    Hello there! My name is Geoffrey and I am currently studying Business Management in which one of our topics touches business partnerships. As I go in Google to search some relevant info relating to the topic I found this page very interesting. Mario Romano’s perception and understanding about partnership is truly amazing. Hence, I could say that Mario Romano had mastered this area and put much value on it. With that, I admire Mario Romano so much!

  7. Dave Mcfarlane says:

    This is a great article that everyone must read. I was so inspired by Mario Romano’s writings which he said in the line “We know the sum of our parts is much greater than the whole – combined we are a team that is more powerful than each of us would be individually. As long as we can accept our differences and forge ahead, we are a combination that cannot be stopped”. Of course, there are lots of inspiring words from Mario Romano that had written on this article that’ll surely touch your soul and emotions. I haven’t meet Mario Romano in person but I can sense that he’s intelligent and a kind hearted being that respects and value friendship, team, and partners.

  8. Gregory Norris says:

    As they said to become successful you should learn to accept ideas from the others especially those who were already successful. I want to succeed thus I am giving all my best to achieve it. And with the help of these inspiring messages from Mario Romano I know I am moving ahead towards my dreams. Mario Romano had shared more than a few great articles that caught my interest and I’m sure to the others too. He never gets tired of writing useful and fruitful contents just to give education to those who needs it and of course to give inspiration to all of us. I knew it because I’ve been following Mario Romano postings.

  9. John Johnston says:

    I personally would like to thank Mario Romano for sharing this constructive content that truly helps me grow as a business person. His article “Value of Partnership: Complementing Skills Build a Stronger Team”, has taught us the importance of our partners/team for the success of our business. Mario Romano had also explained clearly in this article the essence of partnership. In addition to that, I can see Mario Romano’s dedication to his profession and to his mission of providing financial education to the masses worldwide. God Bless!

  10. Alexander Brown says:

    Wonderful read, I must say! I agree with Mario Romano in which he says that the dynamics of partnerships are not always easy. In fact, if a leader don’t know how to handle individuals’ differences in a team or don’t have a clear understanding to these differences then, it will be hard for the business to grow up. While reading the whole article and the other articles written by Mario Romano, I made a conclusion just on my thoughts that he’s a good leader on his team and he’s a good person as well. I guess I am not the only person who appreciates the works of Mario Romano here. Keep it up!

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